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Hiccup's first child will have heterochromia. His/her left eye will be green, and the right will be blue
It would make Hiccup and his child have a lot in common.
If Hiccup has a daughter in the third film, her name will be Siren.
What? It just felt right to put it out there.
Night Furies are larval Bewilderbeasts
This explains a huge number of things. It explains how Toothless is able to resist the Alpha's Mind Control (Bewilderbeasts can't control each other, but as Toothless isn't fully matured he wasn't strong enough to fight it off altogether), it explains how he was subsequently able to challenge the Dark Alpha (he himself is a potential Alpha, which means he can counter the Dark Alpha's power with his own and leave the dragons free to choose), and it explains why nobody can find any adult Night Furies (they don't exist).
  • Furthermore, it's been established that dragons usually bond humans that match them in some way, so it makes perfect sense that a chief's son would bond an immature Alpha.

Any of the different Dragon species is capable of becoming an Alpha
An alternative variant of the above WMG. Rather then suggesting that Night Furies are larval Bewilderbeasts, which would seem to conflict with how the two species vary significantly from each other. An alternative explanation would be that any dragon which is able to either assert it's power as a leader, or is strong enough to challenge the existing alpha has the potential to become that broods new Alpha dragon. The only reason why this role is typically taken by breeds such as Bewilderbeasts and the Red Death is simply because of they're immense size, power and abilities in comparison to other wild dragons. Which makes it easy for them to gain the position of alpha or to usurp an existing alpha belonging to a less powerful breed.

If Drago ever strikes Berk again, he'll attempt to KILL all the dragons and Vikings there this time.
Drago's plan to gather a huge dragon army failed and if he tried amassing another dragon army to attack Berk, Toothless would probably turn them over to his side. Since he wants dragons to not be a danger to him and the world, he'll probably plan on killing Berk's dragons along with their Viking trainers. Drago's army is shown to have pretty good technology and traps for capturing dragons, they'll probably be able to mass-produce dragon-slaying machines and weaponry that could further aid his world-domination plans, maybe even giving him an Arm Cannon to replace his arm. And furthermore, just like how Drago tried to dispose of Eret for failing, he'd probably do the same to his Bewilderbeast.

Drago's cape is made from Night Fury hide.
The cape looks a lot like Toothless' scales - it's about the same colour, and has many tiny scales with some larger, rounder ones. The cape's a lot bigger than Toothless is, sure, but bear in mind that he may still be growing into his full size. And Valka says Toothless "may very well be the last of his kind"... if that's true, where did all the Night Furies go? Well, perhaps Drago's wearing one as a cape. It'd be one hell of a status symbol, at least.

Drago will try to find THE real last Night Fury
Adding onto the above, perhaps drago had previous contact with the Night Fury species. This may mean that he knows a place where they nest/breed, or he had one in his possession already. The cloak seems to indicate a personal relation to the dragon type, as he wore it constantly and as a sign of his power. His family may have been killed by them, so he exterminated the species save for one, or a few. Seeing how powerful Toothless is, Drago could discard his Bewilderbeast as inferior (possibly pushing it to join Berk's army) and seek out the last few or the LAST Night Fury. With any hope, it's a female.

Drago is one of the Rus

His name and accent just about all give it away.

  • I had the same theory, along with Eret and the rest of Drago's army possibly being Inuit (due to them having a more "tribal" look to them).

The Third Film Will Involve Hiccup Learning How to be a Father

Seeing as the first film involved Hiccup learning to be comfortable in himself and the second involved him learning to be a chief, the only thing really left for our hero is learning to be a parent. And it will quite likely be the hardest lesson of his life.

The Third Film Will Involve Hiccup's Marriage and Toothless Finding a Mate
Hiccup's and Toothless' experience parallel each other. In the first each was permanently injured and found acceptance with the Vikings. In the second, each became leader of his "tribe".As foreshadowing, in the second movie Stoick shouted proudly that Astrid would be his future daughter-in-law. Also, there was more than one discussion of how Toothless might be the last Night Fury, yet they're discovering more dragons all the time.

Stormfly (Astrid's dragon) will be killed in the third film

Not only will this make the villain all the more intimidating, but it'll also make the conflict all the more personal for Hiccup and Toothless ( and quite possibly Eret, considering he bonded with Stormfly in the second film.)

the disappearance of dragons might have something to do with the lack of bewilderbeasts

They are shown to feed the dragons and create ice shelters.although humans does kinda replace them in some capacity.

Green Deaths and Bewilderbeasts are respectively the males and females of a single species.

They share many physical features, including the vast size, boney protuberances, and their hypnotic crooning sound. Valka specifically comments that "every nest has a Queen, but [the Bewilderbeast] is the King of all dragons." Plus, the Green Death is a flying, fire-breathing dragon, while the Bewilderbeast is a wingless, ice-breathing sea creature. It feels like there was some deliberate distaff/spear counterpart design at work.

The third film will feature a pregnant Astrid rescuing Hiccup.
We all know the scariest thing in Berk will be Astrid, and her pregnant with Stormfly by her side rescuing Hiccup is just too good of an idea to not use.

The third film will feature the appearance of a pack of Night Furies.
Hiccup will find them all hiding out in a hidden sanctuary, like the one were Valka hid her dragons.

Night Furies are Hybrids.
"The unholy offspring of lightning and death itself." This quotes is used more as a descriptor of Toothless' supposed ferocity and deadliness, but what if Toothless, and any other Night Furies, are just Hybrids of two other incredibly strong dragons. One shoots lightning (although not the Skrill) and the other has extremely intenses flames, giving Toothless his plasma blast. Could also key in to his bioluminecense.

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