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  • In the first episode, the cold open is quite a nice Establishing Series Moment. Clock King has Batman and Green Arrow trapped, before they break out in quite a comedic way.
  • Also in the first episode, the reaction of both of the Gibbils and Kanjar Ro when they believe Jaime is the Blue Beetle from the past that saved them before. The Gibbils immediately worship Jaime as a returned martyr, and Kanjar Ro is left in utter shock, if only for a moment, when he thinks that the Beetle he thought he killed has returned from the dead.
    • The initial battle has Jaime deliver a very through beat down to Kanjar Ro before blasting him through the ship. Ro has a very clear Oh, Crap! look before he plummets through the ship. Keep in mind, Jaime is only just starting to use his powers.
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    • Kanjar Ro also gains a moment of awesome for using the Evil Overlord List. The previous encounter with the deceased Beetle makes it clear that Ro killed the last Beetle, so the second Ro sees Jaime, he immediately engages the apparently returned Beetle. After taking a brutal beating, he immediately grabs the gamma gong, which apparently neutralizes the scarab. He also removes the scarab from Jaime immediately after he subdues him.
    • Jaime gets one, where he breaks out of his prison, and then uses the Gamma Gong to neutralize Ro easily.
  • In one episode, Aquaman and Atom are in the middle of a "Fantastic Voyage" Plot through Batman's body. While escaping from deadly nanobots, Aquaman tries to use his fish telepathy to communicate with a blood cell. Atom questions Aquaman's sanity and says there is no way it will work. It does.
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  • The end of "Day of the Dark Knight!" Batman and Green Arrow are facing down Morgan Le Fey, who has Scaled Up into a dragon form in an attempt to fry them before the "one who is worthy" can draw Excalibur. The two of them work together to draw Excalibur and Batman passes Excalibur to Green Arrow, who fires it like an arrow at Morgan! And it works!
  • The end of the first part of the two-part alternate universe story, where Red Hood blows Silver Cyclone's (robotic) head off in the middle of his dramatic evil monologue!
    • From the same episode and character (though much more low-key) the flashback of Red Hood's origin story where he destroys the mirror. With that one act, he overcame what his counterpart the Joker never could, and became more than he could ever hope to be.
    • This exchange, as several Injustice Syndicate members realize they've failed to kill their "Owlman imposter":
      Blue Bowman: Who is this guy?!
      (He, Scarlet Scarab and Dyna-Mite are easily KO'ed)
      Batman: I'm Batman.
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  • In the same episode, Silver Cyclone figures out Red Hood's code by simple statistical analysis. Then he promptly tries to kill Batman.
  • The end of the second part of said two-parter. Batman travels through various parallel Earths and teams up with... Batman, Batman, Batman, Batman, Batman, and Batman. This includes a psychic Batman, a cowboy Batman, a pirate Batman, a Batman in Powered Armor, a hulking muscled Batman and a vampire Batman. The seven Batmen then team up to fight an evil Batman and his team of supervillains... Batman Batman Batman.
  • Batman, Aquaman and Adam Strange stop a solar-powered superweapon from devastating Rann by using a zeta beam to transport Earth's moon 25 trillion miles and create an eclipse before beaming it right back to prevent the planet from cracking apart!
    • A slightly smaller one is Aquaman's He's Back moment.
  • In "Trials of the Demon!", Sherlock Holmes meets Bats and performs a perfect Sherlock Scan. Then Batman looks at him and goes "You're Sherlock Holmes". When Holmes wants to know how Batman knows who he is, Bats deadpans "Your hat."
    • "I was born in flame!"
  • In the teaser to "Invasion of the Secret Santas!", Batman punches the bowling balls thrown by Sportsmaster. And they shatter.
  • What about the Green Lantern team up episode, where, Batman takes out Guy Gardner in one frickin' punch, and when, near the end of the episode, Guy Gardner fights Sinestro to SAVE THE LIFE OF A PLANET.
    • Also in this episode, we have Hal Jordan going up against the entire Green Lantern Corps (puppeted by Despero the whole time, mind you), and successfully beating them in typical GL style:
      • Hal Jordan/Green Lantern:
        "In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night,
        No evil shall escape my sight
        Let those who worship evil's might
        Beware my power... GREEN LANTERN'S LIGHT!"
