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This page contains unmarked spoilers. You Have Been Warned!
"As much as people may tire of it, as much as some may want us to move on completely and stop talking about it, Bionicle is important to LEGO's history, to pop culture. That image of Tahu's mask, with the screaming maw and iconic scowl, is not going anywhere, and this video is far from the last word of the subject, not necessarily because we can't let it go, but because it never stopped giving."

Exactly how does a line of action figures owned by LEGO manage to last for 10 Years? By having Awesome Moments like these, that's how. Not only did it save Lego from bankruptcy, but so much more. They could’ve just made six or so buildable action figures and have a simple story of good and evil but no! Well written characters, incredible battles, ancient secrets around the corner, amazing creatures, great bad guys including the villain to end all villains, all in a multiverse of endless creative possibilities!

2001: Quest for the Masks
  • The Lewa vs. Onua battle, particularly as it's portrayed in the Mata Nui Online Game.
  • Toa Kaita fight the Manas
  • The Toa Mata fight Teridax in the Mata Nui Online Game.
    • Not to mention the speech Vakama gives Takua after that climax of said game. The music that starts swelling as he begins to talk is especially impactful to the tone of the epilogue.
  • The Toa vs their evil Shadow Duplicates. There are two conflicting canons as to how this fight went down. One had the Toa accept that darkness is a part of them and simply absorb their duplicates. The other featured a truly epic round of opponent switching.
    • In that second version, special credit must be given to Kopaka, who was the only one of the Toa to defeat his shadow solo... only for the defeated duplicate to multiply into an army of Kopakas. Still better than the other Toa were doing.
    • The Style Guide details how the first version went down, and it's pretty inspiring. While most of the Toa are mortified at the sight of their inner demons taken form before them, Pohatu turns out to be plenty experienced in grappling with his deep-seated fear that's he's the weak link of the team.
    Pohatu: (chuckles) Am I supposed to be scared by all that? Everybody has doubts and fears... everybody worries that maybe they'll lose their friends, or screw something up... but you get up and you keep going and you take the chance. That's called being alive, spirit, something you wouldn't understand. I don't run from my fears — I use them to keep me going, keep me striving to achieve something more. You cannot scare me, spirit — you are me.

2002: The Bohrok Swarms

  • The Exo-Toa. Giant autonomous suits of armor. That is all.
  • Prior to that, Onua talking Lewa into ripping the mind-controlling krana off of himself.
    • Lewa then uses the psychic remnants of the mind control to help the team defeat the threat.
  • Kopaka freezing a lava flow.
  • Lewa figuring out the illusion of the unsmashable wall in the Bohrok lair: There is nothing that Onua and Pohatu can't break. Therefore, since they can't break the wall, it must not exist. As soon as its nature as an illusion is revealed, the wall vanishes.
  • During the battle with Cahdok and Gahdok, Gahdok figures out that Gali's weakness is intense heat, and proceeds to start giving her heatstroke via continuous blasts of fire. Tahu takes one look at this and simply steps in between them, absorbing the fire with no problem whatsoever and allowing Gali to recover while he singlehandedly holds Gahdok off.

