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One of the dragon riders (or their dragons) will die

Hence the Bittersweet Ending talk by Word of God.

  • My money's on Snotlout.
    • Jossed
Dragons will become extinct

Word of God states that there will be an explanation as to why "Dragons are no more" which will be the Bittersweet Ending.

  • Jossed, the dragons just go back to their special hidden world

Dragons will disappear, however...
The ending will be a Time Skip to decades later, perhaps showing Hiccup and Astrid's grandchild, coming across a hint such as a peculiar egg, hinting that dragons may be coming back again after all.
  • Or even sooner than that. Hiccup's beard isn't present in the rest of the trailer, but Toothless is beside him in the scene where it is, so the dragons may just end up going on sabbatical for a while.

The Light Fury will have nothing to do with Toothless leaving
Some people are worried Toothless will leave due to finding a mate, but this likely won't be the case. The short "Gift of the Night Fury" showed all the dragons except Toothless leaving to lay eggs, and then they came back, so why would Toothless finding a mate result in him leaving permanently? The cause of the dragons leaving (if that is what happens) will be something entirely unrelated and Toothless dating the Light Fury will just be a "bonus"tie the knot in the final movie.
  • Jossed. Word of God is she was pretty much the reason, and Toothless makes up his mind to take everyone to the Hidden World after she almost gets hurt.

Grimmel works/worked for Drago, and is now in charge of his army
In the trailer, the riders are shown going into battle against an armada with flags similar to those used by Drago's human army from the second film. Assuming Drago himself does not appear, this will address why the army never met Drago at Berk and may also confirm that Drago's cloak is in fact made of Night Fury skin.

The film will end with the dragons all getting relocated into the titular Hidden World.
It's a Bittersweet Ending because both dragons and vikings survive, but they can never interact anymore.
  • Confirmed, but it is possible for a boat to make its way out to the hidden world entrance to meet with dragons that fly out.

The Light Fury has a Dark and Troubled Past.
She distrusts humans due to being captured by dragon hunters, but what if it goes deeper than that? Maybe prior to meeting Toothless, she had a previous family that was killed by said hunters.

Toothless has crossed paths with Grimmel before.
We know for a fact that the film's main villain has hunted most of the night furies to extinction. Chances are, we'll probably get a flashback that shows a younger Toothless being separated from his family as they're being hunted, leaving him as the sole survivor. It won't be the film's biggest Tear Jerker, but it'll certainly be up there, providing some long overdue backstory for our night fury.

Grimmel is going to be an Evil Counterpart to Hiccup
Based on what we've seen from the trailer, Grimmel travels using a glider-like machine being lifted by four dragons and his clothing is similar to Hiccup's. Hiccup was also an inventor in his youth, creating Toothless' saddle and tail, and it's safe to assume that Grimmel built his flying contraption himself. Grimmel could be what Hiccup might have become, had the latter used his dragon-taming skills to further hunt other dragons rather than make peace. It would also make use of the Contrasting Sequel Antagonist trope. In the first film, we had the Red Death. In the second, we had Drago Bludvist. The former was a Generic Doomsday Villain and the latter was a Foil to Hiccup. The third film could finish that ensemble by having Hiccup's Evil Counterpart.

Astrid and Hiccup will get married at some point in the movie
Most likely towards the end. The two have been betrothed for a while at this point, and it's only natural that they'd tie the knot in the final movie.
  • Confirmed

Toothless will try to draw for the Light Fury after his (hilariously) bad attempts at flirting.
The trailer makes it apparent that the Light Fury was not very interested in Toothless's as opposed to following more of Hiccup's advice, the night fury will follow his own instincts on what he should do. During one instance in the trailer, while Toothless and the Light Fury are gazing into each other's eyes, you can see visible lines in the sand in the background. In a nice callback to the first movie, Toothless will attempt to draw her in the sand. He'll fail pretty miserably, but it'll pique her interest, leading up to that aforementioned Held Gaze moment.
  • Confirmed

There will be a Time Skip in the middle of the movie.
Given that Hiccup has a beard at one part of the trailer but not in others it's likely that some time will pass in the second act to show how long the conflict with Grimmel takes.
  • Semi-Confirmed. There is a Time Skip, but it happens at the end of the movie, not in the middle.

