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One day, Universal Pictures would be forced to give back the respective distribution rights to Paramount Pictures and 20th Century Studios.
  • If so, Paramount Home Entertainment would re-release its films from 2006-2012 on DVD and Blu-ray and 4K Ultra-HD. Same with 20th Century Studios Home Entertainment with its films from 2013-2017.
  • Paramount's films would be streamed on Paramount+ and 20th Century's on Disney+.
If Spirit: Riding Free is a success, all of Dreamworks' other 2D movies will get spin off series as well
There's another of those multiverse level conflicts going on in the worlds of Dreamworks

A far more chaotic world compared to some others, it's counterpart to the Friends on the Other Side is The Order of Chaos, established by the Greek goddess Eris. Using monsters and various other underlings to spread mayhem and misery, she's able to feed on that conflict and further fuel the war. But there is hope for the worlds. God, the father of Abraham, Issac and Jacob has founded the Order for Peace to stop Eris's legions wherever they might be, and on a plethora of worlds, the two gods clash for dominance.

The Order of Chaos

Eris: Goddess of Disorder, and the great evil in the Dreamworks animated multiverse. Distantly related to Hades of Disney's conflict, she use to do all her evil on her own, as her divine powers could easily summon monsters, freeze seas and manipulate mortals however she wanted. However, one day while she was trying to send a world into chaos, she ran into a problem. God was also at work in the world, and despite being less directly active, Eris found herself needing a council of villains to do her bidding in a way that God could not interfere, and thus founded the Order of Chaos in order to circumvent this problem.

Tzekel Kan: The Mad Priest of El Dorado, Tzekel-Kan ruled over El Dorado with an iron fist, and intensely enjoyed human sacrifice, as they were his way of paying off his dark magic deals with Eris. He competed with the Chief in trying to please the "gods", but after Miguel stood up to him, he learned that Miguel and Tulio were in fact mortals and connived to destroy them. To do this, he made another deal with the Friends to ask for greater dark magic and the ability to control a giant stone jaguar. After returning from his alleged demise in the climax, he teamed up with Cortés, who wasn't working with Aku and Eris, to capture the citizens of El Dorado, but was captured by Cortés after his plot is foiled. His final fate is unknown, although it is implied that he was to be sold as a slave, and once Tzekel Kan passes away due to fatigue, it will be clear that Aku most likely will claim his soul.

The Fairy Godmother: An alternate universe counterpart of Cinderella's fairy godmother, this version of the character is spiteful, wicked, and cares for nothing else but the sweet money and corruption that comes with her gifts to poor souls in need. The reason why she's so useful to Aku and Chernabog is because she operates like a nicer version of the Enchantress, an evil force that masquerades as a force of good to sucker in clients to the Friends. Among the clients she has called for are an evil version of Rapunzel and Cinderella's Prince from the Dreamworks universe. King Harold, an old british version of Naveen, was also among her clients. She was eventually defeated by being zapped from a deflected blast from her wand.

Makunga and the Fossa: Makunga was an associate to the friends who wanted to steal command of the African kingdom from Zuba in order to collect souls from his hunts. He was eventually defeated by Alex and his friends, then abandoned by Eris soon after.

  • The Fossa were Eris' jungle-dwelling mooks who were assigned to and corrupt Alex into becoming an agent, but they failed and have not been seen ever since.

Dr. Blowhole: He is a mad scientist dolphin who plans to take revenge on the human race, who forced him to perform tricks at Coney Island for their amusement, by conquering the earth and claiming everyone's souls. He is described by Skipper and Private as being "pure evil, with skin that's surprisingly pleasant to the touch," which Blowhole claims is because he always moisturizes. He appears to love rubbing it in that he has far superior technology than the penguins do, thanks to Eris, which usually gets on Kowalski's nerves. Unlike other clients of the friends, instead of simply leaving his enemies to die in a deathtrap, he typically stays to oversee their destruction personally, well aware they'll likely escape somehow (telling Julian as much when asked), unless he'd be killed as well if he stays (such as locking them in his base as it self destructs). this makes quite the useful [1] member of Eris' clients

Galaxhar and Wicked Jack the pumpkin alien: Gallaxhar was an evil alien overlord who hoped to take over Earth, in the name of Eris and the Friends. He was served by gigantic robot probes (around the same size as Insectosaurus) and possessed a giant cloning machine. The reason why he joined up with the friends, he claims, is because he seemed to have suffered several traumas in his youth, driving him to destroy his own homeworld, and planned to make a new one on Earth, for his his main goal. As his side-plan, he aimed to collect quantonium - the substance that transformed Susan - to give his cloning machine enough power to generate an army of clones of himself to conquer Earth, and was determined to extract it from Susan. Unfortunately, his first attempt to retrieve the Quantonium, by robot probe, failed. His second attempt, which required him to visit Earth, nearly succeeded. He was able to capture Susan, whose body contained the Quantonium, and extract the element from her. However, her monster friends saved her and programmed the computer to cause the ship to self destruct. Although Gallaxhar and most of his clones are destroyed and soul-collected along with the ship, a few clones escaped on their personal hovering devices. Though it is likely the clones were found by Eris, and slain viciously for their failure.

