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  • Ke-Pa's introduction in his true form: "BEHOLD, THE REAL DRAGON WARRIOR!!!" (shoots flames)
    • Po taking down Ke-Pa's demon army with the Hero's Chi and sealing them back in the underworld. He follows this up by turning Ke-Pa's attempt to kill him around and blasting the Hero's Chi straight down his throat to destroy him.
    • Ke-Pa in general. This is the only villain in the entire franchise to have a claim to defeating Oogway and almost killing him. It would take until Kai from 3 to have another villain overcome Oogway, but Ke-Pa manages to retain impressiveness by virtue of fighting Oogway in his prime and there being no indication or allusion to Oogway letting himself lose. If not for the Hero's Chi both times he attacked, he would've won with ease.
  • Po taking down the amnesiac Furious Five in "Fluttering Finger Mindslip"... with a chair.
    • Fridge Brilliance ensues when you realise that these Furious Five were actually trying to hurt Po, unlike the usual case where it's training.
    Mantis: Woah! Where'd this guy come from? He's got some serious skills.
  • Po revealing how truly awesome his kung fu is in "Hometown Hero", when he goes off into the forest to leave the ungrateful Mantis in the lurch.
  • Po and Tigress learning to work together while chained to take out the Croc Bandits in "Chain Reaction".
    • Po actually calling out Tigress for all the poor treatment she gave him in the first movie that had carried over into this episode, having made clear throughout that he only ever wanted to be friends with her, when she gives another scathing "The Reason You Suck" Speech about being unfairly chosen as the Dragon Warrior, he coldly replies no matter how better a warrior she is, she's a bad friend. And it hits too.
  • Shifu showing up in disguise as the Croc Bandit who has caught the Sacred Hammer in "Jailhouse Panda".
  • Po not only fooling Fenghuang into thinking he was a Fake Defector, but using the toy knife on Shifu so as to get her close enough to be locked in her prison.
  • Po's switcheroo trick to get his Evil Twin to look in the mirror.
    • Prior to that, Good Po taking advantage of their Synchronization to beat the crap out of himself. As well as their last exchange:
      Bad!Po: (enraged) No! This Po does what he wants!
      Good!Po: (serenely) And this Po does what he needs to.
  • In a moment of pure Papa Wolf, Ping pulls off a difficult kung fu move to protect his son, Po.
    • Not only that, but when the Furious Five refuse to help Po take back the jade Palace in "Sight For Sore Eyes", Ping calls them out for it. When Tigress coldly refuses, the following reaction follows
      Ping: (Outraged) Would you MIND taking off those ears?!?
      Crane: He probably just made that up about Shifu. I mean, Junji is a shaolin master!
      Ping: (Grabs Crane's beak and pulls him down) Listen to me, limp-beak! My son may be not perfect! He may be big and loud and clumsy and annoying and impatient and hot-headed and...where...where am I going with this?
      Mantis: But he's not a liar.
      Ping: (Getting back on track) Right!
      Mantis: (Dramatic Pause) I say...let's do this!
  • Oogway's ghost laying a smackdown on Junjie. Even if it was actually Shifu in disguise.
  • Peng. Just Peng, throughout pretty much his whole introductory episode. A wide-eyed little snow leopard who takes down a much larger opponent as soon as we meet him, goes through the whole training hall with such skill that even the Five are left stunned and speechless for a few moments, and even goes toe to toe with both Temutai and Po. All of this without any type of formal training. It all makes sense in the end of the episode, though...
    • The fact that despite it being In the Blood for him to do so, he does not rampage, but calms down and apologizes once Po admits his lie.
  • In "My Favorite Yao", how Shifu uses his fan dance to get himself free of his cuffs, and then how he and Po wipe the ground with Temutai and his men. Yao's kung fu moves, particularly the multiple enemy hypnotic chi-blast, are also incredible, particularly for TV animation.
  • In "Father Crime", in a brilliant double Chekhov's Gun, Shirong using his Disappearing Coin Trick to distract Tong Fo and throw Shifu the sword he'd stolen earlier.
  • In "Monkey in the Middle", pretty much the whole sequence in the mill:
    • Po breaking free of the chains.
    • Monkey standing up to and fighting his brother to save Po.
    • Wukong coming back to save Monkey.
    • Po breaking the machine to save Monkey and Wukong.
  • Tigress's Mama Tiger rescue of Zan from Lidong.
  • In "Five is Enough", Shifu hurts his back and can't fight — so he acts old and decrepit with a side-order of Flash Step, analyzes Pai Mei's style, and flattens him. Then (seemingly for the first time) he uses Pai Mei's own killing technique against him.
    "Class dismissed."
  • The Spirit Orbs of Master Ding. Was a great one for Tigress.
    • Po as well, showing that he has taken his training more seriously and able to match her in both skill and strength.
  • "Crane On A Wire" is a shining moment for Crane and also one of the most impressively animated fights in the series. After a mountaintop chase leads to Po and the Five getting overpowered by Fenghuang, Crane saves Po from falling to his death, and allows him to continue the battle with her midair on top of him. Despite holding up long enough for Crane to reach safe ground, Po is knocked out, leaving Crane to deal with Fenghuang solo. Despite some remaining nerves from getting humiliated her last time, Crane matches her in an aerial battle tracked all throughout the village and bamboo forest, before defeating her with an explosive dive bomb. Keeping in mind Po and the Five nearly always have to resort to trickery or ganging up to beat Fenghuang, it says something that Crane bested her in one-on-one.
    • The earlier battle also gives credit to Po and the other Five members. Though putting up a better fight against Fenghuang than in her first appearance, she is similarly keeping the upper hand until they realise her talons are weak to metal. Quickly arming themselves with marketplace cutlery, they each manage to shatter her deadliest weapon and force her to retreat.
    • As such, the episode itself may apply as it's one of few where Po and the Five all get a moment of fighting competently and being fairly in-character rather than trading the Idiot Ball between themselves, reminding us how effective they are as an actual unit.
  • "The Princess and the Po" when Po give Mei-Li a "The Reason You Suck" Speech after he finally has enough of her brattiness. Po then later becomes a Papa Wolf for her after it turns out she is going to be used for slave labor.
  • Out of context it's just a Funny Moment, but from "A Tigress Tale" there's Tigress's rebellion against her tyrannical new Master:
    "I can't believe I'm saying this, but... there's more to life than kung fu."
    *hand to armpit*
    *very quiet fart noise*

  • From "A Stitch in Time", the guardians of the Shuyong Tree, three empty suits of armour the size of very large houses, are awesome in their own right. Po takes out two of them. Fenghuang flies into the third and splits it in half from the inside.
  • "Youth in Re-Volt" has one mixed with Heartwarming. After Tong Fo manipulated Bian Zho to use him for his lightning powers and Bian Zho betrayed him when he learned of this, they end up in prison. When Tong Fo attempted to get revenge, Taotie steps in front of him, warning him that should he attempt to harm his son, he's gonna devote the rest of his life to making him regret it. With nothing but a Death Glare, he get Tong Fo to back down. Best part is, both he and the audience know that Taotie is not exaggerating. Considering his devotion to defeating the Jade Palace warriors, he would make very good on his word.
  • In "Forsaken and Furious" after playing No Respect Guys to the village compared to Po (and spending a lot of the series in general stuck playing The Worf Effect), the Furious Five save everyone from the Villain Team-Up of Hundun and Junjie after they managed to neutralise and capture Po.