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It's obvious that one of the series' plot threads is how Po and Tigress become closer friends, setting the stage for them to become more. Hence, the show gaining an entire page devoted to the Ship Tease moments. That said, there a few other noteworthy Ship Tease moments between different characters.

Po and Tigress moments

  • Scorpion's Sting: When Tigress is sick and dying, two little girls force her to get a makeover, then ask if she loves Po and if Po is her boyfriend causing Tigress to deny it in a rather embarrassed manner.
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  • The Princess and the Po: Po bets Mantis and Tigress a foot rub that he'll get the princess to like her. Tigress (who is sure that Po will fail) seemed all too eager to say yes.
  • Sticky Situation:
    • Tigress actually playing Hide and Seek with Po even though she could have just ignored him. Later: "Did you think I wouldn't find you?"
    • There's also some possible Foreshadowing when Tigress claims to avoid romantic relationships because they affect a warrior's chi, prompting Monkey to say, "Yeah, that's the reason." Hinting at Tigress' softer side, perhaps? Or else making a joke that she couldn't land a guy.
  • Chain Reaction: Might as well call it the Ship Tease TV special. But a scene that especially hints at this has Po getting himself (and Tigress) hurt in order to get her an apple to eat. She's earnestly grateful.
  • Good Croc, Bad Croc: Tigress muttering "Oh, Po, you're so gullible," seemed a little affectionate...
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  • Owl Be Back: When the camera shows the Furious Five's reactions to Po leaving, Tigress is the only one shown alone, and she seems the saddest.
  • Bad Po:
    • Evil Po tries twice to flirt with Tigress, showing that Po has some attraction to her.
    • Tigress says that she's actually worried about Po, showing she cares for him.
    • Earlier than that, when they're chasing the Croc Bandits Good Po flirts in a more friendly way when he says her fur looks nice. She simply says to hurry up, as if she were saying, "Not now."
  • Master Ping: Tigress falls asleep on Po's shoulder. She accidentally slugs him when he wakes her up, and then promptly falls asleep on his shoulder again.
  • The Kung Fu Kid: One of the things that makes Po jealous of Peng is that he managed to make Tigress laugh.
  • In With The Old:
    • When Po is packing everybody's stuff and for some reason tosses Tigress out of her room, he is so anxious that he grabs her shirt... by the chest. Though grabbing her shirt 'by the chest' is less remarkable due to the fact that Tigress lacks certain Secondary Sexual Characteristics... Though it does seem that the animators occasionally put those Secondary Sexual Characteristics on Tigress as shown in this screen capture.
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    • As the group walks down the stairs outside, Po puts his hands on Tigress' shoulders. Mr. Ping arrives, and Tigress glares at Ping, possibly suggesting that she was angry/embarrassed of being interrupted while in a seemingly intimate position.
  • Father Crime: At the beginning of the episode, Po outright tells Tigress he wants to be closer to her.
  • Enter the Dragon:
    • Tigress's reaction to Po's Disney Death is... quite something. Her reaction when he is restored by the peach sprout (which is almost identical to the "Owl Be Back" example with Shifu below, only far more effusive), is also heartwarming.
    • Earlier in the episode, after Shifu tells Po to leave, a much more subtle hint is made: when Mr. Ping is trying to encourage Po to return, he asks, "What do you love now, Po?" After Po looks down to think about it, the scene changes to Tigress, running across rooftops.
    • While she stops Monkey from arguing back at Shifu, Tigress and the other Furious Five clearly act more sympathetic than angry towards Po being disgraced for screwing things up. When he is exiled and sadly walks away, while the villagers give disgusted and disillusioned reactions, the Furious Five just look heartbroken.
    • After Shifu tells Tigress that Po has the Hero's Chi, she yells, "What?!" and then, "... really?" in a seemingly affectionate/impressed tone.
  • The Spirit Orbs of Master Ding:
    • Tigress spends the entire episode trying to best Po in multiple spars and Po spends quite a lot of time... falling on top of her.
    • Po looks like he was willing to take the blame for Tigress' mistake and later apologizes for his gloating.
  • The Maltese Mantis: Po starts flirting with his Tigress action figure, which he later makes a fuss over when he is forced to give it up in exchange for Mantis.
  • Midnight Stranger: Tigress is infatuated with the Midnight Stranger (who is actually Po), describing him as, "A ruggedly handsome lone wolf, living by his own rules, answering to no one; waiting only for his true love to come along and tame [him]." She even wears perfume and waits in town to meet him (where Po finds her and stares at her dreamily). When she finds out who he really is, she leaves to throw up; which makes her usual response of leaving to work out sound more suggestive.
  • Crane On a Wire:
    • When Crane opts to stay behind and Po tries to convince him to come with them, Tigress tries to comfort Po and pulls him away.
    • Later, Po saying "No!" as Tigress falls, then saving Tigress as Fenghuang is flying towards her
  • The Secret Museum of Kung Fu: When Po is doing his magic tricks, the first thing he pulls out of Tigress' ear is a bouquet of flowers.
  • Mama Told Me Not To Kung Fu: Tigress casually shrugs Po's hand off her shoulder, implying that this is a common occurrence.
  • Mind Over Manners: After defeating Tong Fo, Po hugs Tigress, who at first is surprised; however when he breaks the hug and places his hand on her midsection, she only smiles.
  • The Way of the Prawn:
    • When Po's trousers fall down, everyone is either shocked or disgusted, except Tigress, who just stares calmly.
    • Later in the episode, Po seems very jealous when Tigress falls for the prawn.
  • Po Picks a Pocket: After Po and Tigress meet the orphans, Po puts his paws on Tigress' shoulders and calls her "Miss Grumpy-puss," as she stands there calmly with no objection. Po later pulls her into him, picks her up, and holds her very close to his face, commanding her to help him; she submits and goes along with it all when she could have just punched him and walked away.

Tigress and Shifu moments

Po and Viper moments

  • In Serpent's tooth, Po spends the entire episode talking about how he loves many things about Viper. Granted he accidentally also says a number of insulting things about her due to Hidden Depths.
    • Despite this, later in the episode, Viper chose Po over Fu-xi, who remarked that he was willing to share his future kingdom with her.
  • Emperor Rule: Viper briefly kisses Po in the cheek, when he's about to leave the Jade Palace, to be Lu's bodyguard.

Other moments

  • Ladies of the Shade: Invoked by Song, who dates the oblivious Po in order to gain his trust, however she ends up Becoming the Mask and begins to genuinely care for him. Po even claims she "gave me an owie on my heart" when he learns that she's a thief. Also noteworthy is the fact that she kissed him on the cheek and he looked anything but conflicted and/or displeased.
  • It's worth noting that in the credits of the first movie, Viper, and Tigress are both seen being playful and affectionate towards the Po-shaped punchbag.
  • Viper affectionately kisses Tigress in Secrets of the Scroll.

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