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Fan Works / How to Train Your Dragon

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This is the index of Fan Works for the How to Train Your Dragon movie series.

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    Fan Fiction 

    Fan Fiction — Crossovers 

vid: Dragons by tearful-eye
  • Recommended by: bee123
  • Synopsis: "It´s a new day, it´s a new plan, I´ve been waiting for you" Hope and friendship.
  • source: dragons - riders of berk, how to train your dragon, gift of the night fury, book of dragons, legend of the boneknapper dragon (NO spoilers for 'defenders of berk')
  • music: bryan adams - here i am ('spirit, stallion of the cimarron' soundtrack)
  • comment: author note "i was feeling kinda depressed lately, so i took my new favorite happy-making show and the schmoopiest song i could find and made a little fanvid" and they sucessed in making a vid that always make me smile (and hopeful others too who see this rec)

Alternative Title(s): How To Train Your Dragon 2, Dragons Riders Of Berk


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