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Funny / Gift of the Night Fury

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  • Astrid finally understands how Hiccup has always felt.
    Astrid: The eggs... explode? *eggs explode* The eggs EXPLODE!
    • Even funnier since all the others immediately succumbed to Cuteness Proximity at the sight of the baby Gronkle.
    • Or the exchange immediately preceding it:
    Fishlegs: Uh-huh! Everyone's gonna be so surprised!
    The first dragon egg explodes, blowing the door off the house it was in and sending the newborn Gronkle flying into Fishlegs' face, knocking him flat on his back.
    Snotlout: Surprise!
  • Also in Gift of the Night Fury, when Hiccup notices that a Gronkle egg didn't get put into the water, he takes a step towards it. Look behind him, and you can see every single dragon present hurrying for cover.
  • Yak Nog.
    • Snotlout tries some (To impress Astrid) and immediately regrets, although he manages to force it down anyway. "You can really taste the yak..." when Astrid leaves, Ruffnut asks, "Are you crying?"
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    • An earlier version of the scene has Hiccup scrub his tongue with a bit of dirt and grass. Toothless seemed to like it, though.
  • The little girl with the Terrible Terror! The Terror looked so indignant!


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