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Heartwarming / Penguins of Madagascar

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  • Corporal. Just... just Corporal.
  • Skipper to Private - "You are the most meaningful and valued member of this team."
  • Baby Penguins! There's also the fact that as soon as baby Skipper sees Private's egg rolling he immediately races after it, while the adults ignore it. The sequence after that is a moment of AWESOME!
  • When Private hatches.
    “Hello! Are you my Family?”
  • Skipper answers him:
    *After whacking Kowalski twice for his Brutal Honesty*
    “Y'know what kid? You've got us. We've got each other. If that ain't a family, I don't know what is.”
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  • After this, Skipper gives Private an affectionate head rub. All the head rubs after this count as well.
  • The penguins breaking in to Fort Knox for the Cheesy Dibbles for Private is already sweet, but it's even better with the context of a deleted scene that showed it being Private's first human food.
  • Near the end when all the penguins have been turned into monsters, Private finds Skipper and Skipper is brought to his “normal” state of mind by remembering all the moments of Private's childhood. The hug each penguin shares with Private counts as well.
  • In the beginning, when Private is given a coin to buy his birthday gift, he gives each of the others a kiss (like the way a child would kiss their parents), and none seem even a little annoyed. (In fact Rico seems to like it a bit too much.)
    • While it takes most of the movie for Skipper to respect Private as more than the Tag Along Kid, it does speak to how much Skipper cares that he leads the team to break into Fort Knox just because that's the only place that still has a vending machine with Private's favorite snack in it.
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  • While also a tear jerker, Skipper agreeing to North Wind plan can count as it shows he's willing to put his pride aside just to save Private.
  • When Private tells Skipper he doesn't want to be the diversion in their plan to catch Dave at Shanghai, Skipper gives him a warm look and asks Private if he trusts him.
    Private: "Aye aye, Skipper."
    • Also ironic because Skipper's plan fails and Private gets captured by Dave. Skipper's massive guilt after also makes this a tearjerker. The absolute desperation and despair on Skipper's face as Private's being taken away is... heartbreaking.
  • In fact, the whole team's (especially Skipper's) desperation and determination to rescue Private throughout the movie, and their sheer devastation when they think he was disintegrated by the Medusa Serum. They're so distraught that they don't even fight back when Dave mutates them. Yeah, they definitely care about Private.
    • What may count as additionally heartwarming is that Skipper only gets Dave's name right after he kidnaps Private. Previously, Dave wasn't all that important. Now though, he actually matters because he messed with Skipper's surrogate little brother.
  • The mutant!Penguin team recognises Private so easily. It just takes a few seconds. No "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight. It took Skipper just looking at Private. Kowalski twigs rapidly, and when Skipper figures that Rico isn't much different either way, we worry for a second, but Rico's able to recognize Private just as quickly as Skipper and Kowalski do (if anything, Rico recognizes Private more quickly than Skipper and Kowalski do) and immediately goes to hug Private after seeing that he's okay.
    • The music during that scene is beautiful, too.

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