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Something bad might happen to Hiccup and Astrid's relationship in the third film.
Such as breaking up, losing Valka, losing the dragons, or losing on of their children, etc.

Related to the above, something bad will happen to Hiccup and Toothless
  • In the first movie, Toothless could not save Hiccup's leg. Hiccup, while exasperated, made no fuss about it. In the second movie, brainwashed Toothless killed Stoick, and Hiccup chased him away but ended up reconciling with him. If the third movie follows this pattern, Toothless will kill someone important to Hiccup (Valka, Astrid?) and Hiccup will end up chasing Toothless away... forever. Or even killing him.

Night Furies evolved to hunt other dragons.
That's why they are faster and more maneuverable than other dragons, that's why their breath is (as shown in the first movie a few times) perfectly adapted to igniting another dragon's breath while it's still in their mouth, and that's why their pitch black, to hide from, and sneak up on, other dragons in the air, whereas other dragons are more brightly colored, because they're not sneaking up on prey. This is also why Toothless has more ability to resist the mind control abilities of the Red Death and the Bewilderbeast. The only reason he was affected at all is that he hasn't been around other Night Furies a lot, so he hasn't learned how to be a proper Night Fury.
  • Most other dragon species have eyes on opposite sides of their head looking outwards, which is a common characteristic of prey animals (even fish-eating seabirds), while Night Furies have excellent binocular vision, common in predators. Also, while the breath weapons of most dragons seem to be primarily defensive in nature and short-ranged, good for keeping predators away, Night Furies can attack from a long way off. Their fireballs also explode with enough concussive force to blow wooden structures to bits - perfect for knocking a fireproof dragon out of the sky.
  • On the other hand, Night Furies are noticeably poorly adapted to actually catching fish. Monstrous Nightmares, nadders, zipplebacks, and gronckles all have long, needle or hook-shaped teeth and claws, perfect for spearing slippery fish. But Night Furies have short, stubby teeth and claws - not great for fishing, but the shorter, tougher teeth and claws might be just the thing for tearing through tough dragon scales.

Toothless is the Red Death's younger sister, seeking to dethrone her older uglier sister.
There are many similarities one can draw from how a colony of dragons, and a colony of bees operate. Seadragonus Giganticus Maximus dragons being the largest most intelligent, are the "queens" of dragons, who parasitically force other smaller species of dragons to become their "workers" and "drones" in a hive collective. Once the resources start to diminish and the season changes, the current queen will lay many young queens. The mother and about half her workers fly off to start a new colony. The first young queen to emerge kills her sister queens in their eggs and becomes the new mother queen. There can be no rivals. The Red Death accomplished this and became the new queen, but overlooked one single egg, Toothless' egg. Being the last laid, Toothless hatched out much later, and living off scraps, stays well out of her sister's sight, lest she be devoured, and constantly follows what she naturally sees to be her workers in the raiding parties, helping them, in an attempt to try and get them to abandon their false queen and obey her instead.
  • Toothless initially fails due to her current age, and size difference, despite her older sister being a terrible queen.
  • Toothless, like any untameable queen dragon, while powerful and having no shot limit, is fairly useless at getting her own food, however when Hiccup gives her a fish, she accepts it, and thus inducts him, as part of her colony. She grows to love the viking as she sees him as her first (and only) loyal worker who always brings her food without fail. She remains in the cove faithfully, for she views this as her temporary Nest.
    • The Queen and Workers share a strange... connection. They can hear each other from miles away. Toothless was able to hear the distress of her worker Hiccup no differently than she can hear her workers on the volcanic island.
    • Hiccup unwittingly discovers they both have the same weakness, their own speed, if they enter a dive which they can't pull out of, they'll crash.
    • She demonstrates while having some greedy tendencies, Toothless is a far kinder queen than her sister. The Red Death eats everyone and everything without restraint. Toothless rewards mercy with mercy, kindness with kindness, loyalty with loyalty. She's no charity or pushover though, and will never let others take from her without first offering tribute. As the fish-eating scenes show: Those that offer some food to her, are given a fraction back. Those that offer up everything, and have nothing left, are kindly given half back.
  • She "abducts" Hiccup and Astrid to her original home, forcing them to witness her (and her worker's) plight under her monstrous sister's rule. Though this nearly backfires.
  • Toothless becomes simultaneously sad and nervous at the viking's raid on the nest. Sad because what she sees as her hive, has just been structurally breached and her workers are flying off in a panic. Nervous because she knows what will happen to her if her older sister sees her.
  • Despite all the chaos, Toothless is determined to overthrow her sister, and demands her servant, Hiccup, help her.
  • Upon her tyrannical sister's death, the other worker dragons are like sad lost worker ants, they flock to Toothless, in the hope she'll take them in, though obviously dread the possibility she's even worse. Upon seeing her save her own worker (Hiccup) from certain death, they rejoice.
  • Toothless is obviously content and happy by the story's end, not just because she's now queen undisputed and her loyal worker survived, but now she has a new nest, Berk.
  • In Gift of the Night Fury, Toothless is just as surprised as Hiccup, and somewhat annoyed, that all the dragons unexpectedly migrated south. She communicates with Stormfly who informs her they're having offspring, and a queen isn't going to object to having more subjects. They will return to their queen shortly (hey, even workers deserve a vacation don't they?)
  • Toothless is male, according to everyone who meets him (as well as the director), and the Red Death is not the mother of the other dragons, who are different species. Astrid was just making a basic comparison about the feeding dynamics of the nest. The show and second film both clearly show baby dragons, of various species, with the show showing their parents (dragons of their own species).

The movie is actually a prequel to a CG Temeraire Series of movies.
Think about it. The Night Fury is actually a proto-celestial way out of its traditional grounds, which explains its rarity. The movie shows how Europeans first began raising dragons.
  • Troper above, I love you.
  • This may be the most plausible WMG I've ever read.
  • None of the dragons speak a human language because none of them have been exposed to it in the shell.