2003: The Bohrok-Kal Strike / The Mask of Light

  • Tahu leading an entire army of Bohrok to do battle with the Nuhvok-Kal. Sure, it ends up backfiring on him, but it was awesome nonetheless.
  • Following the above thing, Jaller, of all people, starts shouting at Tahu that he has no right to act recklessly and get himself killed because the Matoran depend upon him for their protection. It's especially noteworthy since Jaller had spent all of their interactions up to this looking up to Tahu and showing him nothing but the utmost respect. Even better, the hot-headed Tahu actually listens to Jaller and apologizes for his actions.
  • Kopaka, Gahli and Lewa attempt to use their Kaita form again (as demonstrated above) against the Bohrok-Kal. The Bohrok-Kal respond by entering their own Kaita form and effortlessly defeating them.
  • The Bohrok-Kal get one for so effortlessly using the Toa Nuva's overconfidence to steal their elemental powers and hand them the worst beatdown they received in the entire series.
  • When the Bohrok-Kal are about to win, Tahu breaks out his secret weapon: the Kanohi Vahi, a mask that lets him STOP TIME and could potentially destroy the Matoran Universe if he loses control of it. There's the Godzilla Threshold and then there's that...
  • From the first movie: The Rahkshi have so far spent their time sinking the village of Ta-Koro (which is a floating rock fortress in the middle of a volcano!). When Takua and Jaller meet up with Kopaka, Toa of Ice, the Rahkshi appear and flings Kopaka down a mountain/glacier by use of a friggin' disintegration beam. Takua, who the Rahkshi were following, grabs the Mask of Light they're after and tries to cross a small lake by using Kopaka's shield as a raft. The Rahkshi can fly, so that doesn't work out too well. But what does Kopaka do the moment he wakes up? He utterly wrecks their shit. An initial blast of his ice power sends all three Rahkshi tumbling into the water, and then a quick stab with his sword freezes the entire lake solid. "Washed and chilled" indeed.
    • Let me clarify: Kopaka took down three beings who repeatedly wiped the floor with his team in one shot.
    • Made even better with extended comic canon. After Ta-Koro, three Rahkshi took down Tahu, Gali and Lewa and trapped Onua and Pohatu in a cave full of krana. Kopaka then finds himself facing all six, taking down two solo before backup arrives.
  • Near the end, the six Rahkshi have Takua and Jaller surrounded only for the six Toa to show up to fight them. Before this point only Kopaka has been able to slow them down while all the others have been curbstomped no matter if they outnumbered them or not. Six versus six, and it's completely in the Toa's favor. A subtle, but powerful, reminder that all the stuff the Turaga have been saying about unity isn't just mystical nonsense—one Toa on their own is powerful, but together, they really are more than the sum of their parts.
  • There's also Jaller's Heroic Sacrifice in The Movie, when Takua is under attack by Rahkshi Turahk, who holds power over fear. He does so by literally clinging onto his staff and absorbing all the fear energy from his attack. Nothing says brave like hanging on as pure fear is being pumped into you.
    • Even more Awesome is when the Takanuva-Makuta hybrid being resurrects Jaller from just his mask. The mask previously worn by Turaga Lhikan, who also made a Heroic Sacrifice to save the hero(s), and was killed by Makuta. Yet Takutanuva manages to use some of Makuta's own power to bring Jaller back.
      • Even more awesome than that? What could be more of a slap in the face to Makuta than using some of his own power to resurrect a Matoran hero?
  • Need I say: The birth of Takanuva from the BIONICLE film, The Mask of Light. To elaborate, Takua just lost his friend to Rahkshi Turahk and remembers him saying, "You know who you are". He then realizes who he is, shifts his expression from one of grief to one of boldness and determination, dons the Mask of Light, and becomes the very Toa of Light he was searching for. After christening himself as Takanuva, he then one-shots Turahk and finishes revealing the hidden statue of himself as the herald before going off to mourn Jaller.
  • What, no mention of the epic Takanuva versus Makuta battle? Teridax mockingly challenges him to a game of deadly kolhii, which Takanuva wins. Then, when Teridax gets back up, Takanuva jumps on him and wrenches the Mask of Shadows off the Makuta's face, sending them toppling back into a pool of energized protodermis, fusing them together. Oh, and Takanuva ends up in control of that fusion. He's fused with the mind of the big bad himself, who had intricate plans within plans comprised over thousands of years, and Takanuva out-willpowered him.
    • The awesomeness is a little undermined by the later revelation that Teridax intentionally lost that fight to keep the Toa off his back for a while.
    • But built back up again when you realize that everything that the forces of good did in last 1000 years, including all of his "defeats" were part of his master plan.
    • Teridax has such a complex, convoluted, and all-inclusive master plan that one of the Piraka goes a little insane just trying to read it.
    • Plus, he uses Xanatos Speed Chess a lot more then he likes to admit.
  • One for Takanuva: He's just a novice Toa, but his mere existence is enough to give Teridax, and the entire Brotherhood, a Mass "Oh, Crap!".

