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Awesome / Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

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Spoilers Off applies to all Awesome pages, so all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

  • The movie is called Superman/Batman, so there are many. Special mention must go to Superman's final words to Luthor.
    Luthor: I am the President!
    Superman: Consider yourself * PUNCH* impeached.
  • Alfred has a goddamn shotgun, folks!
  • Superman and Batman's versus an army of supervillains. The comic book version has loads more, including lesser-known and obscure villains.
    • "You want to be Luthor's boy now?" Gather around folks, Superman is pissed.
    • Batman takes out Bane in two moves, a well placed batarang & a round house kick to the head. A far cry from Bane breaking the Bat's back.
  • This seems to have been an attempt to stuff as much awesome into an hour-long plot as is humanly possible, and it does this quite well. Any scene where Batman and Superman battle anyone counts, period.
    • There's the mere fact that they used the real Power Girl, not an Expy. Bonus points for having her around Toyman, a thirteen-year-old boy, and the inevitable Most Common Superpower jokes that come with it.
  • Power Girl killing Major Force.
  • There's Batman's grand finale, where he flies a giant robot made up to look like Composite Superman to destroy a Kryptonite meteor.
  • We can't forget little Billy Batson, blasted out of the sky as Captain Marvel by a wrist-fired rocket from Batman. Batman tends to the injured kid and says, "Say something." Billy's response? "Shazam!"
  • At one point, Amanda Waller walks straight to Luthor's private quarters demanding answers, completely ignoring a bodyguard assigned to not let anyone enter.
    • Even better. She casually pulls a remote from her pocket and uses it to open the door without breaking stride.
  • Luthor goes after Hiro, telling Toyman he knew where to look for the heroes since Toyman's the only other person on Earth smart enough to stop the meteor. Even though it looks like Luthor's about to kill him, the kid still gets in an epic bit of snark.
    Toyman: The only person smart enough. You couldn't do it, remember?
  • Superman's last battle against Luthor. He spends most of the fight getting smacked around like a whiffle ball, as Luthor's Powered Armor is using kryptonite to power the beams and the fists, and Luthor himself is faintly radiating kryptonite due to injecting himself with a steroid compound made from it. But when Batman manually flies the rocket out to stop the meteor after Luthor wrecked the autopilot, Superman has had enough. He enters a Tranquil Fury, starts to No-Sell the kryptonite blasts, and chases Luthor halfway around the world, just beating on him. The FIRST hit after Superman acknowledged that Batman was going to die had Luthor coughing up blood.