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Awesome / The Road to El Dorado

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  • After the volcano coincidentally stops, the scene where Miguel and Tulio revel in glory is awe-inspiring.
    • Heck, the volcano seeming to respond to Tulio's anger and then subsequent command to stop is pretty cool, even if it is a complete coincidence.
  • Miguel's Shut Up, Hannibal! speech to Tzekel-Kan at the end of the ball game.
    • Say it with me, folks: "The gods are speaking for themselves now... There will be no sacrifices, not now, not ever!"
    Miguel: Look, Tzekel-Kan! Forget the sacrifices! We don't want any sacrifices.
    Tzekel-Kan: (offended) But all of the ancient writings say that you will devour the wicked and unrighteous!
    Miguel: Well I don't see anyone here who fits that description.
    Tzekel-Kan: (flabbergasted) Well, as speaker for the gods, it would be my privilege to point. Them. Out. (not so subtly gestures at the chief)
    Miguel: The gods are speaking for themselves now! This city, and these people have no need for you anymore! (pushes past Tzekel-Kan and helps the athletes to their feet) There will be no sacrifices. Not now, not ever!
    (The crowd cheers)
    Miguel: Now get out!
  • Miguel's slow-motion leap to unfurl the sail when the boat is about to get crushed by a pillar. For a second, you can almost believe that he is a god.
  • The chase scene with a stone jaguar powered by dark magic.
    • Chel has the wits to get Altivo the horse and give our heroes a fighting chance before they get flattened.
    • Altivo, inches from sliding whole into that stone mouth, flattens his ears and kicks the stone jaguar in the eye.
    • Our heroes working together to keep each other alive even while clearly terrified.
  • Miguel and Tulio conning Tzekel-Kan into letting his guard down by acting like they are fighting to the end of their friendship before simultaneously punching him in the face.
    • Considering the glare that Miguel gives Tulio while they're hanging from the vines, that probably wasn't an act. Doesn't change the two-fisted face hit, though.
    • Tulio was putting on an act considering that while he was acting relatively hammy, Miguel seemed to be voicing his real opinions since his voice was more natural sounding and his actions were a lot more restrained. Very different considering that the first time we saw them pulling this kind of stunt Miguel was just as hammy as Tulio.
  • He might be an evil sorcerer that'll give Maleficent a run for her money, but Tzekel-Kan definitely deserves props for every second of his awesome magic. From something as meager as healing a cut on his hand to creeping out Tulio with apparitions/summoning of all sorts of creepy-crawlies to the jaguar that is about as close to a One-Winged Angel as he gets, he wears the Crown on his Moments of Awesome with pride.


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