2004: Legends of Metru Nui

  • In the second movie: the protodermis cage. The Toa seal Makuta in a barrier only they can unlock. I repeat. The most powerful villain in the series can't escape from it. Not bad for a couple of rookies with two weeks of experience.
    • Even before then, Vakama basically defeats Makuta by throwing rocks at him. Special mention goes to him depriving Makuta-Teridax of the Mask of Time with his disc launcher, complete with a Pre Ass Kicking One Liner.
      Vakama: Not this time.
  • Kind of Fridge-y, but Vakama's creation of the Vahi, the Legendary Mask of Time. Sure, it happens fairly quickly in the movies, but think about it: the Vahi is a mask so powerful, if damaged, Time itself would be undone within the Matoran Universe. There are only two other masks as powerful: the Ignika, the Mask of Life, and Artakha's Mask of Creation. Guess who made those? The Great Beings, more or less the greatest inventors and creators in Bionicle. That's right, Vakama is a mask-maker on par with the creators of his universe. Of course, he did have help from Artakha, who made the mask's composite materials (the Great Disks), but the point still stands.
    • Especially since Teridax chose him, out of every mask maker in Ta-Metru, to build the Vahi in the first place.
  • Similar to the example with Kopaka above, Nokama at one point finds herself trapped in the Metru Nui Archives with three very angry Rahkshi coming after her. Her teammates have all been kidnapped by the Krahka, she is a novice Toa with almost no fighting experience under her belt, she was nearly killed by her best friend less than an hour earlier, and is already worn out from the fight with the Morbuzakh and trek through the Archives. Oh, and on top of all that, she's low on elemental power. She calmly assesses her situation and proceeds to engage them in battle. Somebody wasn't walking away from that fight, and that somebody was three Rahkshi.
  • Turaga Dume AKA Makuta Teridax took control of Metru Nui without firing a shot, easily Out-Gambitted the Toa, commanded an army of robot policemen and succeeded in his plan by tricking an entire population into entering stasis chambers.

2005: Web of Shadows

  • The Toa Hordika, Rahaga, Krahka, and the Tahtorak vs a whole bunch of Visorak, including Sidorak and the Kahgarak. The result? A heck of a lot of crushed Visorak, along with Sidorak's spirits.
  • Matau, definitely gets his in the third movie, "Web of Shadows." While the other Toa are fighting the horde, he manages to escape, find Vakama, and they have a duel, Anakin/Obi-Wan style. In the end, Vakama knocks Matau to the edge of the tower they're fighting on. Matau manages to grab onto the edge to avoid plummeting to his doom. Vakama steps on his hand, trying to get him to let go and fall. Matau, the ego-maniac who never admits to ever being wrong, then apologies for his unsympathetic criticism of Vakama's leadership and appeals to him to lead the Toa once again. Matau then lets go of the ledge to his doom, counting on his brother to rescue him.
    • Vakama, of course, jumps after him with an extremely long vine. Matau laughs gleefully. Moments later Vakama grabs him: "Hang on; I've got a plan."
    • What exactly is Vakama's plan? Vakama brings Matau before Roodaka. He then reveals to her that he's returned to his senses and no longer her ally. Roodaka considers ordering the Visorak horde to kill them all. Vakama, however, outsmarts Roodaka and takes full advantage of his position as commander of the horde to relieve the Visorak of duty. The horde is more than happy to simply leave without a fight, leaving Roodaka alone to face the Toa.
  • Also, Keetongu's Determinator act of absolutely refusing to die as he climbs up the tower, is finally shot down, and then rises up and proceeds to kill Sidorak.
  • In Time Trap, it's revealed that the information the Toa found that revealed that they weren't originally supposed to be Toa at all was manufactured by the Great Spirit HIMSELF in order to convince Teridax to create the Toa he actually wanted. Mata Nui pulled one over on the ultimate master planner!
  • Time Trap in general is filled with several for Vakama, which helps sum up his development over the past two arcs.
    • He battles Sentrakh and saves himself from certain doom by setting off an explosion that blows both of them out of the Great Temple.
    • Even when faced with certain death, he warns the Shadowed One and Makuta that he can still turn them to ash before they cut him down, then proceeds to turn them against one another by pointing out that Makuta absorbed the Dark Hunters that the Shadowed One is trying to avenge.
    • How Makuta manages to defeat the Shadowed One; he pushes the latter into Voporak's radius, causing the Shadowed One to become exposed to Voporak's aging powers and age several thousand years. This was the last straw for the Shadowed One, who then declared war on the Brotherhood of Makuta.
    • Then, there's Vakama actually hurting Makuta by causing the temperature of his arm to go up several thousand degrees.
    • Vakama talks Teridax down by threatening to destroy time itself! And probably even more impressively, it wasn't a bluff. Needless to say, it worked.
  • Also, Makuta vs. Keetongu. Makuta inevitably wins, but Keetongu never gives up, body-slamming Makuta to free himself from bonds of shadow on one occasion.

