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Awesome / Penguins of Madagascar

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  • In the beginning of the movie, the penguins break into Fort Knox. Not for the gold, but to get to one of the vending machines.'
  • Everything Private does in the third act:
    • He utilizes the paperclip that he took from Rico and escapes being mutated by Dave.
    • He even gives Classified (and by extension, all of North Wind) a What the Hell, Hero? speech when they decide to go back to their headquarters instead of immediately rescuing the penguins.
    • He becomes the antidote for saving the penguins by using his cuteness.
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    • And when Dave breaks into the glass dome of the mutant-ray to get him, Private punches Dave in the face. WITH HIS BUTT-HAND!
  • The very beginning when the baby penguins sees Private's egg rolling. Skipper immediately races after it, even though the adults tell him to ignore it. From there the team faces a cliff, an army of leopard seals, and in the end blow up a ship!
  • The introduction of the North Wind. Unfortunately, that's about as cool as they get in the entire movie.
  • The Penguin's intitial mission to capture Dave. It looks like another awesome success like all their previous missions until Dave escapes down a pipe.
  • The entire sequence starting from when the penguins find out that they were in a box headed to Madagascar to them landing in the desert with a bouncy castle. It's done in one "shot", and it's amazing.
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  • Skipper throwing a Cheezy Dibble at the Medusa Serum remote!

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