The movie is a prequel to Reign of Fire.
The quickest fix to the whole Reign Of Fire debacle actually would've been just to train the dragons. Humanity made the same mistake the Viking ancestors made, and unfortunately this time there was no Hiccup to stop them. The male dragon in Reign of Fire is this generation's equivalent of the big bad volcano dragon.

The plot from DreamWorks' film is a prequel to the first in the original book series.
This is before the Vikings realized you can train dragons, and the movie covers their changing respect for them. In the first book, they each have one as a pet! Hmmmm...
  • Hiccup is too old and Toothless is the wrong kind of dragon for it to be a proper prequel.
    • Hiccup Horrendous Haddock The Third in the books, just hiccup in the movie. several characters were changed along with hiccup's mom not being dead. The movie simply precedes the book by several generations, where the same-name chars are descendants, or simply coincidentally unrelated, but with similar personalities, and their lack of dragon respect is result of a shift in ideology over the years. This WMG still works.
  • The series begins with the children being sent to the dragons' lair to capture a hibernating baby.
  • The Movie stars Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the First.
  • Makes perfect sense. Presumably, Hiccup's children turned out to take after his grandfather, and once Hiccup himself died the Vikings quickly lost the art of collaborating with dragons and fell into the habit of yelling at them to establish dominance instead. The close bond was destroyed...until some generations hence, one of Hiccup's descendants learned it anew.
    • And therefore, the name Hiccup Horrendous Haddock is given only to his descendants who seem to resemble him physically and thus carry the mantle of dragon trainer.
  • As for the inconsistent depiction of the Night Fury breed, the ones in the books could be the hybrid great-grandchildren of movie-Toothless (the only one of his kind left in the area) and a Terrible Terror. They act like Terrible Terrors and are small like them, but are called Night Furies in memory of their big Badass ancestor.
  • This Troper would go one further, and say that Wodensfang from the ninth and tenth books is actually Toothless from the movie, made unrecognizable through his long age.

The twins are the ancestors of Skwisgaar
The family resemblance is definitely there.
  • There's also a case for suspecting that Tuffnut is an ancestor of Big Hero 6`s Fred. Aside from the identical voices, the seemingly-below-average I Qs (compared to their respective communities) and the general physical resemblance the beginning of the movie sees Fred dressing in a costume that bears an eerie resemblance to Barf/Belch.

Snotlout is the ancestor of Eddie Riggs
Which ties in nicely to the above, considering Eddie's appearance as a Dethklok roadie.
  • Alternatively he is a descendant of Eddie Riggs who never returned to the present from the Age of Metal. By the time of the movie The Metal Went Away and the dragons were the last remnants of any magic in the world.

Snotlout is an ancestor of Jack Black.
Just LOOK at him!

You're both wrong; Snotlout is the ancestor of Hal Stewart
The movies come from the same company, they both chase after a hot chick with zero interest in them, they're both idiots, they SHARE A VOICE ACTOR...what more proof do you need?
  • He could be the ancestor of all of them.

The Green Death isn't the "queen"
It's basically a giant cuckoo, invading other dragon nests and forcing the inhabitants to feed it or else.
  • That's exactly what it is. It also dominates the dragons by, apparently, singing to them. (The backstory is supposed to be that it is one of many of its kind, who fight one another for centuries until two are left. They mate, lay a huge clutch, die, and the whole cycle starts anew).
  • It ain't even red...

Spitelout is Snotlout's father and Stoick's brother.
They have a rather uncanny resemblance to each other. Spitelout is normally seen by Stoick's side and in the original books, Snotlout is Hiccup's cousin, possibly indicating that Spitelout and Stoick are brothers.
  • They could also be brothers-in-law.

Night Furies aren't native to the area.
Might explain why "no one has ever seen it," and why there are no other Night Furies ever seen in the film, not even in the background, or in the crowd of dragons in the volcano.
  • Alternatively, Toothless might be the Last of His Kind.
    • That makes no sense. Why would one of the fastest and strongest dragons be nearly extinct?
    • Well, they could have irregular mating habits or wiped out by some freak disease that only Toothless had survived.
    • Or the Night Fury could be one of those powerful, mostly solitary species that inhabits a large territory, which is why you won't see a lot of them in one area.
  • This also explains why Toothless apparently wasn't obligated to provide to the Green Death.
    • I think he was, or else he wouldn't have been drawn to the island just like all the others. He just made sure to hide when he didn't bring snacks, rather than hover over the crater and be all obvious about it.
      • He was partially immune. Were he as in thrall as the other dragons, he would have dumped Astrid and Hiccup down the Green Death's maw like every other dragon was offloading their catch. But he still was drawn by the Green Death's song, allowing the Vikings to use him as a compass to find the nest.
      • Alternate theory: Toothless was never in thrall in any way to begin with, or had figured out how to break free of the control before the movie began. He brings Hiccup and Astrid to the next deliberately to show them the Red/Green Death and then deliberately guides the rest of the Vikings to the nest in hopes that they will help kill the Red/Green Death in order to free the other dragons from the Red/Green Death's domination, and perhaps to end the destructive conflict between dragons and Vikings. He just might be smart enough to do something like this.
      • Another theory: Toothless was in thrall, but the time it spent away from Dragon Island helped it break free. When Hiccup first finds him at the pond, Toothless is trying desperately to escape, but over time stops his attempts and instead bonds with Hiccup. This could also be why Toothless is able to fight back against the Red Death at the end: he has spent weeks, if not months, bonding with Hiccup. That bond gave him the strength to resist the Red Death's thrall once it returned to the island.
    • I assumed something sort of similar to the WMG below: Hiccup specifically mentions at the beginning of the movie that Night Furies never steal food, and Toothless, as mentioned below, went for the catapults. Therefore, if the Green Death is the queen of the "hive," Furies could be the soldiers. Their job is just to make sure a sufficient amount of the other dragons survive to go on providing the Green Death with food.
  • He's noticeably more stream-lined and more aerodynamic than the other dragons in the Berk area. BUT in Movie 2 or Movie 3 maybe we'll find out where Night Furies originate from. It makes sense that different regions would have different breeds of dragons and the filmmakers have said that in the next movies they'll have "the whole northern hemisphere" to explore.
    • It's not just having a more streamlined designed, everything else about him looks different too. His eyes aren't as bulgy and his wings are much larger. Not only that, but he shoots white-hot fireballs out of his mouth, unlike the other dragons which have traditional fire-breathing capabilities.
  • In addition to possibly being solitary, their rarity might simply be because Night Furies are nocturnal (black to blend in with shadows, huge eyes to see well in the dark, no protruding horns or claws which might give their silhouette away or snag on something, it's in their name). Berk might never have seen a Night Fury for the same reason most people don't encounter owls. Yet everyone knows what Night Furies sound like. As for Toothless, he probably adjusted to Hiccup's sleeping patterns, which is why he appears to be the only one around.
    • This is almost proved right after Hiccup feeds Toothless the first time. Toothless goes off to sleep after retreating from Hiccup both times, in the day time. After he finds a 'safe' place in the tree he wakes up about sunset, like a biological clock or something. And at the beginning of the scene he was on top of a rock, possibly sleeping and Hiccup's entrance woke him up. He was also sleeping, or at least resting, when Hiccup found him bound in the woods, in the middle of the day.

