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  • Mood Whiplash at its finest: "Why would Private moo?" "I don't know. I'm not Private's ghost!"
  • Werner Herzog's opening narration, which parodies his documentary Encounters at the End of the World.
    Herzog: Tiny and helpless, the baby penguins are frozen with fear. They know if they fall from this cliff, they will surely die. Gunther, give them a shove.
  • Even as babies that young, the penguins still have their adult voices.
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  • Baby!Rico getting to the egg. Baby!Skipper instructs him to keep it safe, so he does by swallowing it whole (inadvertently giving him his Stomach of Holding power he retains in his adulthood). This apparently being the first time in his life he's done something like this, everyone, including the seals, were stunned and confused.
  • Skipper constantly interrupting Classified by eating Cheesy Dibbles.
  • After Kowalski, Rico and Skipper watch Private hatch;
    Baby!Private: Hello! Are you my family?
    *The older penguins pause, turn away, and smile and nod to each other before turning back*
    Baby!Kowalski: You don't have a family, and we're all going to die. Sorry.
    Baby!Private: What!?
    Baby!Skipper: *smacks Kowalski*
    Baby!Kowalski: What? I thought that was what we were all nodding about.
    • The Call-Back later;
      Private: How do I look?
      Kowalski: You're hideously disfigured and will probably be hunted for sport.
  • Classified trying to describe his team as Skipper keeps interrupting him while eating Cheesy Dibbles.
    Classified: The North Wind is an elite undercover inter-species...
    [Skipper munches on a dibble, interrupting him]
    Classified: The North Wind is an elite undercover inter-spec...
    [Skipper munches on another one]
    Classified: elite undercover inter-species...
    [Skipper munches again]
    Classified: ...task... [Skipper munches again] ...force...
    [Skipper munches again]
    Classified: ...dedicated to help...
    [Skipper munches again]
    Classified: ...helping...
    [Skipper munches again]
    Classified: Dedicated to...
    [Skipper munches again, then Classified growls in frustration]
    Classified: Dedicated...
    [Skipper munches again]
    Classified: Dedicated to helping animals who can't... [Skipper munches again] [Skipper munches again] ...themselves!
    [Skipper munches again for the last time]
    Classified: Like penguins.
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  • A bit more subtle, but when Dave captures the North Wind, they could only fit the cage over Corporal’s head and neck.
  • Dave naming his henchmen and giving them orders in such a way that it sounds like various actors and actresses' names. It soon gets turned on its head when he starts giving orders at rapid-fire succession.
  • At one point, Dave video calls the team to gloat, but can't seem to work his equipment properly. At first, there's no sound from his end, then he accidentally switches the camera off.
    Short Fuse: Every time a villain calls in, this happens.
    Classified: That's like talking to my parents.
  • This moment:
    Dave: I see you've met my old zoo mates!
    Skipper: We were never mates... There was no mating.
  • The North Wind walks away from an explosion without looking back... only for them to get sucked up by an exterminator vehicle.
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  • The movie finally acknowledges that the penguins realize how annoying "Afro Circus" is.
  • Private, before going to buy his Cheesy Dibbles present, gives both Skipper and Kowalski a kiss on the cheek (like the way a child would kiss their parents on the cheek), wherein when he goes to kiss Rico, Rico grabs him and playfully kisses him for a long amount of time. And we do mean like beak-to-beak.
  • When they wake up from their tranquilized sleep in a box being shipped to (how would you guess) Madagascar, Private farts and Skipper, Kowalski, and Rico desperately punch their beaks out of the box for air.
    Private: Sorry! I get gassy when I fly.
  • When Private is trying to get through to his mutated brothers, he succeeds with all of them, but Skipper notices that normal or mutated, Rico's not much different mentally-speaking.
    Skipper: I guess you're kind of the same either way.
  • After being captured by Dave via vending machine, it's shown that the penguins ate every bag of Cheesy Dibbles in the machine. They're covered in cheese dust and are visibly fatter than they before getting sucked into the machine.
    • When they need a distraction, Rico coughs up Dibbles remains and we are reminded of what Skipper said about them being "chemically hazardous"...
      Dave: The cheese! It burns!
  • Private, while on a moving flight attendant trolley, keeps on rapidly handing out little bags of peanuts and other snacks to the terrified passengers, similarly to when they were on the plane in Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa.
  • The North Wind's unintentionally hilarious motto: "No one breaks the wind!"
