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Fridge Brilliance

  • Why can Po defeat the Furious Five so easily each time they battle, despite the fact that the Five are both more skilled than Po and Po has lost to opponents that were weaker than the Five? Because he knows all of the Five's weaknesses!
  • "The Kung-Fu Kid" shows that Temutai is Not So Different from Po in both positive and negative ways — not only do both have trouble with stairs and love wearing their peace crowns at a jaunty angle, but act equally childish over Peng, to the point they're willing to ruin the ceremony just to get what they want. But this parallel appears in other episodes as well — in particular, Temutai's behavior in "Princess and the Po" strongly matches up with "Bad Po". Both are exceedingly arrogant and Prideful, abusing their strength to force their will upon others, and demand the respect they think they deserve. Temutai is Po's Shadow Archetype
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  • How did the guards know Po was an imposter when he was pretending to take Fung prisoner? Because that door lead to the palace halls, not the dungeon.
  • Mr Ping's fixation on earning lots of money; first off, he's spent years having to feed a growing panda. Second, according to this article by a Chinese person, it's traditional for Chinese parents to show love for their kids by earning as much money as possible to give the kids a good life, and by providing good food. Mr Ping really loves Po. Aww.
  • This troper always wondered why Oogway kicked Taotie out, considering the reason we were given. After seeing the third movie, it hit me: Kung-fu is all about your inner self. Look at Po and how he developed as a character and how it is centered on his kung-fu. His lack of self-esteem, his truamatic past and his insecurity about the future were all things tackled and that he had to face on his journey as a master of kung-fu. Taotie's issues seem to center on a lack of self-worth. He wasn't a good martial artist so he tried to suppement that with his tech. However, he was missing the underlying meaning of kung-fu; it was to improve one's self, find inner peace and be okay with who you are. Taotie's creation of his dangerous machine as seen in the flashback seem to indicate to Oogway and Shifu that Taotie was Dramatically Missing the Point and based on the forlorn looks they had, it was clear the choice to kick him out was a hard one. Either because Oogway felt Taotie was not going to grasp the point on the path he was on or because he hoped Taotie would find peace some other way.
    • Look on how Taotie acted when he was temproarily friends with Po. Taotie wants validation for his work and his whole vendetta of machinery trumping martial arts is to to reaffirm himself as an individual, to prove his worth to himself.

Fridge Horror

  • In "Princess and the Po," a servant tells Po, Tigress, and Mantis that a new child princess has to be sent to the Quidan King every few years in exchange for peace because they don't last very long. So...just how many princesses had to die before Po broke this pattern?
    • The fact that they're "giving" the king princesses is disturbing in and of itself. Is child slavery legal in the Kung Fu Panda universe?
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    • Apparently so. It seems to play a part in politics, at least.
    • It's Truth in Television... See The Other Wiki , re royal hostages.
    • Were the princess's handlers intentionally spoiling her rotten from birth so that nobody would miss her when they handed her over?
  • In "Owl Be Back" it's explained that Fenghuang and Shifu were members of the previous Furious Five, and Fenghuang turned evil. What happened to the other members of that generation of Furious Five?
    • Also, it's claimed the strongest of the Furious Five always turn evil. Tai Lung resided in the same place all generations of Furious Five reside, was taught by them... Chance is he too was a member of a generation of Furious Five... Whose members are nowhere to be seen.
      • Tai Lung was raised by Shifu, similar to Tigress. There wasn't a previous generation.

Fridge Logic

  • In "The Princess and the Po," why did Po still have the Mahjong game when the servants previously said that the Croc bandits stole everything? Did he hide it somewhere?
    • Well he seemed to bring them out of nowhere so I guess he was keeping them in his pants.
  • The Dragon Scroll is supposed to belong to a warrior who is pure of heart, and in fact Po's Incorruptible Pure Pureness is stressed in the first movie. is it he has an evil side, particularly one that awful? Shouldn't he be in danger of losing the scroll/his title/his awesomeness? Or will he be okay as long as he can maintain the balance between his Yin and Yang?
    • Po is pure of heart, but not pure of personality. With the concept of Yin and Yang, there is always a little evil in the most good person. Previously, he has been shown to have selfishness, laziness, deceit and aggression. These are minor and tempered by his good side. Without that good side and Po's natural abilities, we get Bad Po.