The Night Furies are the instinctive guardians of all the other dragon races.
Toothless was partially immune to the Mass Hypnosis of the Green Death, but was unable to do anything about it himself, so he did his best, instead, to protect the other dragons during their raids. Notice how Toothless, in his initial attack, goes straight for the Viking catapults? It also explains his Papa Wolf tendencies once he bonds with Hiccup; he includes Hiccup in his guardian instinct.
  • Following that, the entire movie is one huge Batman Gambit by Toothless to get the vikings to kill of Green Death.

How To Train Your Dragon is a happier version of The Iron Giant.
They both befriend a creature that is not accepted in society.
  • Plus, said creature crash-lands from the night sky.

Toothless was partly responsible for Hiccup's unfortunate mishap.
This movie loves its Chekhov's Gun foreshadowing, and we see Toothless snatch hold of human beings by their arms or legs more than once. And when Hiccup was freefalling into the fireball, he still had both feet quite visibly attached. So how did he lose enough of his leg in the interim for Gobber to take one look and say, "Most of him"? Easy. Our heroes jinked sideways just before impact, and Hiccup's leg was crushed between the saddle/Toothless' side and the knob of bone on the end of the Green Death's tail. The bones of his foot and ankle would have been shattered by the impact. (If it also trapped his foot in the stirrup, the broken bones might have been pulled further apart when he was thrown free of the saddle.) Either way, when Toothless tried to grab him by the leg to stop his fall...well. It's just as well they never showed us what was left of it.

Stitch has Night Fury DNA
When Jumba was creating Experiment 626, he traveled to Earth very briefly to study Earth's most fearsome creatures, the dragon. He only chose the fastest and most powerful of species for his creation though, the Night Fury.
  • Well, considering how the directors of Lilo & Stitch also directed this movie...
  • Gobber seems to have run into Stitch at one point.
    • Gobber's description of Trolls was similiar to Stitch. Perhaps Stitch's DNA is a bizarre mutation of Dragons and Trolls... and Jumba didn't realize that Dragons were actually loveable, and not evil... which explains why Stich was happier after learning to have a family!!!

Toothless is inspired partially by the Ju 87 Stuka dive bomber.
While it’s obvious that Toothless’s design came partially from the famed SR-71 Blackbird (stealthy, fast, jet black), another possible inspiration would be the infamous Stuka. When Toothless attacks, it’s always very distinctive: a loud screech that culminates in everything suddenly exploding. The Stukas were famously fitted with sirens, so when they dove in for a bombing run, they would make a loud screech, followed by them loosing the payload end everything exploding. Coincidence? I think not.

They didn't learn anything.
Sure, they like dragons now, but they're going to use them to kill trolls in a hypocritical manner.
  • All that for stealing socks?
    • Yup.
    • Trolls are horrible anyway. In Norse/viking mythology, trolls do a lot of nasty things.

Night Furies have the beginnings of sapience.
Toothless occasionally demonstrated abstract reasoning capability impossible for typical animals, and learned at least a little English in context.
  • Entirely feasible, seeing as they seem to be playful tool-users like primates and ravens. Which just adds further credibility to an earlier WMG.

Most of the arena dragons were already semi-tamed by Gobber specifically for training purposes.
  • The Gronckle that the kids see at first was quite specifically aiming for the shields, instead of the kids, or the body count would have gotten rather high, rather quickly.
  • The Nadder and the Zippleback had opportunities to kill as well, and didn't, though the Nadder wasn't exactly pulling its punches either.
  • Finally, the dragons bonded with their riders very quickly toward the end, starting with Snotlout and the Monstrous Nightmare — arguably the LEAST tame of the arena dragons.

Toothless is midnight black, nocturnal, and uses typical Rogue tactics. Also, he is a dragon, which is a well known demonic shape. He leads a rebellion of other dragons against their master.
Therefor, the dragons are angels, Toothless is Lucifer and the Green Death is God.

Hiccup is the ancestor of Captain Haddock from The Adventures of Tintin
Think about it. Hiccup Horrendous Haddock. Names change throughout the ages so it's understandable that the Horrendous part was dropped.
  • Seconded. Very much so.
  • YES. YES. SO MUCH SO, YES! It would explain his bravery and fondness for the sea, as well as sword-fighting skills.