  • Four words: West Helsinki Fire Sale. When they're hijacking the North Wind's plane, and they're shedding weight, everything is hitting the unfortunate Classified...and then...
    Skipper: Have you purged the chemical toilet?
    Kowalski: But Rico was in there for fifteen minutes!!!
    Skipper: JUST DO IT!
    • Cue a massive spray of blue liquid hitting Classified and causing him to slide down the zipline. Based on the North Wind's reactions, it doesn't smell too great either.
    • Somehow, it's like Kowalski's saying, "We can't just dump Rico's waste into the sea! It needs to be safely disposed of!" It seems that the excretory stage of Rico's digestive system is as complicated and dangerous as the other parts of him...
  • When Skipper, Kowalski and Rico present their plan to rescue Private during the Plan Off, they use a pineapple that has some of Dave's features to represent him and presume to beat and slap it mercilessly. Even funnier when Corporal joins in and completely destroys the pineapple.
    Skipper: "And then we FEAST on Dave's sweet remains!"
  • The beginning of the film. The penguins successfully break into Fort Knox...for the Cheesy Dibble vending machine in the break room.
  • When the penguins realize leopard seals are on the ship Private's egg rolled into, this exchange occurs:
    Skipper: Leopard seals. Nature's snakes.
    Kowalski: Aren't snakes nature's snakes?
    Skipper: How should I know? I live out on the flippin' frozen tundra!
  • Skipper, Kowalski and Rico's diversion: they distract Dave's henchmen by "slap dancing," dressed in lederhosen. It gets even better when the henchmen sing along and follow them into the jungle.
    Skipper: We take this shame to our graves.
    Kowalski: Agreed.
    (one successful diversion later)
    Kowalski: We lost them, Skipper.
    Skipper: Not a moment too soon. These 'hosen are riding up in my Bundesliga!
    • With that much focus on Rico and Kowalski dancing together, it's clear the writers were playing on how much Ho Yay they get in the series.
  • Before being told that Dr. Brine is an octopus, North Wind apparently thought he was a sheep. After being told otherwise, they quickly release the sheep they thought was Dr. Brine and try to keep the penguins from learning about their mistake.
    • Even better: it's the same CGI sheep model that is used in Dreamworks' HTTYD-series.
  • Before the plan off, Classified asks Short Fuse why he didn't handcuff the Penguins, leading to this:
    Short Fuse: But they just have flippers! And I have flippers! So it's flippin' useless!
  • Some of the Freeze-Frame Bonuses, Easter Eggs and Rewatch Bonuses. For example, machine that is about to destroy North Wind? It has a You Must Be This Tall to Ride sign in front of it, with Dave's picture. Or TV news, when the announcer is talking about the return of penguins, you can see some funny and nonsensical subtitles, like "Father of 5 is moving to 6" and "Scientists proved that fist bumps are healthier than shaking hands."
  • When the penguins try to land on a plane;
    Kowalski: Aim for first class!
  • While the North Wind explains their ultimate plan, Corporal gets a little Literal-Minded.
    Classified: At 22:02, knock-knock.
    Corporal: Who's there?
    Classified: The North Wind.
    Corporal: The North Wind who?
    Classified: The North Wind who doesn't have time for knock-knock jokes because we're too busy taking down Dave!
  • Corporal REALLY loves penguins. This can also count as a Heartwarming Moment.
  • Classified's reaction to almost being crushed by Dave's machine. Keep in mind, this is AFTER Private saved him:
  • The penguins land in a town and when Skipper asks where they are, Kowalski informs them that they are in Dublin, Ireland. They are actually in Shanghai, China.
    • Later, they decide to go to Shanghai by using a shipping vehicle, which comes back to the point where it was. They believe they are in Shanghai's Dublin District (which of course it does not have).
    • Penguins doing the river dance.
  • Private dressing up as mermaid and Skipper's reaction to it. And he doesn't say it in his typical voice either, he instead sounds like a proud mother...
    Skipper: You just mer-made my day...
  • When the penguins trap Dave under a skeleton, they then see the wetsuit he was wearing deflate and collapse to the ground. Before learning he slipped out of it and down a drain, Short Fuse thought the penguins had gone too far:
    Short Fuse: You melted him?! You birds are sick!
  • Skipper keeps forgetting Dave's name. To the point calling him the wrong names like Doug, Darryl, Dennis, Dexter, Dan, Dirk, Darren, Derek, Derv, Debbie, Doris, Dwight, and... Ramirez.
    • There's also a bit of meta-humor that Google refers to Dave as "Charming Villain"