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  • The sheep during the Dragon Race. Their expressions are priceless. Best of all:
    Gobber: (To the Black Sheep) "This is your big moment. Have a nice flight!"
    Black Sheep: (epic Oh, Crap! face)
  • "Oh you know that doesn't wash out." (Toothless laughs)
    • Hiccup then proceeds to flick the spit back at Toothless with a smug "Gotcha!" look on his face. And of course, what do you do with something that sticky? Use it as a glue.
    • Not long after that, Astrid gives Hiccup a peck on the cheek. She immediately regrets it.
  • Whether it was intentional or not, when Hiccup asks Toothless if they should keep going, Toothless' response sounds like "Noooo..."
  • While ominous music plays in the background:
    Masked Rider: I bet you think you know a lot about dragons. Let me show you something you don't know.
    Toothless growls as the rider approaches, then rolls over and starts purring while the dragonrider scratches his chin.
  • Naming a new area:
    Hiccup: So, what should we name it?
    Toothless, apparently ignoring him, grooms under one foreleg
    Hiccup: *deadpan* Itchy Armpit it is.
    • Even funnier, this area really does have an entry on the HTTYD Wiki under the name "Itchy Armpit".
  • Astrid mimicking Hiccup's voice and body movements, shaking her shoulders and waving her hands (To Hiccup's own incredulous amusement).
    Astrid: *as Hiccup, while constantly shaking her shoulders* Not now dad, I've got a whole day of goofing off to get started.
    Hiccup: W-wha? Okay, first of all, I-I don't sound like that...who-what is this character? ...And-and second, what is that thing you're doing with my shoulders?! *all having been said while having done the same shoulder shaking Astrid displayed*
    • On top of their playful dialogue; Toothless and Stormfly have engaged in a little game of tag.
      • And then run both of their owners over right in the middle of the dialogue turning serious and touching.
      • Prior to the game of tag, Toothless and Stormfly greeting each other by bobbing their heads and growling and shaking their heads.
  • Ruffnut's insta-crush on Eret and subsequent ogling, complete with slow-motion Female Gaze.
    Ruffnut: Take me. (gets caught in a net)
    • Tuffnut's expression of confusion in that shot was just as priceless.
    • Every scene with Ruffnut following that, from ogling and groping Eret every chance she could get, to her reaction to Snotlout and Fishlegs saving her from falling. Though the crowner would have to be her fondling a captured Eret's muscles and then forcing an Indirect Kiss onto him shortly afterwards.
      Eret: Is anyone coming?
      Ruffnut: *lovingly staring at Eret's well-muscled arms and body* I don't know yet, you just keep doing what you're doing...
      • So was Fishlegs' during his and Snotlout's rescue of Ruffnut; it's Comically Serious gold because like Snotlout, he's all stone-faced and badass, except Fishlegs' face is a little more...jiggly.
      • Upon Eret's Heel–Face Turn:
      Ruffnut: Okay, I love you again.
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    • Once the dragons shake off the mind-control, Snotlout and Fishlegs are heard yelling their love. Ruffnut gets ready to hug them... and they run past her towards the target of their affection: their dragons.
    • The fact that Eret looks kind of like Grug from The Croods.
  • Hiccup surrendering to Eret. The way he goes on and offers himself, Astrid, Toothless, and Stormfly as prisoners. Even handing over his weapon explaining what his sword does. He has such perfect control over the situation it's hard not to find it amusing. Even better is, Astrid there going along with the plan, but is just as lost as Eret is. At one point he even throws a net over her when he offers the two of them up, and she just stands there with the best "what the heck is going on around me" look on her face.
    • Even funnier when you realize that Hiccup deliberately threw that net onto Astrid because it kept her from attacking and ruining his momentum.
    • He explains all the gadgets on his sword as he goes belowdecks, then ducks as the trappers get set on fire. Someone studied the art of trolling and got top marks.
      • Even better, they actually locked the door after he walked in. He then proceeds to destroy the lock with his sword just to surrender it to the trappers.
      • Notably, he doesn't just duck. He slowly and purposefully slinks downward while wearing an awesome trolling grin; kudos to the animation team on his facial expressions for that whole bit. And an extra cherry on top? Hiccup knew that the trappers were gonna blow themselves up. By bringing her below with him, Hiccup got himself and Astrid out of the way so he could watch the trappers explode themselves.
      • Even better? After describing what each part of his blade does and as green gas starts pouring out, Eret immediately gets an Oh, Crap! look on his face and immediately runs as far away from his men as he can, just as the one holding the sword triggers the explosion.
    • From one of the deleted scenes, Hiccup and Eret get into a more prolonged argument. Wherein Eret calls Hiccup's head "over-sized".
      Hiccup: [turns to Astrid] Is my head really oversized?
      Astrid: [deadpan] Your hair is.