  • Hundun hates the Dragon Warrior because he claims Chorh-Gom wasn't needed after Tai Lung was defeated, making him lose his job. Yet all the captured villains are being sent to Chorh-Gom, and Po himself even goes undercover there in "Jailhouse Panda". Huh...?
    • The episode itself explains this. Hundun's actions led to it being reopened and used for other villains.
    • Also, Anachronic Order—this episode was meant to be shown before the later ones with Chorh-Gom.
    • What about Tong Fo? The Furious Five seem to have fought him before Po became Dragon Warrior and yet he's incarcerated at Chorh-Gom.
      • He was probably held elsewhere, since Chorh-Gom was reserved for Tai Lung. When it reopened, it was decided to move him to Chorh-Gom because it was likely more secure than the place he was originally held.
  • So...Peng. He seems to know Po is the Dragon Warrior, yet he doesn't know Tai Lung wanted the Dragon Scroll, had lived in the Valley of Peace, or had fought Po and (possibly) died? If he does know, he seems remarkably forgiving of the one who killed his uncle. And if he knows this was justified, this still doesn't explain why he didn't immediately know Po's story, or why he would continue his journey beyond the Valley. The fact he knows Tai Lung's name proves he has heard at least some rumors, so how could he not know the whole story? The innocent way he confesses to Po also suggests it wasn't a trick just to get confirmation, and that he's planning revenge. Gah!
    • Also, how exactly does Peng know that Tai Lung is his uncle? Wasn't Tai Lung an orphan left at the Jade Palace?
      • My guess on that is a soothsayer (the goat in the 2nd movie couldn't have been the only one in China) told him or something.
      • Being left as a Doorstop Baby doesn't necessarily mean being orphaned. Tai Lung's parents could simply have left him at the Jade Palace for some other reason (for example, being poor and having too many mouths to feed) and then left, so they may not actually be dead. Assuming they ever learned what Tai Lung did, they wouldn't be likely to come forward and reveal themselves. Even if they are dead, there could be other relatives or friends of the family who knew about Tai Lung and where they had taken him, and they are the ones who told Peng. Whether they didn't tell him the full story because they didn't know it or to spare him pain remains to be seen.
      • Peng's claim to be Tai Lung's nephew is on some very shaky ground. 1 & 2: Tai Lung was a foundling and his name was given to him by Shifu. 3: even in the unlikely event that Tai Lung's real family for some reason elected to keep track of his activities enough to know that he's named Tai Lung and lived in the Jade Palace, how could they have failed to learn that he went crazy and had to be put down by first Oogway and then Po twenty(?) years later? 4: Supposing they did know, why would they keep Peng in ignorance and then encourage him to find Tai Lung given all this in addition to the fact that Tai Lung's very probably dead?
      • On the other hand, why would Peng claim Tai Lung was his uncle if he wasn't? No one who knew the story of Tai Lung would tell him they were related or allow him to chase after him, and Peng himself wouldn't be eagerly seeking him (or initially trust Po) if he knew the full story. And if for the sake of argument Peng didn't know what Tai Lung had done (or that he was dead) and thus could be proud of being related to him or claim he was because of him being a great kung fu warrior, why would he know who he was to make the claim and seek him out in the first place? I.e., how could he know Tai Lung's name without knowing what he had done? It seems more likely his family did somehow keep track of what Tai Lung had been named and where he went, and either somehow didn't hear of the rampage, didn't tell Peng because they didn't want to upset him (but neglected to stop him from running off to find him), or Peng somehow learned of his missing uncle from stories/gossip and the name he'd been given, but not the rest of the story, and left before he could learn/be told. One way or another, this is going to have to be addressed...
