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Awesome / The Secret Life of Pets

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  • YMMV, as it could also be seen as a real dick move, but there's Max whipping Duke into submission by making it look like Duke messed up the place after Duke accidentally knocks over a vase after trying to attack Norman. "Now, sit."
  • Snowball makes a key out of a carrot.
  • Max and Snowball hijack a bus to go after their friends in the animal control van.
  • Gidget beats up ALL the Flushed Pets ALL BY HERSELF.
    • Before that, there's her interrogation of Ozone, bitchslapping the cat until he confesses what happened to Max.
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  • Pops leading the rescue party cross-town whilst giving no you-know-whats about any danger.
  • When Snowball Drives Like Crazy over the Brooklyn Bridge. The scene cuts straight into the music "No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn" as the bus sails through the air, and both collides and barely misses cars as they race to catch up the pound van.
  • Just as it looks like Max and Duke are going to drown in the sinking Animal Control van, Snowball dives into the water and manages to get the keys to unlock Duke's cage and save the day.
    Snowball: (kisses Gidget, then dives into the water) REMEMBER MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

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