      Hiccup: [laughs sarcastically] Hilarious.
    • During Hiccup's "demonstration" in the scene, he launches himself and Eret into the air. Knowing that Toothless will catch them, Hiccup's completely calm, Eret, not so much.
      Eret: You idiot! [proceeds to Screams Like a Little Girl]
  • Stormfly playing fetch with Hiccup's flamesword on Eret's ship and Toothless playing with a spark from the explosion after Eret and the trappers set themselves on fire.
    • After Eret doesn't throw it again after she retrieves it, the second time Stormfly proceeds to pick it up and try to get the other trappers on the ship to play fetch with her.
    • Just the look on Eret's face when Stormfly keeps returning the sword to him (ultimately, this also counts as heartwarming, as Stormfly liking Eret is an indication that Eret isn't such a bad guy despite being a dragon-trapper that works for Drago).
  • Toothless opening and closing the ridges on his back in fascination after Valka shows him how to open them.
  • Toothless interacting with all the other dragons in Valka's dragon sanctuary. The funniest moment having to be when one of them flat out forces its snout under his butt to give it a sniff, much like a dog, and Toothless jumps away in absolute horror.
    • Also, Toothless finally learning how to get the baby dragons off his back, following Cloudjumper's example...well, all except for one who insists on using his tail as a chew toy.
  • Gobber joining in on Stoick's song.
    • The first attempt at joining in was met with a hilariously sharp stare from both Stoick and Hiccup. One of the best silently executed displays of, "we're having a moment, so shut up." in animation.
    • There's the Incredibly Long Note. "I'm still goiiiiiiinnnnnnnggggggg-I'm done." Toothless is scraping at his ears the way a dog reacts to a high-pitched sound.
    • During the dance, once Valka responds and the mood perks up, Gobber actually takes Hiccup and dances with him...proceeding to kick poor Toothless in the face while he's at it. Toothless quickly gets out of the way to avoid a repeat.
  • After spending most of the movie pining after Ruffnut, both Snotlout and Fishlegs run in her direction, with Fishlegs crying out "My little princess!". She reaches her arms out for a hug, only for them to run past her so they can hug their dragons.
  • Toothless is pretty proud of himself at becoming the new Alpha of Berk's dragons, who all bow to him at the end.
  • Stormfly at one point gets broody and sits on Eret (again). The "Mine! All mine!" look on her face is priceless.
  • When Astrid first meets up with Hiccup, Toothless and Stormfly start playing with each other, creating a whole series of Funny Background Events. He chases her, she chases him, he throws things for her to fetch, plays tug of war with a tree, etc.
  • Toothless and Cloudjumper's interactions also make for a long series of Funny Background Events. They often look like a pair of cats playing with each other. One highlight had Toothless covering Cloudjumper in snow for Cloud to then casually dump it on Toothless.
    • Toothless trying so hard to impress Cloudjumper (see the Trope Image for starters), up to and including drawing a picture of him, who just looks on seemingly unimpressed. Comes to a head when Cloudjumper is the first to bow in acknowledgement when Toothless becomes the new Alpha.
      • Toothless acts like an excited younger brother to Cloudjumper's annoyed older one. Crosses over with Heartwarming when Cloudjumper, having eaten all the fish in a batch, pukes up some of them to share with Toothless — just like an older brother, he's annoyed by the antics, but he's there if Toothless needs support.
      • Oh by the way, drawing that picture in the snow? Toothless does it with a huge icicle in his mouth. Predictably, it ends up stuck to his tongue, and the LOOK on his face as he's trying to get it off is priceless.
  • Toothless' Awesome Moment of Crowning. He really milks the glory and attention in that moment.
  • Gobber and his new Hotburple (think family-sized Gronckle) mount. At the end, he asks it for a cuddle, and it simply flops on him and goes to sleep.
    • Earlier, when Stoick and Gobber arrive to stop Hiccup from going to speak with Drago, Eret begins to introduce himself, but Stoick shoves him over to Gobber and his dragon. When Eret tries to get up, Gobber knocks him senseless and then his dragon lies down on top of Eret, prompting Eret to say, "Get this thing off me!"
      • Stoick is as much in control of the situation as Hiccup was just a minute before. Like Father, Like Son indeed.
    • Even earlier than that, after Grump proceeds to half explode the forge in the background of Hiccup and Stoick's conversation you can hear Gobber threaten to put him up for adoption.
  • Hiccup's Oh, Crap! reaction when Valka notices Toothless' prosthetic tail-fin and thinks that Drago and his men had something to do with it. You could just see Hiccup go from admiring Valka's way with dragons to thinking, "Ooooh man, she's gonna be so mad! I'm in big trouble!" As seen here.
    Hiccup: Oh... well... crazy thing is, I'm actually the one who shot him down. Hey, it's okay, though! He got me back! Right, bud? You couldn't save all of me, could you? You just had to make it even! So...peg leg!