The shot where Hiccup has a beard is a case of Never Trust a Trailer.
Toothless will not be with him.

Dragons and Berkians will both disappear
Either Vikings and Dragons will go into hiding together and create a new hidden dragon-viking utopia or they will separte, dragons going away forever into the Hidden World but Hooligans still having to relocate to avoid further Dragon Hunter attacks or people trying pry dragons' new location out of them.

Night Furies and Light Furies have entirely different mating dances because of being separate species
This would explain the Light Fury's reaction to Toothless's mating dance. They later meet in the middle and create their own mating dance with a combination of prancing and gurgling.

The entire film trilogy is a Stealth Prequel to the book series
Hiccup never explicitly stated himself to be the exact film version of his original counterpart. His full name was never stated to have The Third, which was the one in the books have. So his creation of the Human-Dragon utopia in Berk would be the herald of the era of the books where all if not most Vikings and Dragons are coexisting. All the stuff from the books gets invented here. For example, Dragonese might be Hiccup's greatest discovery to help him communicate with Toothless more. So if the dragons are disappearing, then it's because the rest of the Vikings are still not willing to accept Dragons as a sapient species.After they disappear at the end, Hiccup will become Hiccup the First by re-enacting what he did in the books.When it's done, his notes and legacy will be basis for the books timeline. As for the whole disappearing dragons part? It's part of a cycle should the acceptance between Dragons and Humanity fall below a certain level, which most likely happened in both here and the books. In short, History Repeats.
  • I want this to be Canon.

A subplot will involve Astrid trying to find the right time to tell Hiccup that she is pregnant.
It is clear that the film will have an overarching theme of an uncertain future on the horizon, with Toothless possibly finding a mate, the Hooligan Tribe possibly needing to leave Berk and Dragon-kind vanishing from the eyes of humanity.

With that in mind, Hiccup is chief. People will expect him to create an heir, fatherhood being a new step to take. The idea of Astrid being pregnant will give both characters an extra reason to fight for their people and the dragons that live with them. Hiccup being Hiccup, Astrid will struggle and struggle to get his attention as his mind is plagued with his doubts and his responsibilities as chief. When he is at his lowest point, Astrid will finally be able to tell him, the knowledge that he is going to be a father giving him something to look forward to when his life feels like it is ending.


  • Jossed.

The "This Is Berk" opening will have Berk being attacked by Dragon Hunters
Aside from showing how the characters have improved as defenders, this will establish one of the major problems with Hiccup's utopia and his motivation for wanting to move everyone to the Hidden World.

Grimmel's Deathgrippers will pull a Heel–Face Turn
Given how Grimmel views dragons as vermin it's a safe bet to say his Deathgrippers have been abused into servitude. Over the course of the movie they (or at least one or two of them) will waver in loyalty before siding with Hiccup and Toothless after being shown kindness from the two of them.

Their motivation could also stem from looking out for the others.

  • Jossed: The Deathgrippers that serve Grimmel have been drugged into a zombie-like obedience by his use of their own venom against them. Even the Alpha can't break through their brainwashed (brain damaged, even) state.

The dragons will leave and stay in the Hidden World...and Hiccup will go with them
He'll pass chief status to someone else (possibly Astrid, Gobber or his mom) and join the dragons in the Hidden World.
  • Jossed, he stays with his people and lets the dragons go

There will eventually be a sequal spinoff staring Zephyr, Nuffink, and the Night Lights
  • Ala what Boruto is to Naruto.

Valka is dead after the Time Skip.
  • Hence why she’s not in the holiday special that followed this film.

"Night Furies" and "Light Furies" don't exist; the former are just melanistic Furies.
  • They exhibit a rare mutation that gives them such dark and permanent pigment that they can't utilize the standard "Light" Fury camouflage. This usually makes them outcasts in the Hidden World's Fury population, so they previously got shunted away into the outer world as adolescents, even before they could learn the other powers demonstrated by the female Fury. It wasn't until Toothless proved his courage that a regular "Light" Fury was willing to become lifemates with a melanistic "Night" Fury, infusing new melanistic blood into the Fury population and establishing that those sharing his mutation are worthy of respect and acceptance.

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