2006: Voya Nui: Island of Doom

  • The Toa Nuva arrive on the island and immediately have an epic team battle against the Piraka. Despite eventually losing, the Toa put up one hell of a fight, with even the Piraka noting they aren't to be underestimated.
    • Still, think about this for a second. Six random Skakdi, not special besides Zaktan and his protodites, can defeat the Toa Nuva, who are potentially THE MOST POWERFUL Toa in the universe.note 
    • The fight itself deserves more of a mention. After getting Gali, Tahu and Kopaka taken out, Lewa, Onua, and Pohatu take on Reidak, AKA the guy who adapts to everything thrown at him, and more to the point, Lewa takes him on barehanded (having just had one of his air katana snapped). He wins handily. Then they rejoin the fight properly, Onua taking out Avak in two hits and Pohatu retrieving the other Toa, all in a few seconds. There's a reason Zaktan immediately ordered Thok to cross his personal Godzilla Threshold.
    • Tahu vs. Zaktan in a pure, all-out sword fight. This is the aspect of battle where luck/ Plot Armor truly came into play the most, but it's still awesome. And see 2010 for the lessons learned.
    • Onua is the last man standing, and it takes four Piraka at once to take him down.
  • Brutaka takes out the Toa Nuva and the Voya Nui Resistance Team in one shot.
  • The first battle against the Toa Inika and a Piraka (Vezok). After No Selling the zamor spheres, the Toa Inika proceed to utterly beat down Vezok, figuring out both that they could shoot lightning with their powers, and Hewki learning his mask power of accuracy, tossing a boulder so that it ricochets and hits Vezok in the back.
  • The second battle between the Inika and the Piraka. In contrast to the Toa Nuva, even if the Inika lose after Hakann and Thok steal Brutaka's power, it's very one-sided. Nuparu defeats Zaktan by dragging him along in a slipstream, and Kongu defeats Avak rather karmically. Hewkii manages to beat Brutaka, albeit temporarily.
  • The Piraka and the Inika vs Hakann and Thok, or for that matter, the powered-up Hakann and Thok vs each other. Despite having the power of Brutaka, the Inika take care of the renegade Piraka handily, without much help from the other Piraka bar possibly Zaktan...though they still lose after Hakann and Thok cross the Godzilla Threshold. Fortunately, Hewkii puts his accuracy to good use to return Brutaka's power.
  • The Inika vs Umbra is one for Jaller (the thinker) and Matoro. Faced with a Super Speed opponent, they manage to take him out by icing the floor. Umbra promptly turns into a beam of light, and Jaller quickly orders Matoro to freeze the area into a mirror sphere. Umbra promptly bounces all over the place and gets knocked out.
  • The battle between Axonn and Brutaka at the end of the Voya Nui saga. After spending the entire arc just barely surviving and guiding the new Toa toward their destiny, Axonn finally realizes he isn't able to turn Brutaka back from the path he's walking and literally shrugs off everything his former friend throws at him. He also has one of the best lines in the series during this fight:
    Brutaka: You fool, Axonn! Don't you realize you're fighting for a lost cause?
    Axonn: Don't you realize? Those are the only kind worth fighting for.
    • Please note that Axonn's superpower is the ability to get so angry that nothing can hurt him. When Brutaka realizes that Axonn has gone into that level of rage, he freaks out and tries to teleport Axonn into ANOTHER DIMENSION believing (from experience) that it's the only way to stop him. It doesn't work.
      • He attempted to try that earlier, it was still happening. He actually tries to expose himself to more antidermis, aka, the Makuta, but given what the stuff does to him later on, this still counts as a Godzilla Threshold.
  • Vezon vs the Inika. After curbstomping the Piraka, the next fight, with Vezon and Fenrakk actually trying. After initially curbstomping the Inika as well due to their ability to absorb kinetic energy, the Inika counterattack with their elemental powers and don't actually touch Vezon. Sadly, it doesn't last, but then Jaller proceeds to knock them into the lava...although that doesn't last either. Kardas then proceeds to utterly wreck the Inika even without the ability to absorb kinetic energy.
  • Legacy of Evil has Hakann single-handedly guaranteeing the freedom of the Dark Hunters to leave Metru Nui after Lhikan set up a counter-trap for Nidhiki and Lariska. In exchange for returning the Makoki Stone to Lhikan, the Dark Hunters were allowed to leave Metru Nui as opposed to being forced out of it in a battle, all while Nidhiki was cast out by the other Toa and Lariska would undoubtably be punished by The Shadowed One for her failure.