There will be parallels between the books and the new movie/TV show
The first installments included training a dragon. The next book involves learning seafaring skills, then swordfighting, then stealing a potato. The new stuff will have something similar

In the TV show...
There won't be Character Development. Only Flanderization.
  • Well, duh.
  • While there is some Flanderization (mostly for the twins), there is also some very good characterization for most of the characters (including, funnily enough, the flanderized twins).

Toothless fully understands human language
Or at least, enough of it. If nothing else, he definitely understands "sorry". Both times a human said they were sorry in front of him, he reacted accordingly.
  • Not necessarily. Like many animals, he cues in strongly on tone of voice. When Astrid was being aggressive toward Hiccup, he saw it as a challenge to his dominance (not to mention a threat to his friend) and threw a temper tantrum. When she was screaming about how sorry she was, he heard the fear in her voice. Perhaps it was her submission that gentled him up, or perhaps he just remembered what it was like to be afraid for your life, and was chastened into behaving again.

Astrid is Camicazi, not an Expy
Her name was changed so that it would make more sense. Astrid actually sounds like a Nordic/Viking name. Camicazi sounds Japanese.
  • I don't know, Astrid seems a lot more controlled and disciplined than Camicazi. I can't see Camicazi (even a Camicazi a few years older) being as critical of herself as Astrid is in Dragon Training.

Berk in the Film takes is in the Canadian Maritime- Newfoundland, specifically.
Hence why all the adult characters have strong Scottish accents while the teens all have standard American or Canadian ones. Just throwing it out there. Newfoundland is the 'foggiest place on earth' and has a lot of precipitation after all.

The Purple Death is going to be in the 2013 sequel. And it's going to be 'Block-out-the-sun' massive.
Think about it. You know you want to...
  • No Purple Death, but there is the Bewilderbeast...

Toothless is a female...
Hiccup just can't tell the difference. Seriously, watch the movie and imagine Toothless as a protective mother figure. Besides, even though Hiccup calls Toothless a "him", how can he tell a dragon's gender?
  • Towards the end, look at their positions after the reveal of Hiccup alive. It looks a lot like a mother and a newborn.
  • Further WMG: It will be revealed when Toothless ends up laying some eggs.
  • This.
  • In the short film Gift of the Night fury it is revealed that all of the viking children's dragons are female after they all fly off to lay their eggs on some distant island. All except for Toothless but it is also pointed out by Snotlout that without Hiccup Toothless cannot fly and also Hiccup states that no one has ever come across another Night fury so its still entirely plausible for Toothless to be female.
    • Not all the dragons are female. The movie doesn't state it, and a lot of dragons are seen in couples of the same species.
    • Except that the dragons belonging to the viking children (I.E. Hiccup and his friends) are not seen in couples but all have babies which they appear to be raising as single parents therefore it is reasonable to assume they are all female. The Gronkle and Deadly nadder are outright stated to be female can't remember about the Zippleback.
    • In defense of "not all the dragons are female" there are several species of animal that flip our traditional perception of gender parenting roles on their head., like many species of ground dwelling birds where it’s the males that fill the role of single parent while the females just lay eggs and go on their merry way. Considering how many different species of dragon there are, we could be seeing different parenting behaviors across the species.
    • Jossed. Valka, unarguably the definitive expert on dragons, refers to Hiccup as a "he."

The movie is set in the Warhammer 40K verse.
Berk is on a Death World that's a recruiting zone for a Space Marine chapter. The kids that finish at the head of their dragon killing class and slay a dragon in single combat? They're taken as candidates. The huge bad ass Vikings we see punching out dragons with their bare fists? They're the ones that aren't good enough to make the cut.

The sequel will be a HARD PG or PG-13
Given that many reviews praised the film's darker tone (relative to other Dreamworks films anyway) as well as its action scenes and maturity, Dreamwork will push these elements further in the sequels, especially given the good old 'Dark second chapter' staple. Most likely it will be a heavy PG (think Dick Tracy, Prince Caspian and Tron Legacy) with nothing particularly explicit but an increased level of violence (eg, implied stabbings, very mild moments of bloodshed) innuendo and mild curses (the film did throw the word Hell around a bit, so the odd 'Damn' or 'Crap' wouldn't seem so unlikely). While they may just be bold enough to risk a PG-13, knowing that this is the same studio that brought us the... Will Smith fish... it doesn't seem likely they'd take such a big risk.
  • I think they regret Shark Tale, and their movies have been getting darker in recent years. I'm willing to bet "Hard PG" on the sequel.
  • This WMG theory could also be supported by a statement from the studio that they intend to make the TV series darker and more dramatic than their other works.
  • PG it is, and it is quite a bit darker than the first movie.
    • Let's bet the third movie will be PG-13.

The dragons have been domesticated by a past civilization.
The dragons in the film weren't too difficult to train, for the most part, and they were very willing to let the vikings ride on their backs. This indicates that a civilization that was around before the vikings came to Berk had domesticated the dragons and had them for hundreds, maybe thousands of years, to ride and do other tasks. This civilization was wiped out by the Red Death, who then forced the dragons to bring it food.
  • If we take it that this viking settlement is in Scotland (this troper would put money on one of the Orkney Isles), we could say this culture had been the celts, or maybe even the monks that inhabited Britain at that time. I'd say monks are less likely, given the demonic connotations dragons are often given, and how St. George's killing of a dragon (Which, in this universe, is assumedly not a red death) is always seen as a heroic action. The celts, however, I can easily imagine becoming dragon riders if the dragon was a native animal, as celtic traditions are almost completely drawn from what was naturally in Britain (They had very little outside influence until the Romans).

Berk is located in Skyrim.
You've got your vikings, your dragons, your lush forests and your rocky coasts.
  • And Hiccup is a Dragonborn who never killed a dragon?
    • Wow, that is sad.
    • Well, Valka does say Hiccup has the soul of a dragon in the April trailer.

