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Yeah, this actually happened.

As a rule, Regular Show relies heavily on the rule of Mundane Made Awesome in every episode. These are but a few examples.

  • From the pilot (which was later turned into the season two episode "First Day"): breaking a tie in rock-paper-scissors to defeat an Eldritch Abomination.

Season 1

  • A fight with a giant evil head (not GBF, 'Destroyer Of Worlds') from an arcade machine.
    • Then, right in the middle, when Mordecai risks his life to finish setting up the chairs, just to prove to Benson that he and Rigby are not slackers.
  • Death Punch vs. Death Block surrounded by molten lava.
  • Rigby taking down the man-eating hot dogs. What makes it more awesome is that right afterward he manages to pin the blame on Benson.
  • Saving the city from an antinuclear meltdown with a grilled cheese sandwich.
  • Mordecai's speech, followed by tearing up the shirts and destroying their famous future selves in "Mordecai and the Rigbys".
    Future Mordecai: Wait, what are you going to be doing in the future?!
    • The song from the same episode, even though it was technically lip-synching.
      • That song's meta-awesome too:
        Sean Szeles (storyboard artist and writer): I also wrote the songs that were featured in this episode and I thought they were going to be re-recorded by the composers, but they just kept my versions in. I just recorded everything in my apartment playing the different parts and threw a drum loop on there.

Season 2

  • Rigby beating up a British taxi in "Ello Gov'nor"...or at least in his dream.
    • It might not have been. Mordecai said he did start beating up the boy in the costume, it just wasn't as totally awesome as Rigby was dreaming it. It was awesome, though.
    • "They say this city's tough. But I'm tougher."
  • The fight against Snowballs the Ice Monster.
    • Skips gunning it in the golf cart to retrieve the cover of the Book of Park Records. Sounds pretty normal for Regular Show, right? Well you're forgetting that Skips did it with a broken leg.
  • Rigby using his laser pointer as a machine gun on Peeps.
  • Pops' speech in Dizzy.
  • Mordecai and Rigby defeating GBF at "Broken Bonez" and getting the universal high score.
  • Mordecai, Rigby, and the rest of the gang defeating the humanoid TV with good ol' fashioned beat-em-up skills in "Rage Against the Television".
    • They knew his weakness: furniture. Still, it was a pretty awesome fight.
    • During the fight "The Hammer" appears and everyone runs but Skips he just raises his fist and gets ready to rock, after he gets swatted aside (a Crowning Moment in of itself). Mordecai and Skips just get up to try and whale on him.
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    • Not to mention that they basically used the stairwell as a furniture form of a machine gun!
  • Benson's confronting Susan in the limo.
    Benson: Hey Susan!
    Susan: (turns around)
  • Mordecai pulling the Immunity Sword, which is immune to all rule changes, out of Hammerspace and stabbing the nefarious Game Master of the Realm of Darthon with it.
    • What makes this even better is that we've seen in episodes like this and 'Brain Eraser' that Mordecai isn't very good at using his imagination. (When asked to imagine the golf cart in the aforementioned episode, he could only remember the part they sat in.) The fact that he actually gets better at it than Rigby near the end is saying something.
      • The fact that he realized how to deal with all the rule changes (changing the rules himself) is pretty awesome in of itself.
  • Benson arriving in "This Is My Jam" and pretty much saving the day by playing the drums awesomely.
    Benson: You guys forgot the one thing about writing a catchy song! It's gotta have a beat.
    • Compounded by the fact that, besides one deleted scene in "Mordecai and the Rigbys", Benson wasn't even hinted to play music.
    • Putting a Jimmy Hart version of a Throbbing Gristle song in the episode's soundtrack.note 
  • At the end of the episode where Rigby is jinxed, Mordecai and Rigby say the same thing at once again. Mordecai gets jinxed. Rigby punches him when he talks, but it doesn't do anything. So he jabs Mordecai in the eye.
  • Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man and Skips defeating the zombies with shot puts and javelins in "Grave Sights".
    • Special mention goes to Skips driving a vaulting pole through about four zombies and then beheading them by stomping their heads off. Skips has been taking some cues from the Brock Samson School of Kicking Ass.
    • The fact that the entire fighting sequence in "Grave Sights" pretty much coincided and even at one point merged together with the movie. And these lines:
      Mordecai: Okay you lousy undead freaks-
      Hero Dudenote : You may have taken a lot from me, but if you think you're going to deprive me of my-
      Mordecai: paid day off-
      Hero Dude & Mordecai: You're sorely mistaken.
  • Pops winning the ladder match in "Really Real Wrestling".
    • Everything Pops does in that episode is awesome.
  • Skips arm-wrestling DEATH for Rigby's soul. Said arm-wrestling match opens up a black hole that spews out lightning.
    • Earlier in the episode, Skips calls out Rigby on cheating, then beats him at arm wrestling so hard he literally dies.
      • And they play DIES IRAE in that scene.
  • Muscle Man and High-Five Ghost beating down the Night Owl's minions as they race towards the time machine. Muscle Man gets another one at the end when he punches out the Night Owl for what he was planning to do to them.
  • In one episode, Mordecai and Rigby take care of a bunch of stranded baby ducks. However, a creepy man steals them, forcing the two and the ducks' mother to chase him. The creep takes out a sword cane to use on the three, when suddenly the baby ducks, angered at seeing both their birth mother and their adoptive fathers in danger, fuse to create a giant man with a duck head, who uses a flaming karate chop to slice the man in half, causing an atomic explosion.
    Hyperduck: "STEP OFF."
  • Wedgie Ninja's Heroic Sacrifice in "Go Viral". Just as the Warden of the Internet is about to catch Mordecai, Rigby, and Pops, he gives her a wedgie and holds her back, allowing them to escape. He keeps it up until the Warden explodes!
  • The finale of "Skunked" with Rigby fighting the Wereskunk and Mordecai pulling a Big Damn Heroes by plowing through the wall in the cart, allowing Rigby to cure himself and take out the Wereskunk. The entire episode probably counts for the writers, as what could've been another simple comedy episode was actually rather dramatic and well done.
    Rigby: SPLIT THIS.
    • Earlier in the episode, when the Wereskunk is choking Rigby (turning into a hulking form in the process), Mordecai rushes in with a shovel and threatening to beat the tar out of him if he doesn't let Rigby go.
  • Benson (also possibly all the characters) in "Karaoke Video" pulls a pretty good awesome moment after the tape lands near him and gets punched during the karaoke brawl by the Jerkass owner. Take into account that Benson was watching the entire fight up til now.
    Benson: YOU WANT IT?! FINE! TAKE IT THEN! *smashes the karaoke tape off the owner's face, knocking him out and destroying the tape in the process*

