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Careful Matau, just a few more hits and you'll literally be Breaking the Fourth Wall.

Kids and Grown-ups into LEGO tend to enjoy some humor now and again, and the Funny Moments of BIONICLE provide just that.

2001: Quest for the Masks
  • In his introduction video, Pohatu kicks a rock into a stone formation, chestbumps it, and then moonwalks back out of the frame as the formation collapses. That said, the website at the time used shorter versions of these videos, so those who saw those first would be in for a surprise watching the full version!
  • Tamaru failing to land properly in the Mata Nui Online Game.
  • When Makuta Teridax first revealed himself. He appeared as a rusted Matoran just to mess with the Toa. Though things soon turned toward the horrific when it turned out that Teridax didn't really need the Matoran body he was using…

2002: The Bohrok Swarms

  • Taipu in the ''Bohrok Online Animations." When Nuparu is building his Boxor, Taipu runs back and forth in front of the camera with the Bohrok faceplate over his head.
  • Macku and Hewkii blushing after being interrupted kissing(?) in the Bohrok Online Animations.
  • During the Bohrok attack on Ga-Koro, Turaga Nokama and Onewa avoid getting hit by the Pahnok by... awkwardly falling over.

2003: The Bohrok-Kal Strike / The Mask of Light

  • During the Bohrok-Kal Attack, Lewa loses his wind powers and crash-lands right in front of a very startled Tahu, Jaller and Takua. This exchange follows:
    Jaller: (disbelieving) You fell out of a tree?
    Lewa: (offended) Hey buddy, even I fall sometimes!
    • Later on, they run into Pohatu, who has had several goats magnetized to him by Gahlok-Kal. He embarrassedly asks if Takua can keep that bit out when he writes down the story.
      Takua: (after yanking a magnetized goat of of Pohatu, it gets stuck to him instead) Ah! Stuck!
  • How Levahk-Kal is defeated: his vacuum powers shoot him into the air, accompanied by the funny side-note to the effect of "and he is rising still".
  • Lewa's plan to defeat the Lehvok-Kal in "Tales of the Masks." It involves Tahu vine-swinging. His reaction is Let Us Never Speak of This Again, while the Turaga find it pretty hilarious.
  • During the Turaga's conference in the above book, Nuju says something. Matoro, his translator, dutifully repeats:
    • Given that he's been doing this job for about a millennium, one imagines this isn't the first time he's been in this situation, either.
  • During the Kohlii game, Takua tries out his new secret move and sends the ball flying... way over the goal and into the stands. The Turaga's stands. Poor Vakama gets bonked on the head as it bounces off the wall and back down into the field.
  • There's quite a bit of Ship Tease between Jaller and Hahli in The Mask of Light. As Takua and Jaller prepare to depart on their journey to find the seventh Toa, Hahli tells Jaller to not get mushy with her while saying goodbye. Vakama gives Jaller a look that clearly says, "She likes you, doesn't she?", and Jaller shakes his head in denial.
  • Turaga Vakama beating Lerahk over the head with his staff to little effect was hilarious, especially since the obviously confused Lerahk was just standing there and letting him do it.
    Vakama: Back, you foul creature! One more step and I'll—!
    Tahu: (jumps in front of Vakama) I'll take it from here, wise one!
  • When Onua causes a cave-in on the invading Rakhshi, in his own village. Pohatu congratulates him on the tactic... then wonders how Onua kept the ceiling from coming down on them as well. Before Pohatu even finishes asking, his answer came crashing down: Onua didn't.
    Pohatu: Well done! But how did you keep the ceiling from collapsing... ON US TOO?!