  • When Hiccup was asking many questions as he was led to the dragon sanctuary, there was a small slope in which his mother climbed easily...while he cannot. He's still a hiccup!
  • Gobber's comment when Stoick and Valka argue.
    Gobber: This is why I never married. This and one other reason.
    • What really sells it is the confused glance Hiccup gives him, as if he can't believe Gobber is saying that.
  • The initial attempts of Hiccup's new wingsuit. Which both wind up with him flying face first into large geological formations. What make them hilarious however, is Toothless' reactions each time, especially since each attempt is preceded by him giving a very clear look annoyance.
    • The first time around, he looks at Hiccup as he glides ahead appearing to ask "is it working this time?"; then when the inevitable crash landing hits—he rolls his eyes and scoffs before throwing a short fit.
      • Made even funnier with Hiccup looking back at the results of their crash: an entire pillar of rock like the Sea Stacks seen in Dragons: Riders of Berk collapses after they crashed directly through it. Also a CMOA for Toothless' durability and that of their flight gear. It should be noted though that Toothless shot the stack before they went through it, so it's not completely about durability.
      • Then there's Hiccup's attempts to play fight with Toothless and Toothless' No-Sell reaction to it, before Hiccup wraps his arms around Toothless' neck and Toothless promptly walks on his hind legs over to the edge of the cliff and dangles him over it.
    • The second time, Cloudjumper (Valka's Stormcutter dragon) looks at him in befuddlement for a moment before Toothless shoots back a gloating look, along the lines of, "My rider can fly too!" But then, he has an Oh, Crap! moment when he realizes Hiccup needs his help to fly, and flies off in pursuit. When the inevitable crash happens, he rolls his eyes again, and trips Hiccup into the snow.
    • Toothless has a short moment of panic when he can't find Hiccup in his wings. As soon as Hiccup pops out of the snow, Toothless's face goes from "OHGODSOHGODSWHEREISHEWHEREISHE!!" to "I should've dropped him off that cliff."
  • Astrid's "Don't you know anything?" line to Eret is funnier if you're a Game of Thrones fan, where Eret's voice actor plays Jon Snow, who really does "know nothing".
    • Heck, Eret's entire appearance in this movie could very well qualify as an outright Casting Gag for Game of Thrones fans. Especially once you take into account the popular fan theory that Jon Snow is secretly related to Westeros's own Dragon Riders.
      • Which only becomes funnier with the reveal that Jon Snow's real name is Aegon Targaryen, and he even gets to ride a dragon in season 8 of the show!
  • When Astrid calls Hiccup the dragon master, Drago claims that he alone is the dragon master. Then we see Tuffnut, Fishlegs, Ruffnut, and Snotlout smirking and sniggering as Tuffnut says, "Nope, mm-mm," and Fishlegs says, "Sorry!" Then after Astrid threatens that Hiccup will come riding through his lair and destroy his army, Ruffnut adds, "Then they'll be crying. Like babies!" prompting Fishlegs and Snotlout to compliment her.
    • Astrid's whole attitude in this scene when talking to Drago. Part of her speech could easily be interpreted as "Touch me and my boyfriend is gonna kick your ass."
  • When Eret and his men draw their weapons on Toothless, he leaps into the air, limbs splayed, like a frightened cat. It's only a brief moment, but still pretty funny.
  • Although Stoick and Valka's reunion is mostly heartwarming, the lead-up is kind of amusing. Hiccup desperately tries to explain to Stoick that they need to stay in the nest because she's alive, but Stoick plain isn't listening (as per usual)...until they reach Gobber, who just turns around, eyes wide (looking like he just saw a ghost or something), and claps Stoick on the shoulder.
    Gobber: might want to take this one...(sits down in shock) Oh boy...
    • Also, this line in the same scene.
    Valka: Stop being so stoic, Stoick!
  • Near the end, distracting the Dark Alpha with the sheep. Bewilderbeast faces don't seem to be good for expressions, but the Dark Alpha managed to give a very good "my dignity is never gonna recover" look.
  • Adding to the above, there's Fishlegs tripping out the Dark Alpha with the foghorn. It goes from "Dafuq was that?" To "Seriously?" before it promptly smashes the foghorn to be done with it.
  • The Village Elder is past the age where dragon-riding is much of an option: the sequel reveals she's adopted a bunch of the little bug-eyed Terrible Terrors instead, and the relationship works much the same as a Crazy Cat Lady.
  • While Ruffnut is pining over Eret, Son of Eret:
    Snotlout: But, baby, I grew facial hair for you.
    Fishlegs: Me, too...
    (They each touch the patchy stubble on their faces.)
    • Even better: After Stoick's death, you can see that Fishleg's stubble extends all over his lower face, where Snotlout only has the beginnings of a mustache.


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