Season 3

  • Benson's mastery of Stick Hockey in the titular episode.
    • Mordecai and Rigby aren't slouches either, making it to the finals under their own power.
  • In "Bet To Be Blonde", Rigby and Mordecai not only escape the blonds but escape with a self-destructing ring that Mordecai sets off that kills the blonds and sends Mordecai and Rigby flying up to the surface in a elevator.
  • Rigby gets one in the Halloween Special by telling the ghost story which manages to scare everyone into complete silence (except Muscleman, but he just nitpicked the least frightening part of the story).
    • If it was even Rigby to begin with...
  • Mordecai smashing the Jersey Devil-like creature, who was chasing them, with a lantern in the camping episode.
  • How does Regular Show make basketball awesome? By giving Mordecai, Rigby, and Muscle Man super basketball powers, taking to space, and having Mordecai win the game with a slam dunk, from space! A dunk so epic, it destroys the basketball court, and much of the surrounding area.
  • Benson got his second MoA of season 3 in "Cool Bikes" by attacking the judge and allowing Mordecai and Rigby to escape their certain deaths for being too cool.
  • Pops, Mordecai and Rigby sticking together in their crew and defeating an opposing rap crew with fine poetry, by praise. Great way to teach about moral victory.
  • The Disney Acid Sequence at the end of "Weekend at Benson's" was one for the animators.
    • And how Benson got them to drink a spicy concoction themselves in the name of sweet, sweet revenge.
  • Benson freaking exploding at Mordecai and Rigby during "Think Positive".
    • Note, that his rage was so large and built up, that when releasing it, he makes Mordecai and Rigby go deaf and lay in a crater.
  • Mordecai punching Benson in "Eggscellent" after he made an insensitive remark about Rigby (who was in a coma).
    • Betcha weren't expecting "Holding Out for a Hero" to play over the training montage. There's like a dozen other songs that'd be appropriate for a Training Montage - but no, they went with "Holding Out for a Hero". The stakes are just that high.
    • Benson, Muscle Man, High-Five, and Skips fighting off the Eggscellent Restaurant staff, in a rare show of comradeship. The awesome part is that the fight lasted a full sixty minutes in-universe - and it wasn't because anyone was actually being threatened, either. It's entirely The Power of Friendship.
    • A meta example: are we not going to talk about how this episode won an Emmy?
  • Benson's brutal "The Reason You Suck" Speech in "Busted Cart". One of Sam Marin's best voice acting moments.
  • Muscle Man's Unstoppable Rage in "Big Winner". The guy tears through wave after wave of Lottery Enforcement Officials, SWAT vans, even tanks. It would seem that he could even defeat all the officers if Mordecai and Rigby hadn't interrupted him.
  • Mordecai and Rigby whopping up on Clorgvain, with the Fists Of Justice.
  • Rigby pulling off one hell of a Determinator act to keep his job in "Muscle Mentor".
  • The entire climax of "Trucker Hall of Fame".
  • Fancy Restaurant - when the snooty waiters nearly kick out Muscle Man, Starla, and her parents for Muscle Man not being fancy, the parents reveal themselves to be just as tough as Muscle Man, and they all join forces to take down all the waiters.
  • Rigby actually landing an effective punch on Mordecai, during "The Best VHS In The World".
  • Muscle Man defeating Gene in "Prankless". The best part is that he did it all with mirrors.
    • Don't forget Muscle Man's entire Wonka-esque Monologue to Gene.
  • Mordecai taking down Death Bear. Bonus points for him having been scared of Death Bear since he was a kid.
    • Death Bear using Kung-Fu on animal control.

