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A Viking and dragon, natural born enemies, attempting to bond with one another... Hilarity Ensues.

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     Book series 

How to Train Your Dragon

  • The actual "How to Train Your Dragon" book. And all the adult Vikings apparently never having realized just how short it is.
    The Golden Rule of Dragon Training is to...
    (The louder the better.)
    THE END.
  • Gobber's first image in the books, and its label.
    Label: Idiot in charge of initiation.

How to Be A Pirate

  • Vikings cannot resist Schmuck Bait like opening a coffin or treasure chest that says "DO NOT OPEN".
  • The Strangulator is as stupid as it is deadly.
  • Alvin terrifying the entire tribe when he sits up in Grimbeard the Ghastly's coffin. Since the Hairy Hooligans had assumed he was the corpse of Grimbeard, they go into a panic, with Gobber the Belch screaming at the top of his lungs and Stoick diving under the table.
  • After a Swordfighting-at-Sea lesson ends up with the boat being destroyed, Gobber's response after everyone has washed up on the beach, is only to point out that they're late for the next lesson.
  • Fishlegs pointing out the various ways he and Hiccup have nearly died so far today.
  • Alvin promises not to kill Hiccup if he opens the door in the underground sea cave.
    Alvin: Word of a Treacherous.
    Fishlegs: Word of a Treacherous. It says it all, really.
  • Alvin assuring Hiccup, in between swipes of his sword, that he wouldn't harm a hair on his head.

How to Speak Dragonese

  • Alvin is terrible at speaking Dragonese. That is all.
  • Alvin trying to look dignified as he climbs out of the toilet. The narration points out that this was tricky.
  • Hiccup, in an uncharacteristic fit of rage, insults Snotlout. Gobber comes in and cheerfully compliments him on his 'Advanced Rudery.'

How to Cheat A Dragon's Curse

  • Fishlegs going bersek and insulting Stoick the Vast.
  • Stoick fainting when Hiccup is saved from dying at the last minute.
  • To save Hiccup, Fishlegs has to shoot him with an arrow. Stoick takes a second to think, "Typical. What a nutcase," before panicking and throwing himself over his son.
  • Norbert the Nutjob swings between calm and murderous at the drop of a hat.
  • The sheer absurdity of the climax, in which Hiccup and Camicazi escape the Hysterics' grasp by sledding down the roof of their tribal hall on a silver lunch tray wielding the tribe's sacred potato. The prose is proportionately aware of the situation's idiosyncrasies.

How to Twist A Dragon's Tale

  • Before the "Herding-Reindeer-on-Horseback" lesson starts, Gobber asks if everyone brought their hunting dragons. It is mentioned that Clueless brought his hunting flagon instead, and really shouldn't have been allowed out without a guardian.
  • Camicazi puts the ruby heart stone down to hide it from Alvin. Then can't find it again after the fight.
  • Humungous in the middle of fighting Alvin tells the others not to forget about the Quest. The narration points out that it might seem obvious to readers, but in the heat of the moment it's easy to get distracted.
  • Humungous takes some time to decide whether to kill Hiccup or not. Whilst standing over a terrified Hiccup with a sword in the middle of the night.
  • Clueless having trouble distinguishing between a reindeer and a sheep.

A Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons

  • Hiccup getting distracted while trying to barricade the door against the Driller-Dragons by a book written by someone with the same name as him. Fishlegs comments that he would be fascinated if he wasn't just about to die.
  • The amnesiac Stormfly totally misinterprets the situation as a game and perceives the chase through the library as a game of hide-and-seek. Then, at a point where whistling would save all their lives, she can't remember anything to whistle.
  • Fishlegs trying to read a book on sword-fighting to help Camicazi and Hiccup beat the Hairy Scary Librarian, then settling on just hitting him on the head with it.

How to Ride A Dragon's Storm

  • Toothless and Stormfly getting snockered on dragon-nip. Toothless claims he was in Rome, or in the chimney with his friend the senator.

