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  • Wait, so are Dave's minions squids or octopi? They're called squids throughout the page, but they have 8 tentacles and a round mantle, making them look like octopi.
    • Well, the baby that Skipper tried to interrogate was called a squid in the movie...
  • Why didn't even the humans think of blaming "Dr Octavius Brine" for what happened to the penguins? He was the one who brought them there, and even called them "new and improved", pretty much announcing to the world that he was the one who did it.
    • After they saw what's going on, they started to panic. "Brine" then utilized Bavarian Fire Drill, and people were more focused on "monsters are trying to eat us!" than who's that calm, organized person who tells them to call pest-catchers.
  • When Dave is dressed as a human, the humans understand him, even though he can't speak English. How is that possible? Humans have never understood animal speech throughout the Madagascar franchise! How can the humans understand Dave?
    • It's shown that Dave's pretty much a genius, and since he created a serum that can mutate animals, perhaps he also created a serum or such that allows him to speak?
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    • His microphone has a switch with two symbols: Human and Octopus. You see him switching it to give orders to his minions after his speech to the humans
  • How did Rico get Cheezy Dibbles in the store during the final battle, if the U.S.'s entire supply of them was supposedly in the vending machine at the beginning?
    • The Cheezy Dibbles bags Rico saw in the store said something along the lines of "Back in stores".
  • What was the point of retconning the penguins' backstory? Actually, it's not so much a retcon as shoehorning a backstory that conflicts with the first Madagascar. They were trying to escape to the wild in that movie, so how does it make sense that they were born in Antarctica? What, did they just forget that they already hated it there?
    • They had Nostalgia Filter?
    • They didn't really seem to hate Antarctica. They hated the behavior of the other penguins there, but other than that, they seemed fine. They may have thought they could just hang out on their own.
  • Was Private always supposed to be younger than the other three, or did this movie just make that up? The name implies lower rank, but not necessarily being younger.
    • Fan of the series here. Yes, in show there were many implications that he is youngest, like the fact that he was always called "young Private" by other members of team, they treated him as a kid, the fact that he liked Lunacorns and was in general pretty child-like compared to other members. He is also shorter than other penguins and has higher voice.
  • I may be wrong about this, but I don't think Dave told us his whole backstory. I know that, in every zoo he lived in, he was always upstaged by the penguins and moved to another zoo. But how long did this go on for? At what point did Dave decide to strike out on his own and become a criminal mastermind? And how did he get away from being transported to different zoos?
    • Perhaps eventually he was just so unwanted as an exhibit that he was dumped in the sea?
    • Even normal octopi in Real Life are fantastic escape artists. Surely a sapient genius octopus could escape any time it felt like it.
  • How, exactly, did Dave get inside that snow globe at the end? Yes, it makes sense that the ray would make him tiny, because tiny is cute, but it hadn't previously exhibited any capacity to affect non-living materials like the glass or plastic of a snow globe, or make a living target teleport or phase through barriers.
  • Why weren't any of the humans at the release site affected by the reversed Medusa ray? We know it couldn't have been set to only affect penguins, because it turned Dave tiny and cute, so by rights it ought to have worked on people too.

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