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Nightmare Fuel / How to Train Your Dragon

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Dragons have always been seen of creatures of myth, and while Toothless is certainly friendly, the same can't be said for all of his draconian chums. With names like Skullcrusher, Night Fury, and the Red Death, it shouldn't be a surprise that some of these reptiles come packing with some fuel that will healthily fuel your nightmares for a while to come...

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    Book series 
How to Train Your Dragon
  • The Green Death swallowing Hiccup alive. Not to mention the Green Death calmly explaining to Hiccup that he's come in peace but will kill all the Vikings anyway. Affably Evil at its finest.
    • His description of how he effortlessly removes a human's "tickly" spine is similarly bone-chilling.

How to Be A Pirate

  • Snotlout casually removing the wooden covers from Hiccup and Dogsbreath's swords so that Hiccup may be killed by accident. Snotlout is twelve.
    • Admittedly, this plot point may allude to occurrences of child brutality within legitimate Scandinavian sagas, most notably Egil's Saga, which, if anything, make this scene, while nonetheless disturbing to a modern audience's sensibilities, seem considerably Lighter and Softer than its inspirations.
  • Alvin, the Peaceable But Honest Farmer (actually the Treacherous) giving Hiccup a fencing lesson towards the beginning of the book. A Bait the Dog moment or an attempt to see how tough his archnemesis is?
    • Also how in the cave he switches from "nice" to Faux Affably Evil when they find a door to Grimbeard's real treasure. When Hiccup, injured with his right arm in a sling, tries to apply logic and point out that Grimbeard's trap will kill them all, Alvin presses the Stormblade into Hiccup's chest and threatens to kill him and Fishlegs, unless the door opens.
  • The Alone with the Psycho moment at the climax, when Alvin tries to kill Hiccup on top of the treasure mounds. Even when Toothless finds a sword that Hiccup can wield, Hiccup nearly loses the battle.
  • Grimbeard the Ghastly's booby traps.
    • His coffin cut off Alvin's hand. Even if Alvin is evil, that's a gruesome trap.
    • The stinking crystals on the Isle of the Skullions, located inside the treasure chest. Skullions can't see or hear, but they can SMELL, and the smell is strong enough to wake them up...
    • The Strangulator in the underground cave. Tentacles made for strangling, and a poisonous needle.
  • The Skullions chasing down Hiccup, who's too small to outrun them and too scared to scream for help. Imagine being chased by creatures with long claws to cut your tendons, and who will hunt you through hollow tree trunks, with Eyeless Faces and snuffling sounds... Good thing Stoick noticed in time and saved his son.
  • When the Outcasts take over the Hooligan ship after the treasure is obtained, they plan to put all of Berk into slavery. All except the Chief and his Heir; they are eaten. When Hiccup volunteers himself as the Heir, rather than let his father die alone, Alvin promises him that it will be over quickly.

How to Speak Dragonese

  • Toothless getting captured, and trapped in a dark place.
  • How easily the Romans snatch Hiccup and Fishleg from the classroom, because they catch Gobber by surprise and everyone else is too stunned to stop them.
  • The Sharkworms in the Roman arena, with the audience cheering as Hiccup lowers himself into a barrel to face them.
  • The Venemous Vorpent, a dragon whose bite is fatal if not cured by a potato in several months. Fishlegs is thought to be bitten, but Hiccup actually receives the bite.

How to Cheat A Dragon's Curse

  • Stoick's terror when Hiccup asks to go on the quest to find the potato and save Fishlegs's life. Jerkass Has a Point because while Fishlegs is important, Stoick doesn't want to risk his only son's life on a quest for an object that may not even exist. No wonder Stoick is furious when he realizes that Hiccup disobeyed him.
    • Snotlout also sees Hiccup leaving with Camicazi, but says nothing because he hopes that wherever Hiccup goes he will die. Stoick realizes this in the morning and gives Snotlout corporal punishment.
    • Some Fridge Horror hits him and the reader when Hiccup was revealed as the Viking with Vorpentitis. If Hiccup hadn't gone on the quest, he would have died.
  • Norbert the Nutjob locking Hiccup in a tiny cage, invoking Exact Words to let him live but keep him imprisoned.
  • The Squealers, worms that release a sonic screech, for Toothless because the screech can kill a dragon his size. When Camicazi sets them off by accident, Toothless nearly passes out.