How to Break a Dragon's Heart

  • Ug the Uglithug and the unnamed Berserker chief tell Blatant Lies about Camicazi.
  • Fishlegs going Berserk, as he usually does when he gets bonked on the head. Hiccup later finds a letter from him with a P.S. saying, 'I think my mother was a teapot.' An arrow points it out as a 'sign that Fishlegs was still feeling a bit mad?'
  • Fishlegs tries to tell the Chief Berserk that he is a Berserk. The Chief interprets this as him trying to get out of being killed in the Dead-of-Night Ceremony.
    Chief Berserk: Don't tell me you've got a very good reason why you can't participate in the Ceremony tonight. I've heard every single excuse in the book from you Fiancés. "My pimples make me poisonous," "I'm missing a very important dentists appointment," "I've got a note from my mother saying I can't be fed to the Beast today." I've heard 'em all...
  • Humungous has every confidence that Hiccup can think his way out of the situation.
    Humungous: Quiet now everyone. Hiccup is thinking and we haven't got much time.
  • The eleven Fiancés, determined to outdo each other in bravery, so much that they fight to be the first to be fed to the Beast.

How to Steal A Dragon's Sword

How to Seize A Dragon's Jewel

  • In How to Seize a Dragon's Jewel, Alvin the Treacherous catches Hiccup and orders a huge group of slaves to bring him forward ... So Hiccup essentially crowd-surfs them towards his doom, all the while having a sweet conversation with Stoick and completely ignoring Alvin's mother screeching at them to shut up.
  • Toothless' new obsession with being polite.
  • Eggingarde telling Hiccup a story and getting really into it. And her Suspicously Specific Denial that she had never met Fishlegs.
  • Alvin orders the Amber-hunters to search for the jewel.
    Alvin: DIG FOR YOUR LIVES! HUNT TILL YOUR EYES DROP OUT! BUT TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES FOR THOR'S SAKE... we've been losing a lot of slaves recently.
  • The first part of Hiccup's plan to escape the Monster - to let it eat him partially so he can get close enough to kill it - is a success.
    Although it might seem to be a strange sort of success.

How to Betray A Dragon's Hero

  • A captive Toothless sneers at the witch, who is re-counting ships on the horizon, that she can't even count to ten, and starts singing the Viking equivalent of "one hundred bottles of beer on the wall". Starting from a hundred million.
  • The Hogfly, who is completely out of touch with what is going on around him.

How to Fight A Dragon's Fury

  • Unintentional on the author's part; in the previous book epilogue Hiccup asserts that his Trauma Conga Line in Dragon's Hero made him ready to face the Guardians of Tomorrow because Misery Builds Character. Come the start of Dragon's Fury, we soon learn that said trauma, which involved going into the Wind of Woden, sinking with a ship and losing his cousin Snotlout, has left Hiccup with Easy Amnesia.

The (In)Complete Book of Dragons

  • Each and every time Hiccup breaks the informative format of the book in order to add an annotation or note his personal experiences.
    Annotation: Riproarers cannot stand the taste of parsnips so they won't go near you if you have recently eaten this vegetable. (only problem is, I can't stand parsnips either.)
    Annotation: Both with mushrooms, and dragon eggs, it is generally a really bad idea if they glow in the dark...
    Hiccup, concerning hatching dragon eggs: This is not a good moment for your dad to come back in the room, as it makes a tiny bit of a mess, and if you are really unlucky, the chairs will be on fire, and there will be dragon goo in his beard. This may get you in trouble.
    Annotation, accompanying a dragon bucking off a small child: Here, Snotlout's little sister, Adelaide, is demonstrating the importance of the safety strap.
    Annotation: You can see from the pleased look on Camicazi's face that this is REALLY REALLY dangerous.
    Hiccup: Woden's Nightmares are unbelievably scary. I have no idea what to do about them.
  • Prickleboggles are, apparently, nanodragons so stupid, they confuse their prey for predators.
  • Toothless's escapade with the Electricsquirm eggs.
  • Dragonese, and the example conversations provided.
  • Hiccup's attempts in the back cover of the book to find a name for himself.
    Hiccup the Vast, O Hear His Name and Tremble, UGH UGH
    Hiccup the Quite Nice and Polite