The world of the film is After the End
In the scenario I'm proposing, scientists increasingly began to cater to people who wanted "vanity pets". At first it was just different colors of "normal" pets, but than someone was like "Why don't we make fantasy creatures?" and it just snowballed from there. This is why the dragon's are so easily tamed- they were originally genetically-engineered to be "tame" to humans. This is also why they act something more like cats (they have some cat DNA in their background), and why, like dogs, there can be so many different species of dragon, but they all have some of the same characteristics (affinities for a kind of grass, scratching them under the chin, etc.) The Green/Red Evil thing was created originally to be a singing dragon, but a Mad Scientist got a hold of it, and changed its DNA around until it was the terror in the movie. At first there were a lot of the giant dragons, and they eventually destroyed a lot of the Earth- but also each other, until there was one left, and no record of the modern world that used to be.
  • That would explain a hell of a lot. Including the horned battle helms.
  • Adding the new/second movie info to the mix: maybe the dragons that can control others weren't originally a "singing dragon", but instead a Mad Scientist's creation in it's own right?

Night Furies are the sterile offspring of a Skrill and a Green/Red Death.

That's why Toothless is the only one. This mating is rare and very often the young die in their eggs. And Night Furies are called "The Unholy offspring of Lightning(Skrill) and Death(Red/Green Death)." My theory is that G/R Deaths hit sexual maturity long before they're that size. When they can first breed, they're about the same size as most of the other dragons.

  • Cool theory, but the whole "offspring and death" thing was almost certainly made up to indicate the terror the Night Fury brings. After all, the Night Fury was so elusive that there was almost no information about it in the book of dragons. So how would they know that the Night Fury was a cross between two dragon species?
  • I wouldn't say 'sterile offspring', but I would imagine Night Furies and Skrills are somewhat related. Think about it, they both have the same general body structure, and Toothless' blue fire is very reminiscent of the Skrill's lightning.
    • It could be possible Night Furies are to Skrill what Screaming Deaths are to Whispering Deaths.

Dragon from Shrek will cameo in the sequel.

Similar to Vincent from Over the Hedge having a cameo in Bee Movie, except it probably won't be a physical appearance. Maybe a cave painting of her or something.

Other Night Furies will appear in the sequel.
  • Jossed.

At some point in the sequel Stoic will yell "Madness?! THIS! IS! BERK!
  • Jossed, unfortunately.

In The Movie, Hiccup and Toothless have a telepathic connection.
How ELSE can you explain that Toothless heard Hiccup screaming from halfway across the island?!
  • Well, it is very clearly established that dragons have sensitive hearing. Also, Toothless didn't just hear Hiccup screaming, remember, there was an entire crowd of people in an uproar along with a giant dragon. Doesn't necessarily disprove your theory, though.

Night Furies normally live in large groups, and Toothless being the only one in the area is highly unusual.
If Toothless is a typical specimen of a Night Fury, we can deduce that they're social and love company. On that basis, Toothless being the only Night Fury in the area is far from normal. This brings up a few possibilities as to why Toothless is all alone:
  • Toothless is actually a good distance away from the normal territory of Night Furies. Night Furies are not exceptionally rare, they're just native to a different area. Sometimes one does come to hang around Berk, though. Toothless, for some reason, has found himself unable to leave. Perhaps his egg was laid there, or he ended up stranded there when he was very young. (washed up in a storm, perhaps)
  • All the other Night Furies in the area were killed a long time ago, possibly by disease, or maybe the Red Death did it knowing that Night Furies were immune to the song and thus, had no reason to keep them around. Or maybe there were some rogue vikings that killed the local Night Fury group. A few were left around, but the population has yet to recover.

Dragons were "semi-domesticated" prior to the events of the film, which is why Hiccup could so easily tame and train one.
When it comes to dog domestication, the most popular theory is that wolves already started evolving into dogs even before humans started to actively keep them around. Humans would make their camps and after a kill, would throw out leftover bones and meat and parts they didn't like to eat. Wolves that had less natural fear of humans were able to do well by following and hanging around human camps and groups, and eventually evolved into "proto-dogs" with behavior and some features distinct from the rest of the wolves. Domestication followed from there once humans and wolves got the courage to get close to each other and work together. A similar thing happened in Berk. It was shown that the Red Death ate any dragon that couldn't bring it enough food. But the dragons that were comfortable enough with humans were able to raid the village, so they had the most stable food source than the dragons that hunted on their own. Natural selection took place and the dragons that feared humans were eaten while the ones who weren't afraid lived and bred. The dragons who didn't fear humans also evolved in a way that would only have them fight in self-defense, as the ones that attacked unprovoked would've been far more likely to be killed by the Vikings.

Hence, dragons in Berk were in a perfect situation to be tamed by humans. All it took was one dragon and one human brave enough to work together.

Brave, Tangled, How to Train Your Dragon and Rise of the Guardians all take place in the same universe.
Considering the amount of crossover fanfictions that involve two, three or all four of these movies, plus the pairings(Mericup, Hicpunzel, Jackpunzel, Jackcupp etc.) My guess is that these are the best CGI films to come out in the last four years. In some cases I've seen, you can add Harry Potter to the mix for some extra fun.(This troper is doing a story with all of these, plus another movie thrown in)
  • At the very least Rise of the Guardians and HTTYD. I mean, look at Sophie, she looks like Hiccup and Astrid's kid, right down to the bangs.

On their island, the dragons act just as their riders do.
Toothless is the Hiccup equivalent - smaller, but with hidden depths that outmatch the others to a great extent (Hiccup's smarts and observations skills/Tootless's speed, agility, ability to cloak himself in darkness). The gronckle is as thick and goofy-looking as Fishlegs but is also pretty resourceful. Then the rest of the teens with their dragons and the like in Berk.