    • The episode "The Master and the Panda" has made things even more confusing. From the fact Peng appears at the start and now knows Tai Lung is dead and Po killed him (showing he didn't know these things before coming to the Valley or meeting Po, yet he still somehow knew Tai Lung's name), he's obviously done some investigating off-screen. But he still somehow doesn't know what Tai Lung did to justify Po's actions, not learning this until another off-screen investigation while Po is struggling back to the Jade Palace (which later motivates him to attack again when under the medallion's influence, since he believes it was being denied the scroll that corrupted Tai Lung, not kung fu or anything in Tai Lung). Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? How could he know his uncle's name (and that he was his uncle) without knowing what he'd done? How could he then find out what Po did to Tai Lung and what Tai Lung was after without, again, finding out what Tai Lung had done? And they still haven't explained how and why Tai Lung ended up a Doorstop Baby. My Head Asplode.
    • In summation, there are at least two completely and utterly impossible things about Peng's story. (1)Tai Lung is fairly infamous. Probably not everyone in China automatically knows who he is, but everyone who remembers his name, like, at all, must remember it in conjunction with his rampages. (2)Assuming that Peng lived in a goddamn cave his entire life, which he couldn't, given his skills (including things other than kung fu), and only knew where his uncle was abandoned at childhood, he wouldn't be able to know Tai Lung's name, because for all we know Shifu named him. Also, in that case he would have asked "where's my uncle" at the Jade Palace right away. Adding several things that are merely friggin' dumb (the Artifact of Doom by itself, Po not informing Peng about his own experiences with Artifacts Of Doom that seemingly are common in the TV series' world, etc, etc).
  • Why is that Po tends perform miraculous feats of acrobatics, and still be winded by comparatively easy tasks, like lifting the iron cuffs in "Has Been Hero"
    • Like how Mantis's style emphasis's leverage over brute strength, Po's "Bear Style" seems to focus largely on momentum. Po seems to have very good speed and a natural studiness, but comparatively poor stamina, reflexes, and strength. Most of Po's most powerful blows come from forcing most of his bulk on his opponents, charged by momentum. Po's quicker strikes are actually quite weak and clumsy, but completely compensated for, as they are nearly always performed both when Po is moving at a higher speed, and done to a common weakspot, like the temple.
  • In "Owl Be Back", why didn't Po know how old Tigress was, or that there had been previous Furious Fives? I mean...he's a walking encyclopedia of all things Kung Fu. If anyone should know, it would be him!
    • No action figures of the previous generation, maybe?
      • There wouldn't have been; Kung Fu Panda 2 established that Po carved the figures of the Five himself. However, since Po is supposed to have studied and learned all there was to know about kung fu (or at least its philosophy and history), the only way he could have made figures of the current Five but not the previous is that he only knew of the current Five (implying they'd been in the Valley since he was born, or even before that). But how did he not run across their names while learning the names of all the old masters he references in both movies and the series?
      • Further thought: based on the suggestion below that Po's carved figures were simply his own imitation (since figures also exist of Shifu and Master Yao, and there are said to be examples still in their "original packaging"), perhaps the invention of action figures is a recent development so that they didn't exist when Fenghuang and her fellows were around. And the reason Po made his own copies was a) he couldn't afford the actual ones and b) he has such hero worship for the Five he knows, either because they were already in the Valley when he was born, or came to it during his lifetime. This still doesn't explain, however, why he didn't read of the previous Five, or hear legends of them. Chalk it up to Retcon I guess, with the writers forgetting or discounting the fact a kung fu enthusiast like Po should know all about the previous Five—and the reason he didn't is because they hadn't been created by the writers yet.
  • How the EFF did Hundun reach the the village in one day? If Po's Training Montage is anything to go by, it must have taken Tai Lung a month or at least a week (though that's strecthing it...) to get there at full speed, and yet somehow, the rumor of Challenge Day had spread accross the valley, to Chor Gom and Hundun was able to escape and reach the village, all in the time span of one afternoon!
    • He's not the only one. Taotie seems to make it back from Chorh-Gom in "Big Brother Po" rather quickly, and in fact Bian Zao seems to make a lot of trips there and back with cakes in a short time. Granted, some of this is likely a time-lapse montage, but even so... There's also Fenghuang, whom Po seems to find in his travels rather quickly and who even taking flight into account makes it to the Valley before you know it; Po and Shifu who manage to get to Chorh-Gom and back in a short time while pursuing Tong Fo; and in "My Favorite Yao" it seems to take only a day and a night, if that, to get to Temutai's compound even though it took Po and his group at least several days to get there in "The Princess and the Po". Sci-Fi Writers Have No Sense of Scale, indeed.
