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Awesome / Mr. Peabody & Sherman

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  • Just the embodiment of Mr. Peabody and all his accomplishments. Plus, the fact that he's also a dog!
    • His mastery of Awesomeness by Analysis that's enough to make Sherlock Holmes blush.
    • His list of accomplishments at his self-introduction list off many, many feats. It's only when the action starts that we also see that he's a Master Swordsman, capable of disarming men thrice his size.
    • Not only a master swordsman, but strong. He managed to stop a two-handed, overhead sword strike, from a seven foot Trojan soldier, with only a dagger in one hand.
      • In one paw. An appendage not known for its ability to block with a sword.
  • Mr. Peabody as a father. When the judge asks Mr. Peabody what makes him think he's ready to raise a human, Mr. Peabody refers the judge to his list of accomplishments and asks how hard could it be? The judge just looks at him over his glasses. Anybody who actually is a father, agrees with the judge and knows that fatherhood is really difficult. But Mr. Peabody actually manages to be an amazing father as promised!
    • Mr. Peabody has a son. He wants his son to have the best possible life. So he INVENTS TIME TRAVEL in order for his son to learn directly from history's greatest.
  • Sherman flying Leonardo da Vinci's prototype all on his own.
  • The war of Troy. Mr. Peabody and Sherman deftly evade the fighting, while saving Penny's life, while occasionally going into slow motion.
    • Mr. Peabody sacrificing himself for Sherman without hesitation.
    • Past!Mr. Peabody and Past!Sherman's incredulous disbelief that Future!Mr. Peabody is actually dead. They're not in denial or anything, they simply find it impossible to believe that Mr. Peabody is dead. He's too awesome to die. And as it turns out, they're right! Not only did he not die, but he build a second WABAC out of bronze age materials and followed his son back to the future. That is Papa Wolf right there.
  • Sherman coming up with the idea to jump into the future to repair the space-time continuum.
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  • Even if it did end up causing more trouble for them, Mr. Peabody demonstrating some strong Papa Wolf instincts and biting Ms. Grunion for hurting Sherman while trying to drag him away was definitely satisfying.
  • Ludwig van Beethoven absolutely dominating Dance Dance Revolution, while directing the music!
  • Agamemnon.
    Agamemnon: Smell my victory! SMELL IT!
  • How about Penny admitting to starting the fight, so that Ms. Grunion won't separate Sherman and Mr. Peabody? This shows that despite Penny's early treatment of both of the Peabodys, she has finally come to mature into a better person. That is not just awesome. It's powerful.
  • Awesome Music: "Way Back When" by Grizfolk




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