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Nightmare Fuel / Over the Hedge

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"Time's up, R.J.."
  • Vincent the Bear is quite an intimidating fiend. He threatens RJ's life if he doesn't get back all the food RJ accidentally destroyed. Bears Are Bad News indeed, but Vincent is one of the worst examples. Nick Nolte's gravely and raspy voice is no slouch either.
    Vincent: Alright, RJ, I'm goin' back to sleep. When that moon's full, I'm wakin' up. And all my stuff had better be right back where it was.
    RJ: But that's just one week! That's impossible for one— (Vincent squeezes tighter to RJ's head) Ow! A week's perfect! I'll get some helpers.
    Vincent: Full moon, all my stuff. And don't even think about running away 'cause if you do, I will hunt you down and kill you!
    • RJ's nightmare, where Vincent grabs him out of the tree he's sleeping in, reminds him that his time is up, and eats him. Even worse, RJ's scream as the camera moves into Vincent's mouth, just before it cuts to RJ waking up from his nightmare the next morning.
    • Later, RJ looks up at the night sky and imagines a constellation of stars that form Vincent, glaring down at him.
    Vincent: Moon's full, RJ. See ya in the morning! (grabs the moon, which turns into a chip and eats it with one crunch)
    • Vincent attacking RJ and the others in the Verminator van.
    Vincent: You're dead, RJ! And your friends are next!
  • Gladys Sharp and Dwayne LaFontant are pretty intimidating as well, despite their slight incompetence.
    • As RJ watches Dwayne set up traps around Gladys' house.
    Gladys: What about this one, this Depelter Turbo?
    Dwayne: That's a contraband item, ma'am, as it is illegal in every state... except Texas.
    Gladys: I don't care if this violates the Geneva Conventions, I want it!
    Dwayne: (chuckles) I thought you might. So I took the liberty of installing it for you. (Dwayne turns on the device and red lasers cover the entire lawn. Then he tosses a teddy bear into the lasers.) Adios, animal infestation.
    RJ: AAAAH!
    Gladys: [the teddy's in a cage, with outside charred off] Oh, my. Rather impressive.
  • The climax where the gang is attacked by the villains, with Vincent viciously swiping from one side of the hedge and Gladys (holding a weed hacker) and Dwayne (holding an electric cattle prod) attacking from the opposite.

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