    First Film 
  • A brief moment in Hiccup's introduction: He explains that most Viking names are chosen to ward off gnomes and trolls, we then get this...
    (A viking comes falling down on top of him after being blasted into the air, giving a warcry with a fitting expression into Hiccup's face)
    Unnamed Viking: (cheerful tone) Morning!
    The viking then rushes back into the fray and Hiccup carries on.
  • After Hiccup hits the Night Fury.
    Hiccup: I hit it. Yes, I hit it! Did anybody see that?
    (As Hiccup turns around to ask that, he misses seeing a Monstrous Nightmare rising up the cliffside behind him. He only realizes it once the dragon roars at him, by which point it is way too close)
  • During Stoick and Gobber's conversation, we get an idea for where Hiccup got his Deadpan Snarker streak from...
    Stoick: "When I was a boy..."
    Gobber: "Oh here we go..."
    Stoick: " father told me to bang my head against a rock and I did it. I thought it was crazy, but I didn't question him. And you know what happened?"
    Gobber: "You got a headache."
  • Toothless's celebration right after the Test Flight scene where he and Hiccup learn to fly together. note  Toothless blows out a fireball for himself to fly through, then sails towards it with this expression of pure, sublime bliss - and drags Hiccup along for the ride.
    Hiccup: "Oh, come on". (scene cut to Hiccup looking windswept and lightly singed)
    • During the test flight Hiccup messes up more than once and Toothless ends up slamming on walls a couple of times. Being understandably irritated by this he slaps his clumsy rider with his ear.
  • Toothless's expression after Hiccup puts the fin on his tail for the first time. "D-D-Duuuuuude."
    • Not to mention his face when he first realizes something is going on back there. The range of expressions he goes through is priceless to watch.
      • Plus while the camera is focused on Hiccup putting the fin on, you can see in the background Toothless starting to spread his wings so you just know what's going to happen.
  • Hiccup using his intimate knowledge of dragons to seemingly "subdue" them while not actually hurting them.
  • Toothless depositing a half-eaten fish on Hiccup's lap - and the look on Toothless' face, as if to say, "G-G-Go ahead, e-e-eat it, silly h-h-human!". Hiccup's trying it, and forcing himself not to vomit. Then Toothless gestured for him to swallow it, to which Hiccup does the silent version of "you're serious?". And after Hiccup swallows it, Toothless licks his lips as if to ask, "D-D-Did human l-like it?"
    • Prior to that, when Toothless discovers the knife Hiccup has with him, Hiccup drops it and Toothless gestures to the lake with his head as if to say, "G-get rid of it." Once Hiccup does so, Toothless immediately goes into cute mode.
    • And when Toothless offers another half-eaten fish to Hiccup after the same Test Flight scene note , Hiccup is quick to decline.
  • The "Thank you for nothing, you useless reptile." line, delivered totally deadpan while Toothless is going through his most extreme aerobatics to try and terrify Astrid into saying sorry.
    • Really, the entirety of that flight. Hiccup is trying so hard to convince Astrid that Toothless is harmless, while Toothless just does the exact opposite.
    Hiccup: "And now the spinning... Thank you for nothing you useless reptile!"
  • Hiccup's (well justified) fainting dead away after Toothless counts coup with a thunderous roar in his face, then tries to flies away. Hiccup stays awake just long enough to see Toothless go down, turns around, then drops like a stone. The whimper he makes as he goes down makes it even funnier.
  • Toothless vs the Terrible Terror. Toothless wins. Cutest territorial match ever.
  • The look on Toothless' face as he and Hiccup prepare to take back Astrid to the ground. If he were human, he'd bust out a Psychotic Smirk.
  • Hiccup showing Toothless the saddle for the first time and having to chase him around to get it on.
    • It's even funnier if you slow down the video a little, you can easily see Toothless does a play bow and is smiling with his pupils wide. He isn't running around because he particularly objects to the saddle, he just thinks it'd be fun to make Hiccup chase him around some.
  • Astrid's introduction. It's practically going "LOVE INTEREST HERE" with Slo Mo flames and Hiccup's goo-goo eyes. Just look at it here. That is the face of a boy in love.
  • When Gobber is telling the recruits about how his leg and arm got eaten by dragons we get this gem from Snotlout
    Snotlout: I swear I'm so angry right now! I'll avenge your beautiful hand, and your beautiful foot! I'll chop off the legs of every dragon I fight. With my FACE!
  • The bit when Toothless is trying to ignore Hiccup just after the fish eating scene. He notices Hiccup sitting near him and, clearly exasperated, shuffles his tail round to hide his face. note  Then, as Hiccup reaches out to touch, peeks from under the tail, leaving Hiccup to stroll away nonchalantly.
  • "You're right, you're right. You're right! I'm through with the lies. I've been making...outfits."
    • A few seconds later, as Astrid is trying to see what's making the noise she keeps hearing, Hiccup tries to stop her by surrendering himself. Astrid responds by taking his hand off her shoulder and snapping it. Hiccup's indignant response caps it off:
    Hiccup:: Oww! Why would you do that?
  • Ruffnut and Tuffnut fighting over a shield.
    Tuffnut: Get your hands off my shield!
    Ruffnut: There's like a million shields!
    Tuffnut: Take that one, it has a flower on it! Girls like flowers!
    Ruffnut: *whacks Tuffnut in the face with the shield* Oops! Now this one has blood on it!
    • And then she hands back the shield and when the gronkle blasted them they are still fighting over the shield that she just proved she could take from him with little effort. You know then that they just fight 'cuz it's fun.
  • "Your butts are getting bigger, we thought you were a dragon!" "NOT that there's anything wrong with a dragon-esque fig—" *punch*
  • Tuffnut being a wuss with his injuries.
    • Not all that Tuff is he.
  • "I believe in learning on the job!"
    Fishlegs: "I am seriously beginning to question your teaching methods!"
  • Fishlegs is the Viking equivalent of a Dungeons & Dragons nerd.
  • Gobber's tankard hand.
  • "That was made from half your mother's breastplate."
    • "And, uh...thanks for the the um...'breast-hat.'"
    • Particularly funny, because Hiccup is stroking the helmet...and then jerks his hand away immediately after being told it was part of his mother's breastplate.
    • Hilarious in Hindsight: How did Valka fill that breastplate out?!
  • When Hiccup is found out by Astrid the deadpan tone Hiccup uses when he says "Duht-duh-duh, we're dead.". Gets even funnier when you realize that Toothless is doing a picture-perfect copy of Hiccup's eyeroll note , then stomps off on his hindlegs, apparently figuring to solve the problem himself.
  • Hiccup imitating his father's Scottish accent.
    "Excuse me, barmaid, I'm afraid you brought me the wrong offspring! I ordered an extra large boy with beefy arms, extra guts and glory on the side! This here, this is a talking fishbone!"
    • And then Gobber chimes in with this little gem:
      Gobber: It's not so much what you look like, it's what's inside that he can't stand!
      Hiccup: Thank you for summing that up.
  • The following:
    Gobber: Don't you... no, Hiccup! If you ever want to get out there to fight dragons, you need to stop all... this.
    [gestures to all of Hiccup]
    Hiccup: But you just pointed to all of me!
  • Also:
    Hiccup: Dad, I can't kill dragons.
    Stoick: But you will kill dragons!
    Hiccup: No... I'm really very extra sure that I won't.
    Stoick: It's time, Hiccup...
    Hiccup: Can you not hear me?
    Stoick: This is serious, son. When you carry this axe [gives him an ax], you carry all of us with you. Which means you walk like us, you talk like us, you think like us. No more of [gestures to Hiccup] this.
    Hiccup: You just gestured to all of me.
    Stoick: Deal?
    Hiccup: This conversation is feeling very one-sided...
    • Right before that, both try to share news but say it at the same time. Hiccup lets Stoick go first.
    Stoick: You get your wish. Dragon training. You start in the morning.
    Hiccup: Oh, man, I should have gone first.
  • THIS. Tuffnut's face. Took quite a few rewatches to spot—it's only on the screen for a split second, but hilarious.
  • "Trolls exist! They steal your socks. But only the left ones. What's up with that?"
    • Funny because you realized that Gobber only has one leg left. So OF COURSE his left socks go missing!
  • The Teens Arriving on dragons in the final battle against the Red Death is both awesome and funny. but the best part is Gobber's reaction to it.
    Gobber: [to Stoick} Every bit the Bone-Headed, Stubborn Viking you ever were.
    • And Stoick actually nods his head with an expression that says "well... can't argue with that."
    • When Stoick sees them arrive, you can see him mouth "What the...?"
  • During the climax, Fishlegs loses control of his Gronkle and it ends up faceplanting onto the beach.
    Fishlegs: "I'm okay!"
    *Gronkle overtilts onto Fishlegs*
    Fishlegs: "Less okay!"
  • After the romantic flight, Astrid smacks Hiccup, then kisses him, then runs off. Now, Hiccup's dumbstruck face after the kiss is funny enough, but what sells the scene is Toothless's reaction to the whole thing. After the smack, he gives Hiccup a look that says "T-T-Toothless know; t-t-totally unfair". After the kiss, he wanders up behind Hiccup: "T-T-T-Toothless thinks she liiiikes you, b-b-bud!" To which Hiccup's response is "What're you looking at?"
  • Hiccup briefly channels his fellow Fluffy Tamer Rubeus Hagrid when Astrid first meets Toothless:
    Hiccup: You [human girl] scared him [dragon].
    Astrid: I scared HIM?!
  • This exchange:
    Stoick: Winter is almost here and I have an entire village to feed!
    Hiccup: Eh, between you and me, the village could do with a little less feeding, don't you think?
  • Near the end, in an otherwise dramatic scene, after Hiccup is shown to still be alive and Stoick thanks Toothless for saving his son, Gobber chimes in and points out Hiccup's damaged leg. Cue Stoick giving Gobber the most inconsiderate look ever.
  • Blink and you'll miss it, but at one point, Hiccup uses a hammer to project a light and Toothless chases it like a cat chasing a laser pointer.