  • In "The Eyes of Despero", after a magic throwdown ends with the villain knocking off Dr Fate's magic helmet from behind, the villain brags "You are defenseless", and launches into a good evil laugh—only to get cut off by being punched in the face several times by Fate as the musical score shifts gears into awesome. As the villain falls, Fate remarks "Actually, I'd call those boxing lessons I got from Batman a pretty good defense." Nothing like going straight from a Wizard Duel to Good Old Fisticuffs.
  • In "Night of the Huntress", Batman, Huntress (of course) and a lovestruck Blue Beetle take on Babyface, who has stolen a bunch of impounded Humongous Mecha and is going to take over the various crime families. After bragging about how Batman can't stop him in his new Mech, Batman simply jumps into his Batmobile...which then transforms. It's on now!
  • The Music Meister! Using only his voice, he eventually brought the entire planet under his hypnotic control, and put on the largest musical ever. Simultaneously.
    • "Drives Us Bats" is the most Awesome moment of the series — and it's all the Meister's. Think of it — he leads Batman on a cross-city chase, always staying out of reach, making Bats MISS — and snarking on his infallibility all the way! By the end of the song, the entire DC Universe is proclaiming how infuriating Batman can be. All this — and so many costume changes along the way, you lose count of the references.
  • "Return of the Fearsome Fangs", where the Terrible Trio steal the Wudang Totem with the help of the Shadow Clan (ninjas), to become monstrous humanoid animals, enhancing their already-formidable martial arts abilities. How do Batman and Bronze Tiger beat them? By snatching the Totem, empowering themselves into super-creatures, and having a no-holds barred super-powerful kung-fu brawl with Shark, Fox, and Vulture.
  • This scene from "Chill of the Night":
    Batman: "You are the slinking coward who murdered Thomas and Martha Wayne."
    Joe Chill: "That was a lifetime ago!"
    Batman: "Yes, my lifetime. You took them without mercy or regret, and in cold blood, Chill!"
    Joe Chill: "How do you know this? How could you possibly—"
    Batman: "I know because I watched it happen. I know because I am the son of the man you murdered. I... am Bruce Wayne!"
    • Made even better because this is the first time we see this version of Batman unmasked.
    • This is also the first time this version of Batman feels genuinely terrifying. The look on Chill's face says everything.
    • A meta example of this is Diedrich Bader's acting in this scene.
  • Black Adam from "The Power of Shazam!" gets his own Moment of Awesome by simply being the first villain to completely outclass Batman.
    • In the same episode, after Dr. Sivana steals the power of Black Adam, Batman tries to attack him, but it didn't work and, while Dr. Sivana is bragging about his powers, Batman said that he was a powerful champion but would never be as strong as the wizard Shamaz. The superpowered Dr. Sivana ammends him, saying "It's SHAZAM!" Guess what happens?
    • Which is also a shout-out to Black Adam's first (and intended as last) appearance in the comics. Captain Marvel's non-superpowered uncle takes the Batman role, tricking Black Adam into saying "Shazam" and destroying himself, as his human body was too ancient to survive. However, Black Adam either got better or that never happened anymore.
  • Firestorm lifting up Captain Marvel so that he can defeat Starro with his magic lightning, possibly a homage to Kingdom Come.
  • The Birds of Prey working together to escape a watery death in Matches Malone's shark tank, which cumulates with Black Canary bringing down the house. LITERALLY.
    Black Canary (looking to Huntress after a well-placed arrow removes the gag from her mouth ). Nice Shot! (smirks) My turn! (destroys shark tank with her Canary Cry).
  • Another for Bats in "Emperor Joker." After Joker has become a Reality Warper and killed him over and over again, he begs Joker not to take his sanity. Joker promptly screws open Batman's head, crawls into his mindscape, prepares to toss some important-looking documents about...and gets stopped by a voice out of nowhere: Batman himself. Batman explains how disciplined his mind is, and segues it into a speech about how Joker needs Batman in order to exist. This is punctuated by Joker entering a world without Batman, and turning into an ordinary businessman. Joker willingly surrenders his omnipotence in return for his characterizing madness. Between twisting reality around like warm taffy, using Batman as a cosmic punching bag, and the fabulous Villain Song, that episode is a Moment of Awesome for The Joker himself! Harley Quinn and the powerless Bat-Mite taking on the Joker's goons by taking the intertitles that contains the mute Harley's speech, ripping them off the TV screen, and whacking the goons like it was a metafictional 2 by 4!