Season 4

  • "Exit 9B". Just... "Exit 9B". It is perhaps the best episode yet, and a treat to any fan of the show, with Call Backs and Cameos aplenty.
    • The epic smackdown between The Park Crew & Friends VS Garret Bobby Ferguson Jr.'s army of baddies.
    • Special mention goes to Hyperduck duking it out with Susan.
    • And that's how the fourth season begins, folks.
    • Did we mention all that action is backed up by a pretty sweet guitar track?
  • Benson pulling off the world's most epic drum solo during "150-Piece Kit"
  • The Christmas Special. The team comes together when Rigby and Mordecai are asked by Santa to dispose of a horrific gift in homage to Lord of the Rings in order to save Christmas.
    • The climax especially. All seems lost when it seems the box's creator (and Santa's ex-head elf) has the gift and ready to wish away Christmas... Until Mordecai lets out a Big "NO!" while charging and tackling him into the lava pit. Rigby instantly follows out of concern and cue the two beating the elf and playing keep away until Mordecai gets it and uses the box to summon two hoverboards for him and Rigby while letting the elf and his cursed gift fall into the lava, destroyed for good. All while the song "Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24)" is playing.
    • And prior to this, Pops wrestled a polar bear. And won!
    • Not to mention Santa Claus' Big Damn Heroes moment when the elf has the gang cornered with a gun.
  • Sandwich Of Death: THE RETURN OF DEATH KWON DO!
  • Margaret: "Have a nice week, diaper boy."
  • "A Bunch Of Full Grown Geese". Highlights include:
  • Mordecai and Rigby VS Limosaurus.
  • Mordecai finally getting a kiss from Margaret in "Picking Up Margaret".
    • Bonus points for "We Are the Champions" playing afterwards.
  • Mordecai, Rigby, Benson, Skips, and Pops VS The Stress Monster in "Skips Stress".
  • The epic convoy battle between Muscle Man and the rest of the group vs. the Health Inspector and his cronies. Not only is the chase battle an epic dogfight, but Muscle Man pulls off another Batman Gambit by fooling the fake Health Inspector into thinking the trailer is in the truck, while having it fall off a cliff. Bonus points for High-Five Ghost and his awesome bazooka!
    • Muscle Man's war cry:
    Muscle Man: You know what else leads to violence and horror? MY MOM!
  • Rigby basically snapping during "Meteor Moves" and finally telling Mordecai to grow a pair and kiss Margaret. It shows how sick Rigby is of this and you could argue it represents how many fans felt about the story arc and how we all wanted to see it finally happen.
  • The Big Damn Kiss between Margaret and Mordecai. Period.
  • The Format Guardians fight during "The Last LaserDisc Player".
  • The entire last half of "Blind Trust". Basically, Benson, Mordecai, and Rigby are running from ghost animals for disturbing their sacred ground. They wind up rolling down a cliff resulting in Mordicai getting his arms and legs broken and Rigby accidentally getting poison oak in his mouth rendering him unable to speak. With Benson blinded from earlier and his arms broken, it looks like they're doomed. Until Mordicai comes up with the idea to tie the three to each other. Him in the back as the eyes and giving directions, Benson working the legs and Rigby using his arms. Working together, they manage to outrun the ghost animals. It just has to be seen to be believed.
  • Benson rallying his employees in "The Best Boss in the World" to beat the Bill Lumbergh expy and his cronies.
    Doug McFarland: What kind of a boss are you!?
    Benson: The World's Best Boss.
  • Benson defeating his captives and the Party clones in "Party Re-Pete"... with soda.
  • The huge fight at "Steak Me Amadeus" between the police and the park workers vs the animatronics, especially since EVERYONE has a frickin gun.
    • The chef of the restaurant getting a bazooka out of nowhere and blowing up the animatronics.