Astrid is originally from a different village.
Her parents are from another village and moved to Berk when Astrid was little. It'd explain why her name isn't as scary or icky as others, maybe giving such names to children to care off trolls is a tradition only on Berk. Vikings from other clans have more traditional names as well. It'd explain why she tries to hard in dragon training and was so upset not to be the one honored by the elders, maybe she feels the need to prove to the village that she belongs there.

Gothi (the village elder) knew about Hiccup and Toothless
But she did not say anything, because she was not certain and she wanted to see just how far he was going to go. Perhaps even wondering if he had discovered something that the Vikings had forgotten. Stoick mentions he should have 'seen the signs' in regards to Hiccup and Toothless, which means that something like this is not unheard of. However, Gothi might have been very well versed in more ancient lore, even before Berk's founding, meaning that she might have known the legends of those who could communicate with dragons or at least have a great affinity with them, which Hiccup was showing. Note how she was watching him closely during the time pass montage where Hiccup accelerates to the top of the class with an almost knowing look on her face, which is what got this theory going.

If we ever see Hiccup and Astrid's offspring, we will first see them as a baby. S/He is going to give a gummy baby smile. And Toothless will give one right back.
Because the imagery is too adorable to not happen.
  • Seconded. It would be very unfortunate if that didn't happen.

Night Furies don't lay eggs.
This one splits into two the first is more likely.They simply give birth to live offspring, despite being reptiles. It isn't unheard of IRL, and Toothless is significantly more mammal like than all the other dragons in the show, the series, and the sequel.The next one is that they reproduce asexually. This would explain why Toothless felt no need to leave and mate in the Christmas special.
  • Some reptiles (such as most boas, all garter snakes, and a handful of lizards) are actually oviparous, which means the eggs hatch inside of them and they do give live birth. Unfortunately, Reality Is Unrealistic to most people concerning reptilian reproduction. This theory is quite plausible. To be honest, judging by the design of the Night Fury as compared to other dragons, I did always think of them as live-bearing.

Hiccup will nearly sacrifice himself in order to save Toothless in the sequel.
Toothless may be badly hurt and/or close to dying, likely at the hands of the Big Bad, to which Hiccup will have to face the decision of sacrificing himself if he wants to save him. That, or there will at least be a scenario of Toothless being close to dying in general.
  • Jossed.
    • Third movie?
      • Third time's the charm.

The main villain of the sequel will get eaten.
Even if that's been done before in Shrek, it would seem likely. But it'll be a lot scarier this time around.
  • Jossed.

Fishlegs isn't actually interested in Ruffnut in HTTYD 2.
Bear with me. The characters profiles state that both Snotlout and Fishlegs are pursuing Ruffnut because she's the last single girl their age on Berk. However, I can't see how Fishlegs would suddenly be attracted to Ruffnut because of it. It was very clear in the show that Fishlegs could not stand being around the twins because of their antics. He obviously doesn't have the temperamental for Ruffnut's more robust and wild personality. My explanation for why Fishlegs would even be considering to compete for her affections comes down to this: His parents, although quite patient with him, do not want their bookworm son to spend his life alone. They're pushing him to get together with Ruffnut for not only his benefit, but also a chance to have some grand kids. Fishlegs really doesn't want to have a relationship, but he knows that he shouldn't disobey his parents' wishes. Whether or not he actually does become interested in Ruffnut I think is still debatable. Official concept art of Fishlegs offering Ruffnut a flower did surface, but things can change over the development for a film. Perhaps the writers toyed with the idea before realizing that Fishlegs and Ruffnut would not be able to stand each other. We won't know for sure until the film's release.

Ruffnut will, in the end, be paired off with Snotlout.
Mostly adding into the WMG above. We already know that both Snotlout and Fishlegs are going to be fighting for Ruffnut's hand in the new movie. Although it could go either way at this point, I believe that Ruffnut will end up with Snotlout.

You might already be asking "Why?"

Out of all the other Viking teens, who hangs out around the twins the most? Snotlout. It is easy to imagine why. The three of them share similar interests and often joke around. From what we gathered out of Snotlout's personality, he values strength over anything else. The same could be said for the twins (albeit a little more chaotic). It's quite possible that out of all the other kids their ages, they've stuck by each other the most. If you noticed, in the first movie and the show, Snotlout makes no move whatsoever on Ruffnut. It's possible that Snotlout has never considered flirting with her because all he has ever seen her is as a friend. However, I noticed something interesting during one of my re-watches of the movie. Right before Hiccup goes to join the other teens and Gobbler in the great hall, listen and look carefully. As Snotlout is complimenting Astrid, Ruffnut gives an obvious disgruntled expression. That part might have been hinting that Ruffnut has an interest in Snotlout, if only on a subconscious level. Maybe a part of her is jealous of Astrid because she wants Snotlout to give her that kind of attention, but she is too stubborn to admit that she has feelings for him.

Cue the second film. Now that Astrid is off the market, Ruffnut is the last single female Viking of their age group. When the realization finally hits him, Snotlout starts to really notice Ruffnut. He begins seeing her as less of one of his goofy friends and more as another chick to hit on. Ruffnut isn't amused. She thinks that Snotlout now only views her as just another Astrid; a girl he tries to woo at almost every opportunity and doesn't take her opinion into consideration. She's also a little uncomfortable with the fact that her long-time guy friend is now trying to pursue a relationship with her.

But perhaps over the course of the second (and possibly third) movie, Snotlout will realize that something's different about his situation with Ruffnut compared to the one he had with Astrid. Maybe there are genuine feelings that are starting to surface. He'll realize that it is actually serious and it'll terrify him. He'll eventually come to terms with that one simple fact: he cares about Ruffnut more than a friend or just another girl. And when he confesses this, Ruffnut will assume at first that he's just pulling a prank. But when she does discover that he actually means it, the two will become official.

