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Awesome Music / How to Train Your Dragon 2

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  • "Where No One Goes" performed by Jónsi, a remake of the flying theme from the first film, With Lyrics!
  • John Powell has created yet another gorgeous flying theme with "Flying with Mother".
  • "Hiccup confronts Drago". It doesn't start out as much, but then the bagpipes strikes at about halfway in and easily sends chills down your spine at the epic, but also ominous composition that keep intensifying throughout it. It's especially chilling to listen to as you just picture the part where the Bewilderbeast's hypnotic song causes Toothless' pupils to turn completely slitted as he turns his gaze to Hiccup and proceeds to menacingly advance on him.
    Drago: Witness true strength. The strength of will over others. In the face of it... You. Are. Nothing.
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  • "Stoick's ship". If there was ever a score perfect for accompanying a Viking Funeral, this would be the one. The part where the bagpipes join in will make you go misty-eyed if you haven't already up to that point.
  • There's a theme repeated throughout the film in every sad moment involving Toothless. It can be heard towards the end of "Toothless lost" and the beginning of "Stoick saves Hiccup" and "Toothless found", with various instruments and an occasional choir. Find them, listen to them and try to hold back the tears.
    • It can also be heard in "Losing Mom / Meet the Good Alpha" at around 35 seconds in, during Valka's flashback where she stood face to face with Cloudjumper for the first time.
      Valka: This was no vicious beast, but an intelligent, gentle creature... whose soul reflected my own.
    • The rest of the soundtrack accompanying the introduction of the sanctuary's Bewilderbeast is also a gorgeous composition, portraying the awe Hiccup feels of seeing him, but keeping a soft, lighthearted feel to convince you he really is the 'good' Alpha.
  • "For the Dancing and the Dreaming", Stoick and Valka's courtship song. One of the sweetest moments in the movie. Also good acapella, as demonstrated by husband and wife vocalists Peter and Evynne Hollens.
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  • "Two New Alphas". Try not to get goosebumps as you get to 33 seconds in where Toothless breaks apart the dark Bewilderbeast's ice to reveal his 11th-Hour Superpower (as well as how utterly pissed he is) before taking said Bewilderbeast on in a full blown David vs. Goliath battle.
    Hiccup: He's challenging the Alpha!
    Valka: To protect you!


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