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Heartwarming / Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness

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(She's loving it really.)
  • In "Chain Reaction," Po is trying to climb a tree for something, only to fall and drag Tigress, who is chained with him, up and down the tree. Tigress, already hungry and annoyed at Po eating her lunch, is furious at Po putting her through that, until she realizes she is holding the apple that the Panda was trying to get for her. With that gesture, this is the point where she began thinking of Po as more than "the fat panda who took the Dragon Warrior title undeserved", and may have been the point where where the seeds of their possible romantic relationship may have been planted.
    • We will never forget what Po tell Tigress after she gives him a blistering speech about how he thinks everything's a game to him and that Oogway made the wrong choice in choosing the Dragon Warrior. Afterwards, after they defeat the crocodile bandits, Tigress gives Po a smile and says that Oogway made the right choice in choosing the Dragon Warrior. Both learn to know when there's a time for seriousness and a time for fun.
  • Mr. Ping standing up the Furious Five when he knows his son is in trouble and needs help. Shows just how much he really cares about his son if he's willing to stand up to the five best martial artists in China.
  • In "Owl Be Back" Tigress gleefully hugs Shifu when she realises he's not dead.
    • She does the exact same thing to Po after he is revived from his Disney Death in "Enter The Dragon". And similarly again, she quickly tries to regain composure afterwards.
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  • The end of the "Ghost of Oogway", after Shifu and Po reconcile. Po asks Shifu how he knew the titular ghost wasn't the real Oogway, to which Shifu replies that Oogway would never say the word "awesome." The scene then pans to the peach tree where Oogway was last seen, with the old master watching from afar. His last words, spoken with a smile on his face, before fading away?
    Oogway: Awesome.
  • In "The Kung Fu Kid", we see Tigress being extremely friendly and affectionate with Peng, not only admiring his kung fu and performance in the training hall but also listening to his stories and laughing at his jokes. Then at the end of the episode we learn Peng is Tai Lung's nephew. Which means, by adoption, he is Tigress's as well.
  • All of Po and Song's budding friendship (or possibly more), and her departure at the end of "Ladies of the Shade".
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  • A bit meta, but consider that Fred Tatasciore is the voice of Po's biological father in Kung Fu Panda 2. He is also the replacement voice actor for Shifu in the series...because Jerkass Cynical Mentor aside, Shifu is also something of a father figure to Po (as was originally intended according to Art of Kung Fu Panda).
  • The last shot of Wukong under the peach tree from "Monkey in the Middle".
  • Tigress saying good-bye to Zan in "Kung Fu Daycare".
    • Zan calling Tigress mama in the same episode.
  • Oddly, Bing finally admitting to Fung in "Terror Cotta" that he really is proud of him is one of these. Which then becomes a Funny Moment when they immediately get dragged off to Chorh-Gom afterward.
  • Po and Shifu having their action figure fight at the end of "The Maltese Mantis".
  • Similarly Po and Shifu's mutual excitement about planning the road trip in "The Secret Museum of Kung Fu".
  • Crane's mother seeing her son use kung fu (even though Crane feared she would have a heart attack seeing him do it due to mothering him all his life), but actually enjoying seeing him use it against the wolf thieves. Their good-bye is even sweeter, since Crane now knows what his mother knows of him doing for a living yet supporting him.
    • On that note, when the bad guys of the week arrive and start wrecking the place, Crane tries keep up the illusion that he's not a kung fu master. When one of the baddies dares to hurt his mother, however, he promptly beats the stuffing out of the guy.
  • Po and his dad making up at the end of Qilin Time. Heck, even the Qilin himself remarks of how well their bond was.
  • Fung and Gahri making up at the end of The Breakup. Gahri gets Po and Mr. Ping out of trouble by revealing that the vase that was stolen was actually fake. Then after Gahri reveals to Fung that the vase was actually real, Fung reveals that he missed his friend and welcomes him back into the gang. All goes well...until the vase breaks, making them huffy again. Though Fung does finally call him Gahri instead of Gary.
  • "Po Picks A Pocket", from start-to-finish, is a treasure trove of this and Tear Jerkers.
  • "Crazy Little Ling called Love" also has plenty of these. When Shifu announces his retirement, you see Po act devastated because on how much he means to him and the five. Po also warns Ling not to hurt Shifu or else she'll pay dearly for it. She remarks on this by saying how lucky Shifu is to have a friend like Po.
    • We also see the extent Ling and Shifu care for one another. Shifu attempts to re-steal an artifact that Junjie is after so Ling doesn't have to pay. Furthermore, both Po and Ling try hard to stop him and we see that Shifu wants to try and live for love for once. He also brings back the matter of finding happiness, something which Po remarked on in concern back in Ling's first appearance.
    • Also, just the end. Despite Ling being in prison, she and Shifu manage to have their picnic together. The fact she more or less turned herself in as well as catch Junjie was one, showing that the two's love overcame what divided them when they were younger.
  • "Bride of Po" has Po's first mutual relationship with another girl. They get demoted to friends, but it's still pretty heartwarming.
  • "Challenge Day" has the whole village trying to kick Po's butt for a chance to be the Dragon Warrior. But when a large chimney is about to fall on top of a small bunny child (who was also attacking Po for the title), Po uses his own body to shield him from the collapsing chimney, hurting his ankle in the process. When a crowd of villagers gather around, Po is ready to take them, despite his injury. But instead, they all bow to him and admit that he has once again proven why he is the Dragon Warrior.
  • "Serpent's Tooth" Viper calling Po one of her best friends. Also, a child hugging Viper and saying he loves her, followed by Viper hugging him back and saying she loves him too. Aww.
  • In "A Tigress tale" Tigress is originally happy to be away from Po and his silliness but after Mugan's harsh training, she begins to break and misses them, especially after she learns what happened to Wo Yong, Mugan's last student. Also despite their falling out, Po still missed Tigress and went to the Garent Palace to get her back. He unintentionally ended up saving Tigress.
    Tigress: If you ever change, I'll kill you.
    • Also while it's a cause of annoyance for Tigress, it's cute seeing all the other members of the Furious Five on the same jovial wavelength as Po at the start of the episode, joining in on the silly banter and behavior instead of being irritated by it.
  • After Po fails to evacuate the villagers away from Ke-Pa, Shifu gives him an enormous chewing out and exiles him in "Enter the Dragon". Compared to several other episodes where the Furious Five are just as fast to turn their back on Po for screwing up royal, here they openly find this harsh and try to convince Shifu out of it. In reality, Shifu hadn't really disowned Po, having committed a Shoo the Dog due to Po possessing the Hero's Chi Ke-Pa sought after.
    • Also while all the other villagers are disgusted at Po for failing them as he leaves, Mr Ping immediately follows him and encourages him to make amends.
  • Fung's Heel–Face Turn in his final appearance in "Po the Croc". He and the Croc Bandits initially exploit an amnesiac Po to help rob the village, only to become more and more guilt ridden as Po becomes more ruthless. Eventually after Po tries to pillage the Jade Palace and nearly kills Shifu and the Furious Five, Fung breaks and uses Po's action figures to jog his memory back. He and the others willingly quit being criminals and turn themselves in, with a surprised Po offering to be buddies after they've done their time.

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