  • "Darkseid Descending." The big bad king of Apokolips finally comes to Earth and does not disappoint. He effortlessly No Sells a combined attack from the Justice League International, and thoroughly trounces Batman. It's only through The Question's actions that the invasion is thwarted.
  • In "Bat-Mite Presents: Batman's Strangest Cases!", we get the Scooby-Doo crossover. Bat-Mite lampshades the fact that due to Executive Meddling, Batman couldn't throw a punch back then...and then says that his Reality Warper powers render the whole thing moot, and gives Batman, Robin, Joker, and Penguin the ability to actually fight each other. And then he does the same to Shaggy and Scooby, who proceed to pound the stuffing out of Joker and Penguin. And who gets to KO the Joker? "Weird Al" Yankovic. WITH AN ACCORDION.
    • The fact that they adapted "Bat Boy and Rubin", from issue 8 of MAD back in 1953, is nothing short of amazing.
  • The epic battle between Batman and Superman in "The Battle of The Superheroes!"
    • An eagle-eyed comic book viewer might be able to notice that many of the freeze frames in the fight are taken directly from Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.
    • Not to mention the clever ruse they put on Lex Luthor near the end of the episode. As they confront him, Lex blasts Batman with a raygun, and pulls a Green Kryptonite ring on Superman. And then Superman grins, grabs the ring, and puts it in a box. Turns out that the two of them switched costumes, so "Batman", AKA Superman, is just fine after the raygun blast, and "Superman", AKA Batman, was immune to the Kryptonite. Not to say Krypto's role in the fight wasn't awesome. He gets thrown into space and comes down, using the heat of re-entry to send Superman flying.
  • "The Malicious Mr. Mind": Batman uses his grappling hook to activate a laser cannon that shrinks the titular Big Bad from his One-Winged Angel form back to his normal appearance of a harmless-looking caterpillar. And Batman does this while he's been de-aged to a baby!
  • Detective Chimp is generally pretty awesome in this show, but in "Gorillas in Our Midst" he routinely beats up SCORES of gorillas that are four times as big as him. But the moment that made this troper's jaw drop was when he punched an oncoming gorilla in the guy and LAUNCHED HIM OVER HIS HEAD. Then there's the end of the episode, when Batman gets turned into a BatGriffon
  • The end of "The Night of The Batmen" has the return of Batmen from other universes, and now it also includes the Batmen from Batman: The Animated Series, Batman Beyond, The Batman and The Dark Knight Saga!
    • The episode is about Aquaman, Green Arrow, Captain Marvel, and Plastic Man teaming up to act as Batman after he's critically injured. They all struggle to take out individual, non-powered villains that batman usually faces. Batman would, of course, have no trouble taking them all out himself. They all have one dominant thought on their minds: "How does Batman do it alone?"
  • "Requiem for a Scarlet Speedster!" a fully animated fight between Barry Allen and Professor Zoom both with their powers increase by other speedsters? After Zoom just took a super fast (though granted not as fast as him) Batman out without much effort... Awesome.
  • Grey and Blue episode.
  • From "Shadow of the Bat!", Jaime beats the crap out of vampire BATMAN! until he uses magic hypno-vampire-powers. Compare to the earlier episodes, where he had no clue how to operate the suit. Not to mention J'onn taking on the whole group of vampire heroes.
  • Wonder Woman's entrance in the teaser to "Scorn of the Scarlett Sapphire!" scored to the theme to the 70s show. The preview is only a minute long but the wait was worth it.
  • "Time Out For Vengance!", where fans of the Justice League International finally get to see then kicking some ass and saving Batman(s).
  • All of "Triumvirate of Terror!" The heroes and the villians both get their moments (Cheetah takes out Superman!), and we get to see Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman team up at last.