  • Jossed, sorry.

Eret will pull a Heel–Face Turn.
The introduction post made for him says that he "has a lot to learn about dragons" and "is in for the adventure of a lifetime," and we can briefly see him working with the heroes towards the end of the final trailer.
  • Confirmed.

Ruffnut will end up with Eret.
Assuming the above WMG comes true and she chooses neither Snotlout or Fishlegs.
  • Jossed, she doesn't end up with any of them.

The area Hiccup and Toothless find is actually called Kliande Armhala.
Because Rule of Funny.

"Kings and Queens" by 30 Seconds to Mars will not be in the film How to Train Your Dragon 2 itself.
I have heard this song in the trailers for Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole and Hugo. Neither film featured the song.

Someone will say "You know nothing, Eret".

The third film will feature more Night Furies.

Bewilderbeasts and Red Deaths are the same species.
The Bewilderbeasts are the males and use their tusks for competing with one another. The Red Deaths are flighted females who travel and create nests.

Drago will return
They've already announced HtTYD3

Hiccup and Astrid will become an official couple at the end of HTTYD 2.
  • Partially Jossed, as since the film takes place five years after the first one, they've been an Official Couple for some time.

HTTYD 2 will not make ANY reference to the TV show.
Because why would they?
  • Jossed

Toothless is not a fully mature dragon.
Night Furies must live long and age slowly. In the second film, Valka shows that the Night Fury's spikes can split, which Toothless did not seem to be aware of. He is later shown to glow blue, something that hasn't been seen even though years have passed between the first and second film.
  • Valka also tells Hiccup that Toothless is the same age as he is.
    • Does dragon age similarly like human do? Their lifespan could be longer/shorter
  • Going by above, once he fully matured he would look similar to the other alpha
    • Maybe the change won't be that drastic, but there should be some changes.

Dragons are the evolutionary descendants of dinosaurs in HTTYD
One branch of saurians evolved into birds, but they are in the minority of the HTTYD universe, while the most successful branch evolved into Dragons over a long period of time. Dragons in HTTYD have many Dinosaur characteristics, minus the fire breathing aspect.

The third film will feature the search/discovery of more Night Furies.
It was conspicuously mentioned several times throughout the sequel that Toothless may very well be the last of his kind, the only known Night Fury, etc. The idea of more being out there, hidden away somewhere in the world, would lend itself perfectly to the plot of the third movie in the series.

Toothless is the only Night fury, because Night furies are actually a hybrid species.
I'm not sure what his mother is or was, but considering that his Super Mode incorporates glowing blue spikes, I think it's safe to say that his father's none other than Godzilla. Or, alternatively...

Night furies are larval Godzillas.
Same basis as the above. After a few centuries, Night furies bury themselves in ocean sediments and go into a period of hibernation, where they grow much larger and stronger by absorbing radiation from Earth's core. However, during the process, they lose their ability to fly. Traditionally, anyway.

In the 'Forbidden Friendship' scene, Toothless thought Hiccup was starving.
Toothless's experience of Vikings up to this point would have been of huge, strong people with plenty of muscle. Hiccup is tiny and scrawny. When Toothless realized that Hiccup gave him his only fish, he assumed that Hiccup wasn't strong enough to catch a lot of fish, and had given Toothless his whole kill. That's why he gave Hiccup half of the fish - he was touched that Hiccup had been that kind, and didn't want him to starve as a result, so he decided to give what he figured would be enough to help Hiccup survive. That's also why he comes to trust Hiccup a whole lot more afterwards.

The dragons are Primal Zerg.
Their designs look similar, especially in the second movie. Particularly the Alphas look like Zurvan. So yeah, HTTYD is set on Ancient Zerus. No idea why there are humans as well though. (Maybe a Xel'naga did it.)

The third film will have Hiccup's child as the new protagonist
With Stoick gone, and Hiccup as the new chief, he won't be able to fly freely on Toothless anymore, and someone has to take up that mantle.

Toothless really is the Last of His Kind.
It will be a somber, grim reminder of the past human-dragon conflicts when this is discovered.

And Toothless is very well aware of his species' complete extinction.
He straight-up knows for a fact that there are no Night Furies left anywhere, and has accepted it. Perhaps he himself was a child of THE last surviving Night Furies (who made this status known to him), until they, too, were exterminated by the forces that drove those powerful dragons to extinction. He manages to escape to the islands around Berk as the Last of His Kind, living as a refugee; eventually he would become the Red Death's unofficial "soldier" (as suggested in an above WMG), helping the other dragons live to steal food by destroying the vikings' catapults and such structures as demonstrated in the first movie. At this point, he hates humans for their actions on his species and destroys their belongings not just for work or personal pleasure, but revenge. After bonding with Hiccup, however, he discovers that not all humans were as evil as he once thought them to be, and so the events of the movie came to pass. At the end he completely accepts the fact that the Night Furies are no more and grows to treasure his friendship with Hiccup more than anything, as that boy is virtually all he has left in this world.

We see some obvious evidence of this in Toothless' reactions to Hiccup's Night Fury ambitions in the TV Series' two-part episode, "We Are Family". When Hiccup finds the forged Bork notes on Night Furies, he is clearly excited, whereas Toothless seems more or less nonchalant about the situation and pushes the notes out of his hands without even looking at them as if to say, "No, forget about that. There are no more. I'm happy here." He doesn't try any further to stop Hiccup from finding the Isle of Night anyway, because, deep inside, he still holds onto the dying hope that there are more of him out there. By the second movie, Toothless has gotten used to his rider's idealism and allows him to carry on blissfully, and he is completely unfazed when Valka states that he may very well be the Last of His Kind. Because that just doesn't matter to him anymore.