  • Wicked jack, the pumpkin alien, was an experiment made by the friends by mutating several pumpkins with the evil blood of Gallaxhar. although the friends had hoped that jack would collect souls more efficiently than Gallaxhar, the mutant pumpkin instead wanted to eat every single piece of Halloween candy in sight, and was taken down by the monsters through that way.

The Order for Peace

God: God of the Israelites. I am that I am. The God. God may not directly move in the world as much as Eris does, but he does strongly believe in stopping her schemes to destroy the peace and harmony that ought to be in the world. Reserved enough to not fight all the battles of men and monsters for them, God founded the Order for Peace as a way for others to learn and grow from each other, and halt the evils of Chaos while finding other ways to use it for good. God never shows up in person to meetings. He usually appears either as a pillar of fire, or as a burning bush, as it is A Form You Are Comfortable With.

The Furious Five: A team of 5 kung fu masters with various backgrounds and histories. They serve as The Lancer to the Dragon Warrior, but are actually superior to him in actual skill due to their longer training periods. They are:

  • Master Mantis. A mantis with the strength of 20 men, he sometimes is called upon to spy for God due to his small size making him more discreet for infiltrations, and his mantis style kung fu makes him a mighty warrior. Patient and brave, he's a Pint-Sized Powerhouse. He even has practiced acupuncture, in case his team is injured, allowing him to do a quick fix before they get more proper treatment.
  • Master Viper. A snake born without noticeable fangs, she was shunned at first for her inability to bite her enemies, but she created her own kung fu technique of viper style, which was all about using her body to turn her opponents against themselves. Due to her less than stellar past, she's easily the most compassionate of the 5.
  • Master Crane. Trained at a legendary kung fu academy, he decided to forgo teaching there to learn more at the Jade Palace. Due to his lowly origins as a janitor, he's not quick to pass judgment, and keeps composure even when disappointed. As the flier of the team, he's saved them all time and time again by flying them out when necessary. He's also official calligrapher of the group, and so will often send letters of correspondence when the 5 are out on a mission.
  • Master Monkey. Playful and skilled, monkey grew up an orphan. While this made him bitter at first, an intervention by master oogway changed his tune. Monkey for his part doesn't talk all that much, but he's still a speedy and well rounded warrior.
  • Master Tigress. Leader of the 5, and quite possibly the strongest of them. She was adopted by master Shifu when she was little, and thus trained in tiger style kung fu for as long as she could remember. However, as Shifu was still closed off because of Tai Lung, she grew almost as cold as he was, and it was only when she was defeated by her "older brother" that she realized she needed to reevaluate how she was living her life. In time, she grew softer and more compassionate, but she's still the tough as nails leader of the group, ready to commit her team to safeguarding china whenever necessary.

The Guardians: This was...a tricky assignment for God. As his commandments always state there shall be no other gods before him, it took him some convincing by one of his captains (the man in the moon) that the children of the world needed some extra protection. Eventually, God relented, reasoning that even if they technically stole the thunder from his part in the holidays, they are still about spreading joy and cheer, and that's something he's all for. As of such, the guardians have been steadily growing as their Arch-Enemy Pitch Black was corrupted by Eris, and thus needs more members to keep him at bay. The members include..

  • Sandy the Sandman: The earliest of the guardians, as people always will need sleep, and possibly the most powerful. His power to induce sleep and fight off nightmares makes him invaluable, and as perhaps the strongest voice of the guardians even if he doesn't say much.
  • Nickolas St. North AKA Santa Claus: North my be boisterous, bombastic, and sometimes a bit overenthusiastic, but at his core is a wonder at the beauty of the world, and as the guardian with the most recognized power, uses his north pole as their base of operations. He's also a keen mentor, and a daring spellcaster as well.
  • Bunnymund the Easter Bunny: When a rabbit protected his burrow from being shot in Australia, man in the moon decided to give this ordinary rabbit a promotion to the bringer of secular Easter joy and renewal. Tough as nails, but still dedicated to spreading hope, Bunny's definitely rough around the edges, but he takes his job spreading joy to the world very seriously.

