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Tear Jerker / Over the Hedge

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  • In the TV scene, RJ changes the channel a lot, but keeps switching to things talking about betrayal (E.G."We let you into this family, and this is how you thank us?"), culminating in him switching to a Dr. Phil-like show where he mouths the words "I am a dirtbag."
  • Verne insulting his friends while trying to defend his actions for costing all the food RJ and the gang gathered. Everyone is shocked at his insults (especially poor Hammy) and they all turn their backs on Verne and leave.
    RJ: No! NO!
    Lou: Verne, are you alright there!? Gimme a hand, Oz.
    Ozzie: Oh, sure. Sure.
    Penny: What the heck, happened?
    RJ: [sobbing] The food! It's gone! GONE!
    Heather: What?! Gone?!
    Stella: Gone?! How's it gone?!
    RJ: Ask... HIM! (angrily points at Verne)
    Penny: Verne?
    Verne: I returned it to its rightful owners.
    Lou & Ozzie: WHAT?!
    Heather: We, like, worked our tails off, y'know? Like a lot! And the food we gathered was know! And you''re all whatever!
    Ozzie: Yeah, Verne, what were you thinking?! The log was full!
    Verne: Full of junk.
    Lou: Oh, so what are you sayin' there? That the food we gather our way isn't as good as the food we gather your way?
    Verne: Your way? You mean his way. Can't you see that RJ's just using you?
    Penny: Verne! Shame on you! RJ wouldn't do that!
    Verne: You've gotta trust me on this! Don't you understand that there is something wrong with this guy? My tail tingles every time I get near him!
    Stella: Oh, so we're supposed to go all hungry 'cause your butt's vibratin'? I'm startin' to think that tingle of yours is just you bein' jealous!
    Verne: Jealous? Of him?!
    Lou: Yeah! He's embracing the future there, and now you're just holding us back!
    Verne: Oh, I hold you back, alright! From extinction! (to RJ) You see what you've done here? If they listened to half of stuff that you're telling them, they'll be dead within a week! You're only interested in taking advantage of them because they are too stupid and naive to know any better!
    (Everyone gasps in shock at Verne's words)
    Hammy: (close to tears) I'm not stupid.
    (Verne realizes he went to far and tries to rephrase what he just said)
    Verne: Okay, I didn't mean, uh... I meant... ignorant. To the ways over there. (The others begin walking away) Come on, you guys, you know I didn't mean it like that. Don't... Don't do this! Stella? Ozzie? (stops Hammy) Hammy? You know I didn't...
    (Hammy shoves Verne away and turns his back on him)
    Hammy: I'm not stupid.
    (Hammy sulks away, leaving Verne all alone)
    Verne: Please?
    • The anger in Hammy's voice the second time he says "I'm not stupid," making it clear that not only did Verne hurt his feelings, but that Hammy isn't stupid enough not to recognize when he's being insulted.
  • The lyrics to "Family of Me" aren't exactly as cheerful as the tune.
  • "Still" may be one of the saddest songs Ben Folds has ever written.
  • RJ taking the Spuddies and leaving the kitchen. This is after he accidentally revealed his plan to the Verne and the others. The sad looks RJ and Verne give each other before RJ leaves the kitchen along with music is heart-breaking.
  • The scene where the animals are all in crates after RJ takes the food and leaves. Their reaction is really what sells it.
    Heather: I don't want to die, Dad. Not for real.
    Ozzy: There there, sweetheart... we'll be okay.
    • It's a little Fridge Horror thrown in when you start wondering what happened to Heather's mother.
    • Shortly after, there's a completely dialogue-free shot of Stella reaching through the bars of her cage to hold a trembling Hammy's hand.
    • A blink-and-you-miss-it moment: When the caged animals are being loaded into the van, right before the scene cuts back to RJ and Vincent, Hammy can be seen putting his paws to his face, possibly crying.
  • When Ozzie thinks Heather is dead after she gets kicked by Gladys. Besides the fact that the poor guy thinks he just witnessed his only child get killed in a pretty brutal fashion (a less than ten pound possum getting kicked several feet into a wall is pretty brutal, even without any signs of trauma), which is sad enough, it becomes worse when you realize that Ozzie no doubt felt like he had lost everything, since his wife appears to have died before the start of the film, and now he thinks his daughter was killed as well.
    • It doesn't help that you get a quick glimpse, right before Heather 'wakes up', of Ozzie silently sobbing.

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