Astrid becomes the new chief in the third film.
Hiccup realizes he's not up to the task, and Astrid, who has commented on what a desirable job it is, will be made chief.

Astrid will lose her left eye in the third film.
The hairstyle she sported in her youth, with a short fringe covering her left eye foreshadows an eyepatch that will eventually become a distinctive aspect of her appearance. This serves as a parallel to Hiccup and Toothless's war wounds (making it a family trait, so to speak). It almost certainly won't impair her ability to remain the series' hot chick as eyepatches can be sexy. note 

The third film will have a But Now I Must Go ending for Toothless and the other dragons

Sadly this seems a very likely scenario with how the book series started "There were dragons when I was a boy...", and Dreamworks did state somewhere (don't remember where now) that they thought of following a similar plotline and end the franchise on a bittersweet note. What's more, there was a leaked page somewhere listing some of the titles of the third film's soundtracks, and what's the name of the last one?

  • Confirmed

(Race to the Edge) Viggo staged the hunters Death

In "Maces and Talons: Part 1" (Viggo's first appearance) a hunter is brought to him for stealing a hide to trade for food. Later, when talking with Heather, she claims that she won't be expecting him to have forgiven the hunter. He replies that it would be bad business and a scream is heard in the distance, implying that the hunter was either killed or injured for his transgression. It's later shown that Viggo had already marked Heather as the traitor though. So, what if the hunter didn't actually take anything and the whole thing was just an act? A sort of power play move. He's certainly smart enough, and fond enough of devious plans, to pull something like that.

The Red Death's favorite food was dogs.
The Real Life Norse kept a number of dog varieties, both for hunting and herding purposes. Although the Berkians have herds of sheep and wear the skins of game animals, there doesn't seem to be a single dog on the island. This seems unlikely, as humans have brought dogs along to virtually every locale we've ever settled, and sheepdogs would've been very useful for driving the Berkian sheep into shelter in the event of a dragon attack.

The out-of-Verse reason for leaving out dogs (aside from the added complexity of animating them) is probably so that, once peace is established, there won't be any competition for "best companion animal" between dragons and canines. But in-Verse, it doesn't make sense for the village to lack any doggy residents ... unless, that is, the dragons preferentially targeted dogs as food for their tyrannical mistress, eventually wiping them out.


Hiccup will inadvertently destroy the dragons with the Dragon Jewel.
After all, something happened to the dragons.Well yeah, but in book 1 it said that the dragons disappeared on their own, and in book 4, it said that the Doomfang came back to Hiccup when he was an adult and protected him.

Hiccup will deliberately destroy the dragons with the Dragon Jewel, and they will come back for Ragnarok.
This series is actually dark as Hell, accidental cremation, casual consumption of sapient beings, Hiccup the Second, etc... For the second point, why we would read Hiccup's stories through a translator in the modern times? It would be somewhat uplifting for Hiccup the power of the Dragon Jewel's power to be temporary, and fittingly dark to let it wear off after more than 1000 years.

The book series will end with Hiccup uniting the Viking tribes
And he'll marry Camicazi to cement relations between the Bog Burglars and Hairy Hooligans. Fishlegs will wind up in Rome somehow and end up becoming an important political figure (again, somehow) who will put a stop to the Romans attacking Viking lands. (He's mentioned a few times how he'd like to go to Rome). If you read the epilogues, Hiccup is always talking about how all the tribes united in the end. It's been foreshadowed enough, especially with how well he and the son of the Meathead chief got on in the first book (compared to their fathers). The man who threw the sword in Hiccup's dream in How To Be A Pirate's epilogue was future Hiccup, and in the final book, he will do that.
  • Um...Rome never invaded viking lands. In fact, the Western Empire collapsed in the late fifth century. The viking age begins in the late eighth century. The city of Rome did exist during the viking era but it was just a backwater whose only claim to fame was the Pope and the ruins.
    • This book series cares nothing for history.

The tenth book will contain Hiccup going through extreme Break the Cutie.
If the previous books are anything to go by, the series is slowly turning Darker and Edgier as it goes on, but book nine still contained a surprising amount of death and darkness in it. The tenth book will complete Hiccup's journey to adulthood by bringing him close to breaking point and tearing away his former optimism. He'll get better, though. Hopefully.
  • Jossed, as least for this book. He's not really much worse off than before. And it wasn't the last book. But I agree that it will eventually end with a huge Downer Ending, and that's the reason the author's putting it off.
  • Confirmed for book eleven, which did have a Downer Ending and extreme Break the Cutie for Hiccup. Book twelve, Hiccup has assured us in the epilogue to eleven, will be the darkest.

In the twelfth book, Alvin will be crowned king, but then the Wodensfang will betray him and Hiccup will somehow wind up as king instead.
  • During the Wodensfang's deal with Furious he says "I will betray whoever is made king" in exchange for getting an opportunity to crown Hiccup. If Alvin is crowned (and it's highly likely), Wodensfang would be bound by his promise to take the jewel and bring Alvin to a duel with Furious. It would probably ease his conscience about having to betray Hiccup, while saving the dragons.

Hiccup will not be crowned king, but he will become leader in a post-apocalyptic Viking wasteland after Furious and Alvin do a Mutual Kill.
  • Hear me out on this one: Hiccup in the epilogues keeps assuring us that he did become a young chief, despite all the evidence in the book that points to the contrary, and that he was able to mend his relationship with his mother while keeping her bracelet. Furious is determined to wipe out all humans, and Alvin is determined to wipe out all dragons. Between them the world will probably burn, leading to a Meaningless Villain Victory on both ends, and Hiccup will gather the survivors to build a new world free of slavery but requires no heroes.
    • Confirmed. Not too far from the real ending of the series. Alvin killed by Dragon guardians, Furious and Witch mutual kill, and the Viking tribe relocate to a dragon less island while the dragons hibernate into future.