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Awesome / How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.


  • The opening rescue on the dragon trapper ship, with the Dragon Riders swooping in with suits made of dragon scales to walk through fire.
  • During his first appearance, Grimmel shoots a Rumblehorn rushing on him with a Deathgripper poison dart without breaking a sweat.
  • Hiccup surprising Grimmel by a trap when the latter ambushes him. Unfortunately, Grimmel has planned for this by having Deathgrippers as backup, giving him a moment of awesome of his own.
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  • The escape sequence when the gang tries to kidnap Grimmel and he traps them. Special mention goes to Valka commanding Cloudjumper with her staff to raise the chain barricade allowing them to escape. That dragon surely is strong.
  • The Hidden World is made of this. The designers must have poured half their budget into the scenes. A primordial world with incredible but almost alien ecosystem and filled with dozens upon dozens of dragon species. It feels like the Hidden World is inspired by classic tales such as the The Lost World or King Kong (1933).
    • Toothless's main introduction at the Hidden World. In just a short time span, he has become a patriarch of sorts among these dragons. Our little dragon has come this far. This is further enhanced by the beautiful score from John Powell.
      Astrid: Now that's a king.
  • The Final Battle is one last swansong for our Defenders of Berk and they deliver.
    • The Dragon Riders, using their glide suits, swoop in to save their dragons. Bonus points to Hiccup for knocking Grimmel down on his keister.
    • After the last two movies of them not fighting together, Hiccup and Astrid finally get that Battle Couple moment: when she's close to getting overpowered by one of Grimmel's soldiers, Hiccup needs no more than give her a brief warning before cutting a part of a beam to knock him overboard. Astrid then repays similarly, knocking out another soldier coming behind Hiccup with her mallet.
      • Especially awesome if you've watched the series. We've seen the two of them mainly fighting alongside each other on their dragons— now, we're seeing them fighting human enemies back-to-back!
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    • Fishlegs fights off the dragon trappers to protect his friends. When he got hit, he gets assistance from the Crimson Goregutter.
    • Astrid steering on of the ships and blocking the helm with her axe so it crashes into another ship. Stuff Blowing Up ensues.
    • When Tuffnut loses his goatee, he goes on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge, chasing after his terrified foes.
    • Gobber fights one of the Warlords and ends it by bringing in a swarm Hobgobblers to presumably devour him alive.
    • The entire sequence of Hiccup chasing Grimmel on his platform flown by Deathgrippers as the latter slowly falls apart.
  • Toothless using his lightning powers to take out all four Deathgrippers that were on top of him.
  • Hiccup's final defeat of Grimmel. He frees the Light Fury and encourages her to save a tranquilized Toothless, then throws both himself and Grimmel into free fall. Hiccup seems poised to make a Heroic Sacrifice, but it turns out that he'd guessed that his act of kindness would convince the Light Fury to return and rescue him, and sure enough, she does. At this point, Grimmel is left hanging onto Hiccup's prosthetic leg, which Hiccup removes, sending Grimmel plummeting to his doom.
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  • The animation in this film is breathtaking and blows the previous two films' animation out of the water.

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