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Funny / The Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon

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  • Pretty much the entirety, especially the increasing absurdity of Gobber's stories.
    • Which includes one of the oddest Big Damn Heroes moment ever: A hammerhead yak riding a hammerhead whale. Summoned by Thor.
  • Just as Gobber is being accused of lying/telling tall tales about the Boneknapper, another viking arrives to show the cause of the fire was....a pair of pants that have just been on fire.
  • Gobber's plan to catch the Boneknapper is too crazy for even Snotlout and the twins.
    Snotlout: (whispering) It's sad when they get old.
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  • Even though the Boneknapper is attacking them and has them trapped inside a giant ribcage, Astrid still finds time to be annoyed by Snotlout.
  • Hiccup realizes how to stop the Boneknapper, but how he expresses it...
    Hiccup: Gobber, take off your belt!
    Gobber: Huh?
    Other teens: No!
  • Gobber's expression when the Boneknapper grabs him. Uh-oh indeed.


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