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Tear Jerker / The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

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Don't worry, Tigger; everything will turn out fine on the next page.

  • Eeyore's tail has a nasty habit of falling off and needs to be nailed on time and again.
  • Rabbit's Sanity Slippage at having Pooh Bear stuck in his front door, which climaxes is him in his dressing down with a Twitchy Eye. Also his reaction to Pooh eating all the honey in his house.
  • Pooh's fear on Heffalumps and Woozles stealing his honey, so that he marches all night guarding it. The marching exhausts him so that he falls asleep as the blustery night becomes a stormy night, and has a nightmare, only to wake up and realize his house is flooded from the storm outside. This whole sequence if not for the nightmare being a moment of Awesome Animation and Awesome Music, would be a heartbreaker.
  • Piglet giving his house away to Owl. The little guy had earlier put emphasis on how much he loved his house, and still donates it without regret. He then plods away in tears until Pooh tells Piglet he can live with him.
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  • Tigger's fear when he loses Rabbit, Pooh and Piglet in the woods. As he reveals, the fear isn't for him since "Tiggers don't get lost" but for them, and it's Properly Paranoid on his part since the trio does get lost.
  • Rabbit's growing terror while lost in the forest.
  • Tigger's unwillingness to jump down, bounce down, or attempt to climb from the tall tree. Not helped by Rabbit's glee that if Tigger is trapped up there forever then he can no longer bounce.
  • Tigger glumly trudging away in the snow after Rabbit reminds him he couldn't bounce after he promised not to if he made it down from the tree.
    Tigger: Not even just one teensy-weensy bounce?
    Rabbit: Not even a smidgen of a bounce!
    • Roo is immediately upset as he sees this, since he adores Tigger's bouncing. Even Christopher Robin is solemn.
    • The fact that after one look at this sorry sight, Pooh Bear and Piglet who had gone along with Rabbit's plan to undo Tigger's bouncing, immediately take it back and want the old bouncy Tigger back.
  • The finale with Pooh and Christopher Robin, who tells him that he won't have that much time for him and the others when he gets older and that they should be there for each other whenever they have the chance.
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  • The intro to the finale, which Pooh briefly protests.
    Narrator: And so, we come to the final chapter In Which Christopher Robin and Pooh Find the Enchanted Place, and We Say Goodbye.
    Pooh: Goodbye? Oh, please, can't we just go back to page one and start over?
    Narrator: Sorry, Pooh, but all stories have an ending.
    Pooh: Oh, bother.
  • Also the fact that the intro to the final part is accompanied solely by a slow piano version of the "Deep in the Hundred Acre Wood..." Leitmotif.
  • A Day For Eeyore ended up a fitting swan song for Ralph Wright, Eeyore's original voice actor. He sadly passed away less than a year after the film was released. Junius Matthews, Rabbit's original voice actor, similarly passed away less than a year after Many Adventures was released.
  • In "A Day for Eeyore", the red balloon Piglet brought for Eeyore's birthday pops. Eeyore can't catch a break at all!


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