     Book Of Dragons 
     Rest of the Film Franchise 

Dragon-Viking Games Vignettes
  • "Bobsledding":
    Gobber: Bobsledding requires three things: Strength. Courage! And a guy named Bob.
    [video pauses to show that Hiccup and Astrid are using a guy named Bob as a sled]
  • In "Medal Ceremony", Snotlout, who won the "ham medal" with first place, gets carried away by a dragon, since dragons love ham. Ruffnut, who won second place, shrugs and steps onto the first place pedestal.

Dragon Training Lessons

  • From Lesson 1: Astrid, of all people, getting blasted away by a dragon and screaming.
  • In Lesson 3, Snotlout holds the Monstrous Nightmare's jaws shut as Gobber explains that this will prevent it from using them, but then goes on to note, "The rest of the dragon, however, is free to do whatever it wants." The dragon then raises its head with Snotlout still holding on, and slowly gets an evil grin as Snotlout gets an Oh, Crap! look, then it starts whipping its head around to bash Snotlout into the ground.
  • In Lesson 4, Ruffnut and Tuffnut start arguing and fighting, and the two heads of the Zippleback snatch each of them up. Dangling in the air with their heads in its mouths, there's a Beat, then they continue to try and punch and kick at each other.

Animated Webisodes

  • The fact that most of the other dragons' episodes end with them breathing fire at the screen as ominous music plays, while the Gronckle's ends with it falling asleep midair and plummeting to the ground next to a Viking, resulting in the same flame burst outro and ominous music.