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Headscratchers / The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

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     No Hero Party for Eeyore 
  • At the end of Winnie The Pooh And The Blustery Day Pooh is thrown a hero party for saving Piglet. Eeyore shows up and says he found a house for Owl and takes them to Piglet's house. Piglet gives his house to Owl, Pooh says Piglet can live with him and the hero party is adapted so it's for both Pooh (for saving Piglet) and Piglet (for giving up his home). That's all fine with me. The problem is: Eeyore stayed out all night in a rainstorm to find Owl a new house after his old one was destroyed. Nobody says, "Thank you" to Eeyore. I mean, fine, you don't have to throw him a party since he kind of screwed up, but it all worked out in the end. At the very least I would think Owl would be grateful to Eeyore, but he doesn't say so much as "Thanks." They're all jerks.
    • He's friggin' Eeyore! Everyone's a jerk to him because he's not allowed to be happy. That's what makes you love him so much.
    • I believe Owl did thank him, actually. The animals weren't really jerks, they were just so bewildered about the whole Piglet doing a "Very Grand Thing" stuff that it just didn't occur to them to thank him. Let's face it, having Friend A giving YOUR house to Friend B is pretty awkward. What really bugs me is that Owl and Eeyore had apparently never visited or walked/flew by Piglet's house once, or even noticed it at all. The Hundred Acre Woods isn't that huge.
      • Do you realize how huge 100 acres is?
      • Rounding to convenient figures, a square about eight city blocks to a side.
      • Well, in A.A. Milne's original book, Eeyore quite pointedly stays in his own part of the woods and complains pretty loudly that the others don't come to see him more often — he only starts venturing out in the Forest a little more when Rabbit points out to him that he could occasionally try to come over and see them — which was around the same time that Owl needed a new house. So it's actually pretty plausible that Eeyore hadn't been in that part of the woods before. It's harder to explain Owl, who definitely had been at Piglet's house before, but maybe he was just too touched by Piglet's insistence that "this house belongs to my good friend Owl" to say anything.
    • Owl and the others do seem to say their thanks to Eeyore (or in more precise wording 'bravo') prior to finding out the location of the house. I debunk the idea of everyone being a 'jerk' to Eeyore however, namely because of the cast seem to lack the basic ability to be 'jerks' (par Rabbit and maybe Tigger to an extent). However being that the Hundred Acre Wood is a Cloud Cuckoo Land they can cause problems for The Chew Toy characters largely from their own well intentioned stupidity or obliviousness, though granted whenever they do figure out their wrong doing they feel rather bad about it and try to make amends (see A Day For Eeyore). Eeyore and Owl inadvertantly rendering Piglet homeless could possibly be attributed to this as well (Owl at least is known to be incredibly scatter brained).
    • The animals are shown to be very Literal-Minded at times, so one train of logic tends to null out another one. In one New Adventures episode, Eeyore took over Pooh's house in his absence. Just the fact it had Eeyore's property in it at that point convinced both him and Pooh it was now Eeyore's house the whole time.

     Owl's House and Continuity 
  • In And the Blustery Day, first Owl's house comes crashing down, then we meet Tigger for the first time, the flood occurs, Eeyore "finds" a house for Owl (which is actually Piglet's house), and Piglet gives Owl his house at Trespassers Will, moving in with Pooh. A Day For Eeyore includes Tigger, but also has Owl in his old house in the tree. Piglet doesn't live with Pooh, as we see him trying to reach the knocker. Therefore, Tigger's presence in A Day For Eeyore is a bit of a continuity snarl— if he's already a known quantity instead of a terrifying growl in the middle of the night, Owl's house shouldn't be there.
    • This in fact worsens if you take later features such as Piglet's Big Movie, Springtime with Roo, and Pooh's Heffalump Halloween Movie into concern where Tigger is shown to already be an established friend of Pooh's before Kanga and Roo moved into the Hundred Acre Wood (two of the first supporting characters we meet in Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree).
      • This was shown in a flashback and from the perspective of Pooh and his friends. Maybe the characters forgot that Pooh met Kanga and Roo before he met Tigger.
    • Maybe Owl's house was rebuilt (in a different tree, since the original has been blown down) in the meantime.

     Tree Stumped 
  • Um... How the heck did Pooh get out of the honey tree?
    • The narrator did it once again, maybe.
    • We're meant to assume that the others pulled him out.
      • "Heave! Ho! Heave! Ho! Heave Heave Heave Heave Heeeeeeeeeave!"
    • Or possibly, as discussed here, he was never stuck, and he simply climbed or dropped down.

     To Be or Not to Be a Toy 
  • So Owl and Rabbit are supposed to be real animals instead of stuffed ones like Pooh, Tigger and Piglet, right? So why do they appear as stuffed animals in Christopher Robin's room? What's even more puzzling about this is the real-life Christopher Robin didn't even have those two as stuffed animals.

     Piglet's Surname 
  • If Piglet's grandfather's name is "Trespassers Will" (at least he believes it is), does that mean Piglet's name is Piglet Will?
    • That would depend on whether or not it was a paternal or maternal grandfather.


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