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Nightmare Fuel / Penguins of Madagascar

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Although Penguins of Madagascar is for the most part a family-friendly comedy, some parts are frankly disturbing.

  • Despite (or maybe even because of) the fact that he's so Laughably Evil, Dave can be extremely creepy at times:
    • Perhaps the scariest line in the film:
    Dave: YES! I'm the monster! Everyone made that clear to me every single day of my life. But now we'll see how they like you when you're the monster!
    • As if the line alone wasn't scary enough, he says it to a group of penguins that he has trapped in a cage, and at one point, he squishes his face through the bars so that his eyes pop out. If you've seen Who Framed Roger Rabbit, remember Judge Doom's real eyes? That's what it looks like.
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    • Even his submarine is creepy. It's designed to look like a giant octopus with a big Slasher Smile. One wonders if The Joker helped him build it.
    • And then there's a scene in the climax where he smashes through the glass of his Medusa Ray in slow motion, with his tentacles flailing, and doing an Evil Laugh. The camera angle almost makes it look like he's lunging at you.
    • Oh, and what about "Dr Octavious Brine", his human counterpart? Something about him just isn't right...
    • Heck, even in octopus form, he still falls into the Uncanny Valley, because he's more anthropomorphized than the other octopuses. Those big, round eyes and that ghastly grin are pretty disturbing.
    • It's especially creepy how he went about his plan; mutating innocent animals into hideous monstrosities so that the human public would exterminate them for that extra tint of cruel irony. And he very nearly succeeded as well. The thought of destroying a rabid or disfigured animal suddenly becomes even more unsettling.
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    • Although it's somewhat played for laughs, it's somewhat unsettling how Dave grabs the mermaid penguins and pulls them down the drain.
    • Dave's theme song, "He is Dave", while an obvious parody of other evil themes, has genuinely foreboding lyrics that almost make you forget about that fact that the song's nature is meant to be satirical. All of Dave's villainous traits described? Unlike in the movie(where even then they can get pretty serious), not a single one is Played for Laughs.
  • Mutated penguins. It probably isn't THAT scary at first ( still pretty creepy, through ), but not only they became monsters, but they also lost their conciousness! Skipper and Kowalski couldn't talk and acted crazy. *shiver*
    • Mutated Skipper swallows an innocent cat whole! The cat is comically spat back out later, but you could be forgiven for thinking it was dead.
  • The leopard seals. They are perhaps the only animals in the movie without any anthropomorphic qualities, instead portrayed as cold-blooded monsters. What were the designers thinking when they gave the leopard seals Black Eyes of Crazy?!
    • The fact that they are completely willing to eat 4 baby penguins, including one that hasn't even hatched yet!
  • The adult penguins' casual willingness to let Private's egg roll off a cliff to its doom.

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