How to Twist A Dragon's Tale

  • Most of Humongous's attempts to murder Hiccup even if he saves him at the last minute each time. The highlight has to be his last, where he stands over Hiccup's bed debating whether or not to kill him.
    • His first one, setting up Hiccup in an axe fight with Snotlout and giving Hiccup a wooden axe is a nice Call-Back to How To Be a Pirate.
  • The Exterminator dragons, period. A thousand of them are coming to wipe out the Archipelago.
  • Alvin defeating Hiccup in their duel by tripping him and interrogating him about the Fire Stone. It's the moment where we realize that Hiccup is just a kid and Alvin is an adult, and Pick on Someone Your Own Size is in effect.

A Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons

  • The Hairy Scary Librarian. Two swords, one crazed mind who hates thieves, and training from Flashburn.
  • Driller Dragons. All muscle and drill, no brains, and quite willing to kill easily.
  • Madguts the Murderous. He doesn't speak and doesn't have to; if you steal from him like Big Boobied Bertha did, the best you can hope for is slavery if he's in a good mood, and execution if he's in a bad mood.
  • Hairy shoots Stoick in the chest while holding him and Bertha hostage. If Stoick hadn't had Hiccup's handmade book in his tunic, he would have died.
  • In a more realistic sense, as the epilogue lampshades, the idea of a culture where reading is forbidden, as is learning. Hiccup tries to write books, only for Stoick to confiscate them and claim no Haddock ever wrote books (Hiccup later finds out that his ancestor Hiccup II did write books). In the library, however, there are enough books to last a person several lifetimes. Worse, we don't know why reading is forbidden for several books, until the Wodensfang revealed that Grimbeard did it to spite the little dragon and ignore his warnings. To get it to open, Hiccup has to ask for his father to reopen the library.

How to Ride A Dragon's Storm

  • When Madguts's dragons kidnap Hiccup, Camicazi and Fishlegs during the swimming race. Fishlegs can't swim well, so Hiccup is trying to keep him afloat. Then one by one they get dragged down into the deep...
  • The Wanderers catching Hiccup as he falls into the hold. Think of it: no light except from the hatch above, being held down by a dozen angry slaves, and threatened with death. Does This Remind You of Anything??
    • On top of that, the grandmother gives him the Slavemark as a reminder of his bargain with them.
  • Polar Serpents in the North Pole. Chasing Hiccup, who can't reason with them.
  • Madguts's prize after "winning" the swimming competition: demand that Stoick and Bertha be sacrificed to the Sky Dragons, in addition to receiving the Hooligan and Bog Burglar lands. Thank goodness Hiccup ended up being declared the winner instead...

How to Break A Dragon's Heart

  • Ug the Uglithug and his men ambushing the Hooligans at night when the Hooligans set up camp on their territory.
  • The witch Excellinor, Alvin's mother in the tree. Even though she saves Toothless's life by removing all the inedible objects he's swallowed, she is definitely evil, shown when she expresses her desire that Alvin will become king.
  • Moments from the story of Hiccup II:
    • Chinhilda's terror, Grimbeard's wife, when her husband takes away their runt baby to leave him on the hillside. He refuses to kill her when she attacks and begs to know where the baby is, so she rides off in a boat to find Hiccup II. And never does.
    • Grimbeard the Ghastly stabbing Hiccup II during a chess game and peaceful dragon demonstration, because Hiccup's brother Thugheart convinced his father that treachery would happen. While How to Train Your Dragon is a story about forgiveness and second chances, it's horrifying that Hiccup II begs Furious not to kill his father in turn, and more horrifying that the incident plus a few centuries in chains turned Furious into a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds.
      • Thugheart insinuating [Hiccup II would lead a dragon rebellion to cover up Thugheart's actual rebellion. He was already Grimbeard's heir but was furious that Hiccup II was his father's favorite child. He destroyed his family For the Evulz.
      • The sheer unfairness that Hiccup II got a stab in the heart for supposed treachery while Thugheart and his followers got exile for genuine treachery. Sometimes you wonder if There Is a God! in this series, or if the Norse gods are just apathetic to Viking cruelty.
    • Fridge Horror about how Chucklehead, Grimbeard's only son to escape the drama, had to cope with how war and betrayal tore his family apart. There Are No Therapists in Viking times, and he was tasked with being chief of small Berk. And worse, we never hear his story, probably because most Vikings can't write...
    • The witch as she tells the story revels in the tragedy, and plans to crown Alvin king.
  • The Dragon Furious laying waste to the Isle of Berserk, as part of his revenge for being chained for thousands of years, and his promise to never let Hiccup reach adulthood.

