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Tearjerker / Mr. Peabody & Sherman

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  • The idea that anybody would leave their infant child in an alley is just wrong on so many levels.
    • Especially in a cardboard box, with nothing but a diaper and a nametag.
  • The moment where Mr. Peabody reprimands Sherman after he allowed Penny to talk him into goofing off a bit and they end up crashing Leonardo Da Vinci's flying machine. Then Penny revealed Grunion's investigation, and Sherman explodes in fear and anger, thinking that his father didn't trust him and was coddling him when he could have handled the news. Peabody is naturally stressed, trying to save them from a black hole at the time, but finally in an overflowing of emotion, Sherman stands up to his dad, telling him that he doesn't have to listen to everything he says because he's "not a dog!" Mr. Peabody has a brief look of sadness on his face, and then he lays down the law on Sherman, saying "You're right, Sherman, you're not. You're just a very bad boy!" Both of their reactions to each other are just painful.
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  • The scene where the abandoned trojan horse falls off a cliff and Mr. Peabody, who was inside, appears to have died. Having Sherman scream Mr. Peabody's name is heart-wrenching enough, but then he lets out this single, desperate "Dad!" before breaking down and asking what he's supposed to do without his father.
  • The scene where Mr. Peabody is about to be taken away by Animal Control, as Mrs. Grunion declared Peabody not only an unfit father, but a dangerous dog as well due to his Papa Wolf instinct of biting her. Fridge Horror also sets in when you realize what places like the pound do to dogs that are considered dangerous...
  • Sherman accepting the blame for everything that's happened and then saying the only mistake Peabody ever made was adopting him. Mr. Peabody's expression just screams, "No, that was NO mistake!"
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  • The "Beautiful Boy" montage is this in the "heartwarming tearjerker" category.
  • Sherman telling Mr. Peabody the reason why he bit Penny. Even more Harsher in Hindsight because Mr. Peabody himself begins to realize that there will be always physical differences between them and not all conflicts and problems can be prevented as he has used to do in the past. Of course these leads to the later foreshadowing scene during the black hole and the shoutouts.
  • The lunchroom scene, where Penny relentlessly tries to intimidate Sherman into admitting to "being a dog", throwing his food across the floor and telling him to fetch, and, when it gets to the point of a full-on fight, telling him to beg. Heartbreaking to watch, and even worse once it becomes clear that the staff (mainly Ms. Grunion) unreasonably blame Sherman (and, by extension, Peabody).
    • Well not everyone; keep in mind that the Principal at least seemed to understand that these things happen sometimes; it's Miss Grunion who sort of intimidates him into informing Peabody and starting off the plot. The fact that the principal is bullied into it a little sort of makes it worse though.
  • Like her or not, Penny's reaction to thinking that Sherman and Mr. Peabody were gone after fixing the black hole.


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