2007: Mahri Nui: Sea of Darkness

  • Karzahni (ruler of Bionicle hell) vs. Teridax (Big Bad who knocked out God). After a sort-of stalemate, Karzahni uses his mask to torture Teridax by showing what will happen if Mata Nui wakes up. Teridax screams for a bit before promptly ripping Karzahni's psyche in half. Then Brutaka shows up, has a Heel–Face Turn, fights Teridax to a stalemate and steals back the Staff of Artakha.
    • This needs to be elaborated on. Teridax is using the Staff of Artakha to bring back the Nui Stone, Matoro is helpless, and it seems that all is lost. Then Brutaka shows up, blasts Teridax in the back, and goes toe-to-toe with Teridax before sending him running. When Teridax warns him that it's not over, Brutaka just laughs and tells him he's counting on it.
  • Matoro sacrificing his life to resurrect Mata Nui. Just... damn.
    • Said sacrifice also burning out the eye sockets of three Makuta with the glow from the process, as if reviving the Great Spirit wasn't enough.
    • And just before he goes, Matoro calms himself with the Badass Boast. Very few lines will ever beat the sheer awesome of:
    "Turaga Nuju always said the universe was a riddle. Today, I am the answer."
  • That epic "Creeping in my soul" Barraki Commercial
  • If you think the Barraki commercial is good, the Toa Mahri movie is just awesome, partially the music (which is "Crashed" by Daughtry), the voice acting and especially the opening sequence.