  • Alright I feel I can win this argument why is hundun able to get to the valley of peace so quickly? Simple before the series the only way to the prison was through a long arduous route which Tai lung would have to run to get to the valley. Why would they have such a thing? so they can get people out of the valley of peace in time just in case Tai lung did escape (granted everyone believed the prison was impenetrable but just in case) now that the prison is in regular use a shorter route has been formed probably because Tai lung and the furious five sort of destroyed the last route. Now for Temutai why did their base seem closer in "My favorite Yao" when in "The Princess and the Po" it took a few days? Simple again after losing to Po Temutai waged war on the valley of peace (hence the peace ceremony which he was a part of despite declaring the war between him and whoever the princess belonged to) he had a base built very close to the valley. How do we know this because? Peng was able to get to Temutai in a matter of moments and during the fight they got to the valley relatively quickly. Also for extra points Po was able to find the owl lady (who's name I can't remember right now) quickly because she remained close to the jade palace waiting for oogway to disappear.Any more questons folks?
    • Point on Fenghuang (the owl lady), but...the camp Peng goes to in order to fight Temutai does not look like an actual compound at all, just a small set of tents erected right near or even in the town, for the purpose of the Peace Festival. It doesn't seem to be something they built in order to be nearby for invasion. I was also under the impression the Peace Festival was a well-established and long-term event, not just something done recently to put an end to war with Temutai. And if there had been a war (all off-screen), I'd think that would have been mentioned at the start of the episode if not elsewhere, not to mention that would make how easily Temutai was accepted rather odd. As for a longer/shorter route to Chorh-Gom...possible, particularly with the Thread of Hope destroyed. But even if there were different pathways to make it more/less difficult to get into the Valley, that still wouldn't shorten the overall distance as much as it seems to have been.
  • So... Shifu has action figures of himself and Master Yao. But in Kung Fu Panda 2 it was established that Po carved his figures of the Five himself. So is this another example of the series and films not being in the same continuity? Or did Shifu also carve them himself?
    • Po mentioned that taking the action figures out of the original packaging was a rookie mistake, to which Shifu replied that he had a different Master Yao action figure in it's original packaging. It's possible that the action figures Po carries around are imitations carved by him, but he also has a set of Furious Five action figures in their original packaging that he just likes to oogle.
      • That's a very good point! Thanks, it makes a lot more sense now.
  • In Enter the Dragon, it's mentioned that Po has defeated Tai Lung and Lord Shen. That means the series takes place after Kung Fu Panda 2, but...what? That makes everything...really confusing.
    • Well it was an hour-long special. Maybe that particular episode came after the sequel.
  • Why did Po just let Peng walk off at the end of Master and the Panda? I expected him to say something like "Peng, everyone has darkness in their hearts, even me. Being good isn't about being pure- it's about overcoming that darkness." Especially because even the Dragon Warrior himself was shown to have a 'darkside' in the episode with the magic mirror.
  • In "Way of the Prawn" why does everyone make such a big deal about Kira and Yijiro's size and find it unlikely that they can be incredibly strong? Because it's not like Mantis, who is even smaller, is a kung fu master or anything...oh wait, he is.
    • Perhaps smaller opponents really are usually weak and Mantis and the others is an exception.
  • What is with the Furious Five and Master Shifu always losing every battle in the series? So far they've been gaining a losing streak a mile wide. Even episodes that explicitly involve them have Po being an important side character.
  • Why does Po always underestimate smaller opponents? These included Kepa (a dragon forced into the form of a pig), Tong Fo (small loris) and Kira (clam). He wasn't like that with Mantis and Viper (whose appears to be the second smallest in the group)?
    • Well with Kepa it could just be that with all the fuss they make about him he thought that him being a pig was very unexpected and silly.
  • In "Bride of Po" it is stated that Mr. Ping has been getting free dishes since Po was a baby, long before Junjie knew he existed and considered him a threat. That means the arranged marriage between Po and Lu-Shi is completely real, and Junjie found out about it to use it to his advantage. Mr. Ping never dissolves the arrangement, or mentions it again, so unfortunately for all the shippers, Po is still canonically betrothed to Lu-shi.

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