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Video Game / The Masters Fighter

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Clockwise from top left:Gamp, Kain, Mr. Death, Long-Way, Sakamoto, Azarl, Mishell, Takuya, J, Bill and Kang Te Kong.

Developed for the PlayStation by UNICO (Known later as Uniana, and better known for Dragon Master in 1994), and published in 1997 by Cinema Supply, little is known about The Masters Fighter (sic), except maybe, that it is considered one of the worst, if not the worst, Fighting Game of all time... that's right! A game even worse than Shaq Fu or Rise of the Robots, due mainly to Hitbox Dissonance, poor graphics, near non-existent music, and the fact that the characters seem to have been plagiarized from characters in other games.

Gameplay-wise it is very similar to The King of Fighters, as it uses four buttons (two punches and two kicks), and other buttons do nothing. You can choose among eleven "original" characters, each with their own movesets. The game has three modes: Story Mode, where you compete against all CPU-controlled characters till you get to a final boss, Versus Mode, to play with a friend, and Watch Mode, to see the CPU fighting itself (Sadly the matches are decided randomly, so it doesn't make difference from watching the demo).


You can see a detailed review of the game here (If you understand spanish), where the "inspirations" for the characters are traced, and explains the flaws that make this game considered the worst of all. Not to confuse with Fighting Masters, a (barely) better game, with a gramatically correct title.



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