How to Steal A Dragon's Sword

  • The Wodensfang under the school.
  • All the Vikings except Fishlegs turning their backs on Hiccup.

How to Seize A Dragon's Jewel

  • Valhallarama and Hiccup's duel in the woods, which becomes terrifying for Val when she recognizes her son. Although the prose plays the realization for laughs with Toothless and the Wodensfang dropping a tree trunk on her head, it's a Harsher in Hindsight moment that she didn't realize what was happening at home.
  • The Beast under the sand, and how it eats its victims. Its a massive, serpentine dragon that lives beneath the sand of the amber slave-lands, and when the tide goes out exposing the sand, it hunts. It has eyes on the tips of its fingers, which it uses to watch prey like a submarine watching ships with its periscope. It's first glimpsed in passing by Fishlegs, who in a sandstorm, sees it watching him before it submerges. He's dragged under shortly after.
    • How Hiccup defeats it: playing dead long enough for it to swallow him legs first, so that he can stab its brain, losing a toe in the process. Eughh. He then limps through its labyrinth of tunnels to rescue Fishlegs.
  • Valhallarama kidnapping Hiccup the second time, snatching him off Windwalker's back. For kids out there, it's a shocking moment when you think your parents are betraying you to the enemy.

How to Betray A Dragon's Hero

  • The Guardians of Tomorrow killing Ug and his followers in a matter of minutes because they tried to present fake Lost Things. It's not specified what happens, but afterward the Guardians don't leave a trace.
  • Vampire Spydragons.
    • Hiccup getting bitten twice, in his left arm to boot. His sword arm.
  • Camicazi trapped in a dark place, and crying though Bog Burglars don't cry. Nothing Is Scarier till we see where she's locked: a chained-up box.
  • Snotlout betraying Hiccup to the witch, and the fallout for the two of them. Even for readers that see it coming, it's quite a kicker.
  • The witch's plan to break Hiccup: chain him up, drop him into the cold sea filled with carnivorous Winterfleshers (piranha-like dragons that would "certainly attack a chained child"), and bring him up to ask for his parents' hiding place. Either his spirit would break, the Winterfleshers would mangle him beyond repair, or the freezing ocean would kill him. If not for Hiccup's plan B, he may not have survived the Cold-Blooded Torture.
    • Hiccup's lips are blue at the end of it, and he nearly succumbs to hypothermia after escaping and rescuing Camicazi. Thank you for warming him up, Windwalker!
  • Snotlout dueling Hiccup after Hiccup has just drowned the Vampire Spydragon that bit his left arm. Normally Hiccup is the best swordsman in the Archipelago, but the Spydragon bite leaves his left arm paralyzed an unusable for battle so he has to use his right arm. As a result, though Hiccup puts up a good fight, Snotlout defeats him and has him at swordpoint.

How to Fight A Dragon's Fury

  • The Guardians of Tomorrow, and how they kill their victims. They carry them up into the sky where the atmosphere thins, until their victims suffocate from the lack of oxygen.
  • Shortly following the Awesome Moment of Crowning, the Vikings go Mass "Oh, Crap!" when the witch points out that Hiccup still has to face Furious. And if Hiccup fails to make peace, then the humans and dragons will engage in an endless war.
    • Stoick and Val face their last massive parental fear: just as they found out their son was alive, they have to let him go into one-on-one combat alone. Val with her Brutal Honesty can only remind Hiccup he has to rescue himself, while Stoick confesses that he wants to go in Hiccup's place.
  • You'd think that when the Wodensfang made his deal Furious that Hiccup would go Et Tu, Brute?. No. Hiccup understands that the Wodensfang was trying to save him, and that he needs to bring the Jewel to bargain with Furious. Oh, Crap! ensues instead for Hiccup, because the Dragon Jewel he has is a fake.
  • Just when Hiccup manages to talk sense into Furious, by tossing the real Dragon Jewel away (which was hidden in the lobster claw necklace, Alvin spoils it by taking the Jewel and breaking the temporary ceasefire. The ensuing fight kills many humans and dragons in their respective Red Shirt armies.

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