Season 5

  • Mordecai and Rigby's epic street performer showdown in "Silver Dude".
    "You wanna remix? Well, remix this!"
  • Benson's Diving Save in "Benson's Car".
  • Mordecai and Rigby's Thanksgiving song. Considering they won the song contest also counts as a CMOA.
  • In "The Heart of a Stuntman", when Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, and High-Five Ghost attend stuntman college to obtain a stuntman license, the success rate is 25% meaning only one of them has a chance to pass. But by the end of the final exam, Rigby and Muscle Man are the only ones to pass meaning they beat the odds of only one of them passing.
  • In "Portable Toilet", Eileen and CJ jumping inside a portable toilet being carried by helicopter to go rescue Mordecai and Rigby.
  • In "Return of Mordecai & the Rigbys", the park gang absolutely rocking out in the battle of the bands. Unfortunately, it was all a dream and in reality. they all collapsed of heatstroke and placed last.
  • Skips' smackdown on Klorgbane when he first gains the fist of justice.
  • In "Video 101", Eileen managing to shoot her music video in one take with one hour before it's due and getting an "A". And the music video in general.
  • Low Five Ghost helping his brother in "The Postcard".
  • Benson helping Rigby redeem himself on "Expert or Liar". Especially when he forces the gang to help after reminding them that Rigby's lies helped their problems.
    • "Start searching those sandwich shops or you're AAAALL fired!"
  • CJ gets one for pretending to almost throw Thomas (Death's son) off the bike, simultaneously getting back at him for trying to ruin her date with Mordecai and using his powers to get rid of the people chasing them.
  • Rigby ends up humiliated on public television (for something he didn't mean to be a jerk about). While those who sympathize with Rigby would turn off the episode and call it a day, BENSON of all people comes in to bring Rigby back to reality with his sympathies and stories, as well as helping Rigby get back on the show and give some of the greatest Call Backs to the show since Exit 9B. And even better, his victory on that show was on PUBLIC TELEVISION. Just shows they really care about the fall guy, at least.
  • "Thomas Fights Back" is a whole episode of awesomeness for Thomas.
  • C.J. going crazy cloud form on the Couple Carrol CEO.

Season 6

  • The season has all kinds of What the Hell, Hero? moments so far.
    • The entire park angry at Muscle Man in "The End of Muscle Man" for making them think he was dying, even if he didn't mean to.
    • In "Lift With Your Back", Rigby chews out Mordecai especially for taking him for granted and dismissing the fact that he's not only a hard worker when he needs to be, but a loyal friend who hadn't got the respect he deserved.
    • Margaret talking C.J. down from her jealous rage (as a storm cloud trying to knock down the helicopter) in "1000th Chopper Flight Party" by telling her that she and Mordecai are just friends and, despite the kiss on "Merry Christmas, Mordecai," she's not taking him back because she just started dating someone else (even though "Not Great Double Date" revealed that Margaret lied about the date and still has feelings for Mordecai — in which case, CJ gets her moment of awesome when she tells off Margaret for lying just to save her hide).
  • "White Elephant Gift Exchange" has Muscle Man finally get some comeuppance for his years of agitating pranks. Complete with "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas" by Burl Ives being played in the background.
  • Brilliant Century Duck Crisis is one long love letter to mecha anime. Even the final moments of the battle seem like something you'd expect out of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann!
    • Also a big Take That! speech to marketing directors and their skewed priorities.
  • Muscle Man and Starla more or less winning "Married and Broke" with The Power of Love itself.
  • Rigby being surprisingly mature near the end of "Dumped at the Altar" by telling Mordecai that he should forget about C.J. breaking up with him and just be single and find out what he wants out of life.

Season 7

  • Mordecai and Margaret finally revealing that they do love each other, but they want to stay friends in "Just Friends."
  • Pops tricking the studio executives at YZB into going on Win That Prize and quitting his job as a development executive in "Win That Prize."
  • Rigby's Graduation Speech in "Rigby's Graduation Special." It's the culmination of all the Character Development he had undergone over the course of the previous two seasons.
  • The synthesizer battle between Gary and David of Gary's Synthesizer is something to behold.
  • Benson finally getting the nerve to tell off Dr. Langer for ordering him around and telling him how to do his job in "Lame Lockdown".
Season 8
  • "Nobody hurts my friends!"
  • Sureshot's Heroic Sacrifice.
  • The past universe fight with Pops and Anti-Pops.
  • The training montages in "No Train No Gain", especially the big one with "Through the Fire and the Flames".
  • The Grand Finale, including, but not limited to:
    • The final battle between Pops and Anti-Pops, in all of its glory.
    • The Baby Ducks, Death, Guardians of Eternal Youth, Gary, Party Horse, and Carter and Briggs joining in the final battle.
    • Pops's sacrifice to defeat Anti-Pops through the power of love.



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