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  • When Gallaxhar tries Tempting Fate...
    Gallaxhar:"Don't bother, that forcefield is impenetrabl-"
    (Susan reaches through the force field, nudging him off balance)
    Gallaxhar:"What the Ffflagnard!?!
  • The finale: the ship is self-destroying, Susan is depowered, her friends are trapped...
    Susan: Now open the doors!
    Gallaxhar: I couldn't even if I wanted to! THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU SET A SHIP TO SELF-DESTRUCT! Now we're all gonna DIE! And there is nothing you can do about it, Susan!
    Susan: I wouldn't be so sure. And the name is Ginormica.
    • She then fires the alien blaster she’d been threatening Gallaxhar with so the flippin' elephant-sized SPHERE of Quantonium he’d extracted from her falls and breaks on her, repowering herself in the process, goes Mama Bear to rescue her monster mash, pulling off a literal Big Damn Hero moment as the ceiling collapses, gathers the monsters up in her arms, and tears her way through the ship then SKY DIVES off it, when the UFO is probably two kilometers or more in the sky. I'm sorry, Pixar, but Ginormica just had the biggest Moment of Awesome of any CGI heroine yet, even if your movies are better quality...
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    • And her very public dumping of Derek.
    Susan: Are the cameras rolling, sweetie??
    Derek: Why, of course they are!
    Susan: (grabs him) Good. Because I wouldn't want your fans to miss this!
    Derek: (This Is Gonna Suck face)
    Susan: This is Susan Murphy saying goodbyyyyyyyyyyyyye Derek! (flings him into the air)
    • Are we forgetting what she said at the beginning of this scene?
    Gallaxhar: "Are you crazy? You could have killed me!"
  • Also, doubles as a Funny Moment, B.O.B. dumping Derek. Next to the "ham" Lamp Shade, B.O.B's best moment.
  • The out of shape Missing Link gets one, as he plows his way through one armed mook after another, with an impressive display of I Know Karate.
    • Even better because up until then his badass had been an Informed Ability. As of that scene, we knew he really could unload whoopass.
  • Susan even when she's at normal size is a definite Badass Normal. Give her a laser gun, and that'll make up for her lack of size and strength.
  • The Golden Gate Bridge moment was so awesome it completely redefined Susan's character. To the other monsters that incredible feat had out done anything they had EVER tried to do.
    B.O.B.: Wow! You're doing great!
    Susan: I'm doing EVERYTHING!
    • Especially decapitating the robot using the bridge itself.
  • Or the president playing Axel F on a keyboard for the aliens.
    • Also "Commander, do something violent!"
  • The General gets one too, when he rides Insectosaurus to save the group from falling to their deaths.
    • This scene is also the CMOA for Insectosaurus. Previously a colossal mindless grub, he now returns as a fully mature, colossal, mindless flying grub.
  • Dr. Cockroach, "My PhD is in dance!"
    • Building what appears to be a fully functioning nuclear bomb with the contents of a toy box, short only the Uranium.
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    • General Monger's response "Deny Dr Cockroach his toybox privileges."
  • Freaking B.O.B. coming up with the plan to save Susan, showing that even the dumbest of people can have flashes of brilliance.
  • "An' that's why I always wear a parachute."
  • The General's Big Damn Heroes moment.
    Dr. Cockroach: He said the only reason he wouldn't be here is if he was dead!
    Heroes fall from exploding Mother Ship, only to be caught by transformed Insectosaurus and the General.
    General: Or late!
    • In a deleted scene he lures off the horde of Gallaxhars with only a semi-auto pistol without hesitation, then when it runs out, throws it at one of them, rips off his uniform and attacks them head on.
  • The orchestral cover of The B-52s' "Planet Claire" during the scene where the President climbs the stairs to make first contact.


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