    • Don't forget Alfred managing to stand up to Lex Luthor for a bit.
    • At the end of the episode, we get to see a greying Superman and Wonder Woman and a hoverchair-bound Batman, when the time capsule is opened. In the middle of the unveiling, aliens attack. Superman heads off to his phone booth to change and Wonder Woman does her spin, as usual. Not to be outdone, Batman pushes a button on his hoverchair and it turns into a suit of freaking Batman Powered Armor, so old Bruce can go on fighting.
      • Even better: the chair and armor are directly from the pages of Kingdom Come.
    • All three of the villains dish out a pretty impressive Curb-Stomp Battle during the Opponent Switch, but Joker really stands out. While Cheetah prepared herself with some of Superman's weaknesses and Luthor had the element of surprise on his side, Joker just showed up on Paradise Island and started throwing his usual joke-themed weapons at Wonder Woman, yet his victory came no less easy than the other two.
  • Batman teaming up with with freaking Space Ghost! (DC did a short SG Origin story in 2005) And not the one with the talk show.
  • Batman teaming up with Abraham Lincoln to defeat a Steam Punk cybernetic John Wilkes Booth. In an alternate universe.
  • Buddy Blank, a janitor with no prior training or experience, tackling Equinox and allowing Batman enough time to save the entire city from a nuclear meltdown.
  • The final episode. They knew it'd be canceled sooner or later and they went out with a BANG. Just the fact that they got Ambush Bug in it was good enough.
  • From "The Super-Batman of Planet X!" Batman says, "Looks like I'm robot-proof. Let's see if they're Batman-proof!" They aren't.
  • Batman defeating Psycho Pirate with happy thoughts.
  • The Rogues get one for easily subduing Batman then call him out for lacking the Flash's creativity and telling him "all you do is punch and kick like a child throwing a tantrum". The Rogues. Said that. To Batman!
    • Everything about Barry Allen Flash against the Reverse Flash where Reverse Flash is augmented by the speed of Jay and Wally. Barry holds his own for a long time, but instead uses his creativity to defeat the Reverse Flash which is a callback to the Rouges fighting Batman claiming that he lacks the Flash's creativity.
  • Jaime Reyes in 'Revenge of the Reach'. When the Reach scarab attempts to take control of his body, Jaime claims that nothing should be able to control them:
    Jaime: "We're the Blue Beetle!"
    • Guy Gardner had come across as quite the jerk in earlier episodes, but there's something awesome in how he recites the Green Lantern oath; that is what he believes in.
  • This entire show. It's a celebration of the character's rich history, the Silver Age of comics, and it aired at a time when people thought of The Dark Knight as the only kind of Batman. And you know what? It succeeded beautifully.
  • "Batmonolith" from ''The Fate of Equinox'. Batman gets the power of Hal Jordan, Red Tornado, Blue Beetle, Green Arrow, Fire, Plastic Man, Aquaman, Black Lightning, the Golden Age Flash and Dr. Fate and uses them to defeat the Balanced!Equonix...and was able to beat him with a Logic Bomb and a Green Lantern-empowered punch to the face! Yeah, the Brave and the Bold won that day!
  • From the tie-in comic, there's "Batman Dies At Dawn!" One night on a case, Batman is critically injured, and it's a race against time to get him help, and the only way to do that? Get a Lazarus Pit. So the Phantom Strange summons Robin. All of them (and Nightwing). Yes, it's a team-up between Dick, Jason, Tim, Stephanie, Damien and Carrie Kelley.
    • Dick, Jason, Damien and Carrie deal with the League of Shadows, in their own different ways. Meanwhile, Tim and Steph guard Batman's body. They get found by Ra's, and rather than fight him, explain the situation. Ra's lets them use the Pit. It works.
    • The part with Tim and Steph gets more poignant given he doesn't know them yet. He still trusts them with Batman's life.
    Tim: Nightwing didn't chose us to stay with here because he doesn't believe in us. He did it because he trusts us to keep Batman safe.
    • At the end of the issue, Phantom Stranger and Madame Xanadu talk about what would have happened if the Robins had failed.
    Xanadu: There is always Batgirl, too.
    (Cue shot of all the Batgirls standing together)

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