2004: Legends of Metru Nui

  • In one of the books about the Toa Metru, Onewa is attempting to find Ahkmou and get the location of the Great Disk of Stone from him. He finds him sitting on top of a very large structure, and while Onewa is running and busting his tail to get to Ahkmou before Nidhiki can, Ahkmou very casually yells down to him, "Hey, Onewa, what gets harder to catch the faster you run?" Onewa, who is very much not amused, immediately roars back, "MY BREATH! You can do better than that, Ahkmou!"
  • A Running Gag in Legends Of Metru Nui is Matau faceplanting into things, such as a pillar, the surface of a Force Sphere, and a telescreen.
    Vakama (to Nokama): Has [Matau] found his mask power?
    Matau: Look at me! I can— (flies into a screen) AUGH!
    (Nokama and Vakama wince)
    Nokama: Maybe not.
    Matau: ...Wind-fly.
  • Vakama's vision of Metru Nui's downfall? Tragic and terrifying. Onewa's snarking about it? Priceless:
    Onewa: All that smelting must've cooked his head!
    • Plus, in what may be some Biting-the-Hand Humor towards the Mata Nui years (involving collect-a-thons), Onewa sums it up pretty nicely upon hearing the need to gather the Great Kanoka Discs:
    Onewa: So, we go on a scavenger hunt just because some fire spitter stood too long in front of his forge?note 
  • From the beginning of "Legends of Metru Nui", when Lhikan gives a Toa stone to Whenua. Michael Dobson's delivery is what really sells it.
    Lhikan: (in a very serious tone) Don't archive it!
    • His joking tone when giving Matau his stone is funny in the opposite way.
    Lhikan: (teasingly as if giving a mischievous kid his first canister set) Don't break it!
  • Matau trying to ask Nokama out on a date, to which she responds, "And you think Vakama is the only one who has odd visions". It takes Matau a moment to realize he just got insulted.
  • The Credits Gag at the end of Legends of Metru Nui, which includes fake positions written in Matoran script:
    Best Matoran
    Location Scouts
    Asst to Mr Makuta
    Set Doctor
    Nivawk Handler
    Vahki Transport Captain
    Security for Metru Nui
    Master Builders
    Stunt Riders
    Stunt Doubles for Matau
    Kikanalo Wranglers
    • It comes back in Web of Shadows.
    Sleeping Matoran
    Matoran Translator
    Set Doctor
    Horde Steward
    Wardrobe Mistress
    The Gaffer
    Location Safety
    Location Security
    Virtual Presence
    Visorak Wranglers
    High Wire Stunts
  • The official BIONICLE 2: Legends of Metru Nui soundtrack includes a track titled "Bad Things Happen in the Desert." It's an actual quote from the movie itself... but when taken out of context and used as a music track title, it sounds like Nathan Furst gave up trying to come up with a creative title and instead just resorted to describing the relevant scene with Buffy Speak.
  • Vakama muses to himself that maybe one day, Toa will get to fight an easy enemy. Just take its mask off and it'll be over... Yeah, right.
  • Back when Takua was in Metru-Nui there was a running joke that an entire squad of Vahki (which was at the time Metru Nui's police force) was assigned just to keep watch on Takua.

2005: Web of Shadows

  • In Maze of Shadows, when Matau asks why doesn't the Karzahni plant get the vial of energized protodermis itself, the plant replies back that it wasn't created with mobility.
  • From Web of Shadows:
    Matau: So, we've come all this way... JUST TO FIND OUT WE DIDN'T HAVE TO COME ALL THIS WAY?!
    • Keetongu laughs at this. Norik translates that Keetongu finds the seeming All for Nothing situation funny, too.
    • One poor Visorak has been relegated to janitor duty but is slacking off... until Sidorak walks by and suddenly it's buffing the floor.
      • Even better is the fact it's drooling as it tries to clean, resulting in more mess for it to clean up.
    • When Norik tells the Toa Hordika to guard a temple until morning, we have this gem.
      Matau: Hey, wait. You know, I think we should talk about this—
      Everyone else: No!
      • Matau can only drop his arms at this, while Norik just shrugs.
  • In Time Trap, the Shadowed One was asked if someone's hand should be cut off for insubordination. He replied that enough hands had been removed that year, the author probably referencing the amount of hand-chopping in Revenge of the Sith which had been released a few months prior.