2008: Karda Nui: The Final Battle

  • Mutran recounts how Icarax got fed up with the Plan and decided to just conquer the universe the old-fashioned way. So he raised an army of Manas crabs, headed south, and ran into Teridax.
"The battle that followed was epic. Icarax was the better fighter, but Teridax was more cunning. He allowed Icarax to pound him for hours on end, until the rebel’s energies were almost exhausted. Then Teridax exerted the smallest amount of his will and turned the Manas against Icarax. Once he was surrounded, Teridax used every power at his command to,, perhaps humiliate would be a better word...Icarax."
"“Your talents are still of some use to me, and so I will not kill you... today,” the leader of the Brotherhood said. “But one day – perhaps in a year, or 1000 years, or 100,000 years – I may grow tired of you, Icarax. You may cease to be amusing, with your posturing and your boasting and your lust for battle. And on that day, your armor will be a meal for metal-eating scavengers, and your essence a wisp on the wind.”
  • The Toa Hagah, in one of their first actions after being transformed back from the Rahaga, stop a massive kaiju battle between Tahtorak and the Kanohi Dragon. In reference, it took a team of eleven Toa, including Lhikan, Nidhiki, Tuyet, and four Toa of Ice, to take down the Kanohi Dragon alone the last time it rampaged. Kualus disabled it singlehandedly.
  • Mazeka, a Matoran, beats up two members of Krekka's species with his bare hands.
  • Takanuva gets repeated ones against the Makuta in Karda Nui. On more than one occasion, the darkness he got infected with influences him to get seriously pissed off against them, and he may well have killed them all singlehandedly had the other Toa not been present to calm him down.
    "But I'm not my "kind", not anymore — your shadow leeches saw to that. I'm half Toa of Light, half Toa of Shadow. This was what you wanted, wasn't it? Toa consumed by darkness, Toa not hampered by things like mercy or morality. Well, now you can choke on it."
  • Onua has a rather big number of these, oftentimes Big Damn Heroes-worthy. Of particular note is curbstomping Gorast when the Makuta is on the verge of murdering Gali, then doing it again when Gorast tries to lure him over to the dark side.
    • Another moment for the Toa of Earth is when the Nuva learn they must awaken the Bahrag, and in turn the Bohrok, as part of the preparations for awakening Mata Nui. While the rest of the team is unsure about the task, it's Onua who steps up to the plate and releases the Bahrag, saying that he did what was necessary — after all, nobody ever said the path to the future would be an easy one.
  • The Heroic Sacrifice ending the Mahri Nui arc was such an awesome sacrifice that the Kanohi Ignika itself was impressed, and then made itself a Toa body to try to become a hero — and then sacrificed itself when asked what Matoro would've done in its situation.
  • The Reveal of Makuta Teridax's Evil Plan come to fruition. Who else would have planned to allow the Toa Mahri to bring Mata Nui back to life so that he could enter his body before Mata Nui could, so that when the Toa Nuva finally succeed in reawakening him, he could announce that he won, and seal the deal by sealing Mata Nui's spirit in the Kanohi Ignika and ejecting it into space, taking care of the two biggest threats to his rule?
    • It's even better than that. Teridax sent all of his most elite Makuta minions into Karda Nui, not to stop the Toa Nuva, but to be in the area when they succeeded, wiping them all out and leaving Teridax as the ONLY Makuta left in the universe (save a couple he used to mass-produce Kraata for a bit before killing them too, according to Word of God).
    • The online promos for the final battle ends with none other than the awakening of Mata Nui. At this point, it has been eight years since we were first introduced to the story and the protagonists' overarching goal of awakening the great spirit, and the cinematic delivers on that. We don't see some messianic figure rise from a tomb, but a Humongous Mecha from the deep. Slabs of land and mountains roll off his shoulders like cookie crumbs and at the end we see Mata Nui towering over the clouds in the sky in all his glory. As if to punctuate the majesty of the moment, the video goes silent with no narration from that point onwards.

2009: Bara Magna: Glatorian Legends

  • Mata Nui (completely untrained and inexperienced in combat, still getting used to his new body) throwing himself into a fight between two expert warriors and saving Ackar's life, just because it's the right thing to do.
  • Mata Nui vs Tuma. That is all.

2010 and beyond: Journey's End / Spherus Magna

  • Mata Nui pushing Teridax into the path of Aqua Magna, causing him to get MOONED! (head crushed by the planet, pulled in by the latter's own gravity powers.)
  • According to a regretfully unfinished post story, Velika, the Voya Nui Matoran who built the enhanced zamor launchers was actually a Great Being in disguise. Said character then proceeds to murder Karhazani (former ruler of Matoran hell) and Tren Krom (former ruler of the Matoran UNIVERSE). Why is not, and regrettably will probably never be clear, but it sure is impressive.
  • Nektann's defeat. He tries to goad Tahu to fight fairly, like Zaktan did, but Tahu's not falling for the same trick twice. Tahu delivers a massive "The Reason You Suck" Speech and proceeds to melt Nektann's armour. Then there's Tahu's defeat of all the Rahkshi, allowing Mata Nui to get the upper hand against Makuta.