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1993 series

  • Problem: Throttle and Modo are prisoners in the pits and are about to be killed in the arena. Solution? Vinnie single-handedly coming to their rescue, taking down any goons coming his way and even menaging to save their bikes.
    • Also serious props for Charlie for fighting off Greasepit. Sure, he is an idiot, but he is a big and strong idiot.
  • Modo beating Karbunkle's new robotic arm in "Steelfinger"
  • Vinnie overcoming the effects of the Evil Accellerator in "The Verminator".
  • Four-By singlehandedly taking down several of the Pit Boss's goons at once in "Law of the Pits".
  • Charley besting Rod Van Hamm after he proves capable of overpowering the Biker Mice in "Danger is Our Business".
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  • Throttle Big Damn Hero moment in "Upwardly Mobile", using the Buzz-cycle to cut the area around Limburger Tower and save Chicago from Flying on Plutark.
  • The Biker Mice averting a nuclear meltdown without their bikes in "What Smells Worse than a Plutarkian Lawyer?"
  • In season 3 The Biker Mice stop not one, but two Plutarkian fleet from invading Earth.
  • Speaking of season 3, in "Diet of Worms" Throttle comes up with a plan to defeat the out of town bosses in one single swoop. And later, when the mice are captured, he quickly takes advantage of their hate for Limburger to convince them to hrlp the Biker Mice escape.
  • "Rocketh and Rideth" is not only a funny episode, but it clearly shows that the Writers did their research: it takes the dialogue from Shakespeare's plays and cleverly modifies them just enough to works, as well as more subtles references.
    • In-universe, the credit goes to Charley, who save all the plays and traps Limburger, Greasepit and Karbunkle in her book of fairy tales.
  • Lawrence Limburger in the three-part episode "Back on Mars". He spends two thirds of it on a planet where everybody either hate or simply don't care about him, and then find his home base invaded when he returns on Earth. And yet he keeps coming out on top using every little chance he gets and has a blast all the way, insulting and belittling everybody. He has never been more of a Magnificent Bastard.
    • Close second place for Napoleon Brie, who prepared everything to bring Limburger on Mars and made the Biker Mice look like traitors, eliminating every obstacle in conquering Chicago.
      • And of course the Biker Mice themself for stopping a giant asteroid that would have killed the mice survivors on Mars. Oh, and to Charley: without her numerous modifications to the bikes, it wouldn't have been possible.
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  • Charley (again): when the leader of the Sand Raiders tried to force Go-Go Enslavement on her, she dock him in the face and escape from their camp.
  • Speaking of Mars, the writers deserve a big hand for the excellent "Once Upon a Time of Mars", which is not only one of the darkest and deepest episodes for a children cartoon of the '90 not titled "Batman", but menages to juggle well the arcs of several different characters, having an actual story outside of the flashback and throwing in it several funny moments. Highlights include:
    • We get to see Stoker fight in his prime… and understand why he was considered the best biker on Mars.
    • Despite being only 16 (and everybody wanting to keep him away from battle) Rimfire kicks his fair share of butts, and even helps with the Tug-Transformer. He even wins Cerbine's respect.
    • Sergent Scabbard realising he and his men are being used by the corrupt Martian government, and joining the Freedom Fighters.
    " Army! Break ranks and fight in free format: Biker Mice style!"
    • Vinnie saving Stoker not only made them even, but must have done a lot of good foe the white mouse's Inferiority Superiority Complex.
    • While most of the flashback shows Limburger as the Butt-Monkey assistent of Lord Stilton (even Karbunkle made fun of him back there), in the end he still menage to obtain the same rank of his superior, thanks to some cunning and lying.
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    • Modo freeing the prisoners with his newly implanted robot arm, despite having it for less of a minute and having just wake up from anesthetics.
    • It turns out Harley was the one who invented Vinnie's flare and Throttle's Nuke Knucks.
    • Charley in the present, shielding Modo's Arm Cannon from the effects of the Tug-Transformer thus saving them from the fall in to lava.
    • Stoker beating the mind control when he sees Harley in danger, as well as he accepting Harley choosing Vinnie over him.

2006 series

  • The fact that it exists: sure, it only lasted one season and had a seriously divisive reception, but it's the only Teenage Mutant Samurai Wombats apart from the Trope Maker to continue in some form. It helps that Rick Ungar and Tom Tataranowicz were still involved and that most of the main characters were still voiced by their voice actors from the original series.
  • Charley's epic subversion of the Damsel in Distress trope in "Between Rump and a Hard Race" when Rump carelessly leaves her unshackled and she proceeds to prevent his rocket linked to his regenerator from hitting the wildlife reserve.
  • Throttle using Hairball's hypno beam against him in "Cat and Mouse".
  • The first part of "Once Upon a Time on Earth" reveals that the Biker Mice put an end to the activities of Lawrence Limburger and every other Plutarkian stationed on Earth by reversing the polarity of a machine designed to suck up everything non-Plutarkian on Earth.

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