2006: Voya Nui: Island of Doom

  • Characters just flip small animals instead of coins to end quarrels. The Piraka also liked to flick each other. It would be such a surreal sight to witness these 7 foot thugs randomly flipping each other over, that it's plain funny.
    Avak: Someone needs to guard the boat, and I volunteer.
    Reidak: I volunteer to guard Avak guarding the boat and make sure he doesn't leave without us.
  • Lewa's Deadpan Snarker nature can help relieve even the most difficult of situations. At one point, he comes up with a plan to get into the Piraka fortress. How to do that? Stand in front of the door, let Reidak swing a punch at him, and slip aside at the last moment, knocking the door in.
    Lewa: Very deep-impressive. You will be remembered in legends as Reidak, defeater of doors.
  • The cutscenes and the Piraka Playground in BIONICLE Heroes. The slapstick can get tiresome, but the Playground's animations mostly hit home, especially if you imagine the Piraka with their canonical personalities doing all the goofups.
  • Axonn's...unique arithmetic.
    Axonn: You have five seconds to put down that rock and end this battle in one piece, Piraka. One... two... FIVE! (throws his axe and sends Reidak flying)
  • According to Word of God, the writing team giving the Kanohi Kadin, Mask of Flight, to Nuparu rather than Kongu basically just because Rule of Funny.
  • Onua Nuva, of all people, being a Deadpan Snarker.
    "You did not defeat the Toa Nuva. We simply found your company so boring that we chose to take a nap."
  • Although Kongu tries hard to be the team's Plucky Comic Relief, it's Hewkii who really masters the art of the Deadpan Snarker, especially being Vitriolic Best Buds with Nuparu. Examples include:
    • Upon Nuparu running to his friends with an amazed discovery, Hewkii sarcastically asks if he's found a new, exciting kind of tool.
    • When Nuparu takes off his mask, revealing a blinding glow, he naturally asks what it was.
    Hewkii: That was your face.
    Nuparu: Very funny. You're no vision of beauty yourself, Hewkii.
    • Nuparu notes that the Toa Metru took ages to master their mask powers. It's not as if their masks will simply activate on thought. No sooner do the words leave his mouth than his Kadin activates. He shoots straight into the air, bashes his head on the ceiling, and collapses.
    Hewkii: On the other hand, maybe they will.
  • Kongu does get a few good moments in, though. For example, he notes to the other Inika that he could tell the "Toa Nuva" the Inika "killed" in the Zone of Nightmares were just illusions, because his Suletu wasn't picking up any thoughts.
    Kongu: No thoughts mean no minds. And no minds means they weren't there. Or else they were all Po-Matoran.
  • The Toa Mata/Nuva and Toa Metru/Hordika were shown to have both struggled with teamwork, and were often prone to infighting or bickering in their early days. The Inika, on the other hand, already know and work well with each other anyways due to their shared experiences as Matoran living on Mata Nui, which results in them easily overpowering the Piraka. The contrast between them and the Toa team that came before them is so large that it will inevitably be a funny comparison to make.

2007: Mahri Nui: Sea of Darkness

  • This exchange from "Beneath The Surface":
    Hahli: You're Insane!
    Karzahni: I prefer the term "creative". Though I suppose there is not much difference between the two in the end, is there?
  • Maxilos/Teridax "cheering up" Matoro after he learnt that waking Mata Nui requires the destruction of two islands as well as everyone living there.
    Teridax: "Cheer up, little Toa. When all is said and done, and two islands' worth of Matoran are dead, your name will live in history — right alongside mine."
    • He even pats Matoro on the back while saying it and this being Teridax, he could very well have been serious.
      • And as it turns out, Matoro's name will live in history.
  • In a rather meta way during the Mahri Nui saga, Teridax has been frozen by Matoro, with the very real possibility of ending the Master of Shadow's reign forever. And what gets him out? One of his many Combo Platter Powers? An ally? A cunning backup plan? Nope—it's the fact that Jaller made a wall of flame just a bit too close to his ice prison. If he'd been just a few feet to one side, Teridax's plan would never have succeeded. Very possibly the ultimate case in this entire franchise of Nice Job Breaking It, Hero.
  • Nidhiki was wonderfully snarky during his flashback appearances. Notable examples include:
    • "You take all the fun out of constant violence, Lhikan."
    • "Hi, dear, I'm home!" (said to Tuyet after she becomes a monster and is about to kill Lhikan)
    • "I always knew she looked down on us, but this is ridiculous!" (After Tuyet creates a siphon of water to tower over them)
    • "A friendly place we have here. Heavily defended, home to several hundred killers, and unfailingly lethal to trespassers, but friendly."
    • "I see you have spirit, little Toa. I hate spirit."

