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  • Just the caffeinated Hammy scene. He can out-walk LASERS.
  • The Depelter Turbo. On maximum setting, it creates a Pillar of Light that destroys a satellite in orbit and is visible from outside the galaxy.
  • RJ's Heel Realization and his redemption.
  • The Animals taking on all three of the enemies at once; the Verminator, the animal-hating woman and the GIANT BLACK BEAR. Took out all three in one go. Impressive for a two-sided attack — especially when Verne and R.J. literally just Pass the Popcorn watching.
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  • Although it's misplaced, the animals throwing RJ out the van, given he had earlier confessed his ulterior motives. True, RJ has just gone through a Heel–Face Turn, but they don't know that until Verne tells his tail isn't tingling. From their point of view, it's a case of them letting the conning raccoon know you do not take advantage of good nature.
  • RJ outrunning Nugent the dog. Even though Nugent is just an over excited dog who likes to play, it was still awesome to see RJ using his stamina.
  • Verne rescuing Hammy from the Girl scouts selling cookies.
  • In the video game, the animals go up against an entire army of brainwashed animals, all controlled by the Dwayne the Verminator, and they win!

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