Dreamworks' new films (How to Train Your Dragon, Megamind, etc) as well as their new logo are signaling their tone for the new decade. Darker and Edgier with great story and heart. This will cause the rise of Dreamworks and the subsequent fall of Pixar.
Remember in the late 80's when Disney's movies were bombing and Don Bluth's films were successful, and how everything went vice versa during the 90's? The same thing is going to happen with Pixar and Dreamworks. Pixar has been the lead for about 15 years now, and Dreamworks has been inferior to them for about the same amount of time. Toy Story 3 is (in this troper's opinion) The strongest and most successful Pixar film, and when you're at the top, there's only one way you can go. Case in point, Pixar's last film is Cars 2, a sequel to their least successful film, which has done even worse by the company's standards. Pixar is also making a Monsters, Inc. sequel or spin-off, which is what took Newt's slot. In 2010, Dreamwork's films have been considerbly darker and more fleshed out, such as in HTTYD and to a lesser extent Shrek 4. This might just signal a role reversal, and Pixar might just reach its low point, its apocalypse; Its Pixar-calypse if you will if Brave doesn't measure up artistically in 2012. Dreamworks might just be on the road to genuinely good movies...
  • Considering Cars 2 is Pixar's worst-rated movie, there might be some merit to this. In addition, Brave is proving to be a lesser effort to a degree in critics' eyes so it seems that Pixar will no longer get a free ride about their films anymore.
  • It is pretty likely. Their darker and more mature movies (which many of their recent films fit into) have received more critical acclaim than their past films.
    • It actually seems to be returning to their old roots where they in fact make Darker and Edgier works such as The Prince of Egypt, Antz, and all those movies (Wallace & Gromit, Monsters Vs. Aliens) before their downfall of pop culture references and Sequelitis (Shark Tale, Madagascar (1 & 2), Over the Hedge, Bee Movie, Flushed Away (Your mileage will vary on them).
    • To elaborate: Dark and Edgy (Prince of Egypt, Antz), "misfit" protagonists (Z, Moses, Wallace), attack mature themes (psychology of war, death), surprisingly complex characters; Megamind, HTTYD, Kung Fu Panda all have these said similarities.
  • And don't forget the fact that one of Disney's own, Chris Sanders, left the company for Dreamworks due to creative differences much like Don Bluth. Is he the next Don Bluth?
Dreamworks is trying to become known as the animation studio that does right by its female characters.
They know people get annoyed with Pixar for never having a female lead and Disney for being all about its princesses, and are trying to capture that audience. In the last few movies that weren't sequels we've got a movie that's totally on the side of its female leads who are chickified by no one. For instance, Megamind as a fearless reporter who immediately shoots down her Nice Guy and for getting legitimately upset at her love interest for lying to her, How to Train Your Dragon has a tough and clever viking girl who bows to no one, Monsters vs. Aliens has the only superheroine origin movie we're likely to see on the big screen in a long time (even if it's disguised by calling her a "monster"), and the Kung Fu Panda series has yet another tough and smart fighter who also manages to be a catgirl who isn't sexualized, but is no less an Amazonian Beauty in her own way. Also, The Croods have a family of thick heavyset women and are proud of it. This approach goes all the way back to The Prince of Egypt, which gives us two supporting women who are big plot movers and often act with more guts and inner strength than the actual hero of the film.

DreamWorks Animation will get better when it merges with its former parent.
DreamWorks Animation's streak of less-than-sound movies began when it was spun off in 2004, and Jeffrey Katzenberg was no longer under Steven Spielberg and David Geffen's supervision. When it merges back with the live-action studio, it will begin making good movies again.

Dreamworks Animation will finish establishing their identity very soon.
Think about it. Different studios tend to be known for different styles and story types. In it's earlier years, Dreamworks was kind of all over the place in those terms. A lot of their earlier films were basically taking elements of the most recent popular Disney film and throwing in some pop culture references. But in more recent years, particularly starting with Shrek, they've been moving away from that and started making movies with a common theme of having unconventional, "misfit" protagonist. Their past few films have had noticeably darker themes and moments as well. This has obviously been working for them, since their most recent movies have not only received more critical acclaim, but get more money at the box office and leave better impressions of the audience. With their next few movies, Dreamworks Animation will seal the deal on their studio identity: Darker and Edgier movies with non-conventional protagonists, practically the opposite of Disney. This establishment will create more tone consistency in their films, which may contribute to improvement in quality.

All films of Dreamworks Animation take place in the same universe
  • With the exception of Kung Fu Panda (possibly Shrek and How to Train Your Dragon), which just cannot be tied in. While The Croods has occurred in the past, everything else takes place in the present.
    • Similar to Pixar, characters have made cameos in each others' films. One example being in Bee Movie, which briefly featured a bear which looked very similar to Vincent (possibly was Vincent) from Over the Hedge. Mason and Phil from Madagascar also made a brief appearance in Turbo.
      • There is a video called Dreamworks Theory that connects all the films (minus the hand drawn ones) on YouTube, look it up!