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  • While the Dinner scene was kinda tense and funny, Shrek is quick to counter any of Harold's issues with him by calling him out for putting Fiona up in a tower with a dragon.
    Harold: So, I suppose any grandchildren I can expect from you will be...
    Shrek: Ogres. Yes.
    Lillian: Not that there's anything wrong with that! Right, Harold?
    Harold: Oh, no! No, of course not. That is assuming you don't eat your own young!
    Fiona: Dad!
    Shrek: Oh, no! We usually prefer the ones who've been locked away in a tower!
    Fiona: Shrek, please!
    Harold: I only did that because I love her!
    Shrek: Oh, aye! Daycare or dragon-guarded castle?
    Harold: You wouldn't understand! You're not her father!
  • The Fairy Godmother orders King Harold (who is already having second thoughts about the villainess's plan) to slip Fiona a love potion so that she'll fall in love with her son, Prince Charming. The King places the potion in Fiona's tea, but finds that he can't go through with it, and gives his daughter a cup of tea that wasn't laced with the love potion instead. His response to the Fairy Godmother's outraged "Harold, you were supposed to give her the potion!" is a smug "Well, I guess I gave her the wrong tea." It's also an awesome moment for the animators, because the scene where he gives her the tea is framed in such a way that it's not obvious which one he gave her at first glance, but one can identify the correct one upon subsequent viewings.
    • What's more awesome? Throughout the film, Harold has been abused by the Fairy Godmother and treated like a doormat to her. And in the end, he finally had the courage to stand up to her when defending his daughter.
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    • He gets another one immediately after. When Fairy Godmother tries to kill Shrek with a magic blast, Harold takes the bullet, sending the blast bouncing off his body armor and hitting the Fairy Godmother, finally killing her.
  • Any scene with Shrek riding Donkey as a Stallion.
    • Donkey jumping over a dozen guards with raised weapons, while carrying Shrek and Puss in Boots. Given how much this series loves Black Comedy, that was a very risky move to pull.
  • The Fairytale group really pulled through. It was only by sheer coincidence that they find out that Shrek is in trouble, but as soon as they find out, they busted him, Donkey and Puss out of prison, saving the entire kingdom too.
  • The entire "Holding Out For a Hero" sequence is one big Moment of Awesome for all the characters involved.
    • The assault on the castle. From Mongo the giant gingerbread man to Puss In Boots holding off a dozen guards, all accompanied by an amazing rendition of "Holding Out for a Hero" by Jennifer Saunders.
      • On the note of said giant gingerbread man when his gumdrop button gets hit by a flaming catapult, he roars like Godzilla and kicks it like a soccer ball to destroy the catapult. Hell, just everything Mongo does in this scene in general! It's also when Mongo stops acting like a goof and starts taking the situation seriously.
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    • Puss in Boots does so many awesome things that it's hard to pick just one. Nonetheless, there's a scene where Puss decides to repay his debt to Shrek by staying behind to stall the enemy guards chasing the heroes and then disarms the guards (figuratively) by making an adorable sad kitten face. Before they can regain their senses, he drops the act, whips out his rapier, and goes ballistic on them.
    • Fiona's headbutt on Prince Charming after he plants a Forceful Kiss on her.
    • To say nothing of Harold's Heroic Sacrifice afterward.
    • The guards defending the castle gate, though unknowingly helping the Big Bad, for successfully holding off what they believe is a legitimate, serious threat to the castle and the people inside.
  • Fiona's quick thinking after Prince Charming kisses her. To clarify, the only information she has is that the man she's been dancing with isn't Shrek, that Fairy Godmother cried out "She's taken the potion! Kiss her now!", and that once Prince Charming did so, Shrek let out a Big "NO!" and looked defeated. Then Prince Charming suddenly caresses her face as if that were normal. While she does look confused for a few moments, she doesn't blow it by reacting with shock or outrage. And then she not only figures out within seconds what's going on, she takes advantage of it to get the drop on Prince Charming. She then steps over him and immediately reunites with the man she really loves.
  • After everything is neatly wrapped up, there is Puss in Boots's (Antonio Banderas) and Donkey's (Eddie Murphy) perfectly synchronized duet of Ricky Martin's "Livin' La Vida Loca", a song normally sung by one person.
  • There is also the fight between the Godmother and Shrek's friends; from the Three Little Pigs doing an air-born tackle, the Big Bad Wolf Huffing-and-Puffing her away and Puss and Donkey teaming up to steal the wand. Shows that the Rag Tag Bunch Of Misfits from the first movie are actually a lot more active this time around.
    • After Fairy Godmother's plans are foiled and she tries to outright kill Shrek and Fiona in cold blood, Harold jumps in front of Shrek to defend him, not wanting to cause any more damage for what he did.

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