2008: Karda Nui: The Final Battle

  • The entirety of "The Mutran Chronicles" is a crowning moment of funny for those who like a little dark humor.
    • How does Mutran describe the majesty of Karda-Nui, the glamor and glory and awe of being in the very literal heart of the Matoran universe?
      It's a big cave. With a swamp in it.
    • He ends up summarizing the entirety of the Mahri Nui saga as "Teridax taking a much needed bath".
    • Mutran and Chirox's bickering has a certain comedic element to it. Mutran at one point muses that usually he disposes of failed experiments, but in the case of "this hissing, biting, and incredibly toxic creation", he'll make an exception and present it to Chirox as a gift.
    • He and Chirox decides to flip the Rahi in order to determine who gets to join Icarax in negotiating with the Xians. It took longer than planned though as the Rahi in question had two heads and no tail and both accused the other of cheating.
    • Said negations also went surprisingly well. After a few days of going nowhere Icarax simply lost his patience and once the rubble (and bodies) had been cleared the Xians had no problem accepting the terms of the brotherhood.
    • Mutran also once had a pet rock that he accidentally left behind on Xia. Though disappointed at losing his project, he shrugs it off and forgets about it. Fast forward a few thousand years, and the thing has somehow grown into a carnivorous mountain.
    • Mutran taking claim for the creation of the Lohrak, when Chirox already made it. Chirox is not amused.
    Mutran: It's as if I signed my name to your creation.
    Chirox: Signed your name? You can't even spell your name!
  • Lewa telling Kopaka and Onua the story of the three Matoran, the Rama swarm, and the basket of Bula berries. The story itself isn't all that funny- it's the fact that Kopaka is getting progressively more and more annoyed and shouting at Lewa because they're in the middle of a battle.
    Onua: At least the Makuta seem to be keeping their distance. They must have heard Lewa tell a story before.
    Kopaka: I'm still waiting for the part where the heroic Toa Lewa saves the day!
    • Apparently, the Toa of Ice has less pleasant experiences with Lewa's stories:
      Kopaka: Please tell me it's not the one about the three Matoran, the Manas crab, and the bucket. Last time you told me that one, it took me a week to get the picture out of my head.
  • Lewa tries to tell a story. Kopaka interrupts with the 'short version'.
    Lewa: Some storyteller you are...
  • For some reason, the Phantoka Makuta literally getting their eyes burned out by the intense light that burst from Matoro's Heroic Sacrifice was pretty funny. From their perspective, they just saw a random Toa fall from the roof of the cavern, and then suddenly they were blind. Mutran, on the other hand, casually notes in his last blog/diary/chronicles before the Toa arrive:
    Mutran: Hmmmm... what’s that? I could have sworn there was a flash of light outside. It must have been pretty powerful for me to see it all the way in here. Well, I suppose if it was anything important, I will find out about it in time...
    • Also, the fact that all three blind Makuta have names that come from bats is just wonderful.
  • Much of what Vezon has to say is hilarious. Then again, he was apparently inspired by Deadpool, so...
    • In a group of villains recruited for a suicide mission, Vezon gets brought along, and irritates everyone else, prompting Spiriah to ask the inevitable:
      Spiriah: Why did we bring him again?
      Lariska: He breaks up the monotony.
  • When Trinuma tells Vezon that the Order of Mata Nui needed someone who could die without being missed and had naturally thought of him, Vezon has to take a minute to think about it, and then decides that it's a compliment.
    • "Well, naturally! Lead on, and let me show you all how dying's done!"
  • When being told that he has to help Roodaka and several other villains who are being forced to find Miserix, Vezon's only reply is that, OK, they can take him home but they'd better not expect Vezon to clean up after him.
  • When watching metal pods rise from the depths of the Codrex, Lewa's comment is:
    "Now what will come out of this? A new mask of power? Some tooth-claw creature? A Matoran marching band?"
  • Axonn and Brutaka's snarking at each other as they crouch behind a rock to avoid the Skakdi attacking them, affirming that they've moved back into Vitriolic Best Buds territory:
    Axonn: Just like the good old days. Now I remember why I hated them so much.
  • Antroz makes his own rhymes in the middle of battle with Pohatu.
  • All of the Brotherhood of Makuta were quite well-versed in the ways of the Deadpan Snarker.
  • Nuju would rather die than spend time with Matau.
  • Tahu would like to know Onua's thoughts on how to proceed into battle. More importantly, are there any explosions?
  • Turaga Takanuva (of The Kingdom alternate universe) leads his main-universe counterpart to the Nynrah Ghosts, who prove their reputation for secrecy is well-founded.
    Nynrah Ghost: What's the password?
    Turaga Takanuva: This is Turaga Takanuva. Open up.
    Ghost: Wrong password. Not even close.
    Takanuva: I have a troop of Bohrok with nothing to do. If you'd like, I can tell them to tear down this building and turn it into a park.
    Ghost: [Beat] Close enough.

2009: Bara Magna: Glatorian Legends

  • In Reign of Shadows, when an alternate version of Tarduk introduces himself to Vezon, Vezon quickly ducks down, only to look around and realize there was no tar flying through the air in his direction.
    Narrator: It took him a moment to realize that it wasn't “Tar, duck!" he had heard.
  • When Vezon, after having a Mask of Dimensional Gates fused to his face, ends up in an alternate timeline where Toa and Glatorian work together on Spherus Magna, he gets into this conversation with Tarduk:
    Tarduk: So who are you, exactly?
    Vezon: *loud enough for everyone to hear* My name is... ah... Toa Vezon. I'm the Toa of... of... Anarchy.
    • The best part? Tarduk doesn't even question him. Which might imply that somewhere in that universe, there are Toa of Anarchy (or that Tarduk just isn't familiar with Elemental Powers, but still).