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  • For DreamWorks Animation, it changed for the state of feature animation in North America. Before that company, the state of the field was Walt Disney Pictures and a bunch of little leaguers. Sure, there were occasional winners over the decades like Yellow Submarine and An American Tail, but otherwise, all efforts failed like the Fleischer Studios' doomed efforts in the 1940s to hopelessly open the field for others to play. All that changed with DreamWorks in the 2000s, first with Aardman Animations with Chicken Run and then DWA's own artists with Shrek, led by Jeffery Katzenberg, who knew how to beat Disney at their own game (albeit because he played for Disney in the first place). Today, the door has been blown open with a unprecedented plethora of rival companies winning a piece of the animated feature film pie with big hits of their own and we have a golden age of feature animation as a result where the public is eventually realizing that not All Animation Is Disney.
    • Furthermore, the directors of Kung Fu Panda demonstrated the creative sea change DWA has become when they proposed the famous rope bridge fight. The animators told them that they didn't know how to do that. A lesser studio could have simply given up or ask "What would Pixar do?," but instead, it was a moment of inspiration for the directors, who essentially responded with "Great! That means it has never been done before!"