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  • The theme tune has one when Po forgets the lyrics near the end.
  • The result of Po trying to keep everyone out of the kwoon in Sticky Situation.
    Tigress: You thought I wouldn't find you?
    Crane: You've been acting strange all day!
  • Tigress attempting to pose as princess Mei Li. Keep in mind that the princess is a 5-10 year old pig and Tigress is a 25-30 year old tiger.
    Temutai: Bring me the princess.
    Po: *While carrying the princess in his arm* Umm, here she is! *Shoves Tigress forward.*
    Tigress: What? Um, I mean yes! I am the princess. *Curtsies pathetically*
    Temutai: *Seeing through the ruse* Well, well, princess. Won't you perform the ceremonial Princess Dancing Song for me?
    Tigress: Uh, ceremonial dancing song?
    Temutai: Do the princess dancing song!
    Tigress: *Looks back at Po then shrugs, then begins dancing like an idiot* ♪Princess... Dance Ceremonial... Cere-Ceremony dance... Princeeeessssss!♪
    Temutai: Stop! Do you think I'm stupid?!
    Po: A little.
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  • When Po introduces himself to Temutai.
    Temutai: You're the dragon warrior? No way!
    Mantis: He is, really!
    Po: *Death glare*

  • Shifu, reasoning why he wouldn't let Po fight Taotie, who has just made the training hall into a Humongous Mech.
    • When the mech first appears, there's this scene.
    Shifu: I'm really angry at you, panda. I can't even think of a punishment harsh enough for you. (Taotie presses a button to send a hammer to whack Po.)... That's good enough.
  • Ping's irrational hatred and paranoia of chimneys in Challenge Day.
    Ping (looking at a chimney): I'm on to you!
    Po: No, Dad. It wasn't the chimney's fault.
    Ping: That's what the chimney wants you to think!
  • The Don't Explain the Joke moment in "Chain Reaction":
    Tigress: My friends are the twins...Discipline..and Sacrifice.
    Po: Heh..I don't think they'll like me.
    Tigress: *dryly* That's okay, you'll never meet them.
    Po: OH-HOH! You made a funny!
    Tigress: *proud* That was funny, wasn't it? It has meaning on two levels: You can't meet them because they're an abstract idea and you WON'T because you're laz-
    Po: *unamused* Yeah..okay, now you're just wrecking it.
    Tigress: Right...
  • In "Love Stings" Tigress cracks two jokes and doesn't realize it.
    Monkey:Shifu is just rehearsing his (pretends to sleep) Autumn Festival speech.
    Tigress: Oh yeah that reminds me, I need to practice sleeping with my eyes open.
    The other Furious Five laugh at that.
    Monkey: Good one.
    Tigress (with confusion): What?
    Monkey: Skip it.
    • Later on in the episode when they wonder where Po is.
    Viper: Maybe he is bonding with his dad's new girlfriend.
    Tigress: Or more likely he is bonding with a bag of almond cookies.
    Monkey: Good one again.
    Tigress: What?
    Monkey: Skip it.
  • Also from "Chain Reaction", there is a brief moment where Po attempts to distract one of the alligator bandits who have kidnapped Tigress. On his first attempt, Po throws a pebble at his head, but the guard does not acknowledge it. On his second attempt, Po throws a significantly larger rock; this time it lands right between the guard's eyes, at which point his pupils drift apart from one another; all the while the guard remains unphased with a stoic expression. Cut to Po with his mouth agape in disbelief.
  • Once Good!Po recognizes his Synchronization with "Bad Po", he goes... rather overboard in exploiting it.
    Shifu: You're late. Do you care to explain where you've been?
    Bad!Po: Not really, Scoogely Moogely Do.
    Shifu: *short bewildered pause* ...Punctuality is as vital a trait as any that the Dragon Warrior possesses. It is a reflection of-
    Bad!Po: Blah-blah-blah, save the pithy nugget of wisdom, Shifster.
  • Ping trying to convince the Five to go help Po rescue Shifu.
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  • Almost the entirety of "Master Ping". Notable moments are: Ping's telling of the "greatest noodle-maker in China", his turning the Five (and even Shifu, briefly) into his waiters, his laughable attempts to train the pig warriors, and his ineffectual fighting with Po while trying to explain to him his mistake in teaching a real kung fu move to the pigs.
  • Peng's imitation of Po, and it helps that it's actually pretty accurate.
  • The entirety of Po's Disguised in Drag bit from "Ladies of the Shade". Particularly when he is forced to dance, and when the foot of Crane, who is hidden under the back of his dress, is confused for Po's during the pedicure.
    • And when Song gets her head eaten while trying a Spaghetti Kiss.
    • Po's idea of wooing a lady by showing off his butt in the shape of a heart...and it working.
    Po: I showed you how my butt looked like a heart!
    Song: Something I will always treasure!
    • Twice.
    Po: I, uh, have a little something for you... *hands Song the sketch of a heart with a cross through it*
    Song: I will always treasure it.
    Po: It's my butt.
    Song: I know. *kisses his cheek*
  • When Po brings Bian Zao's last cake to Tao Tie.
    Po: ... Is this awkward?
    Tao Tie: Not at all! I have loads of archenemies who bring me baked goods!
  • In "Owl Be Back", Po's shocked to learn there were previous generations of the Furious Five, despite the group having protected the Valley for ages:
    Shifu: How old did you think Tigress was?
    Po: Iunno, like forty-ish?
  • "Ladies of the Shade" has this exchange.
    Tigress: I don't trust them.
    Monkey: You don't trust anyone! Not even the mailman, and he's been coming here for thirty years.
    Tigress: Planning something for thirty years.
  • In "Challenge Day", Shifu has decided to send the Five off to a spa for rest and relaxation. Tigress asks what that is, Shifu starts to explain, and then...
    Tigress, with utter seriousness: No, what is "relaxation"?
    Crane, gently taking her by the shoulders and leading her away: I'll explain on the way...
    • And after they return home...
    Tigress: Well, that was a complete waste of time.
    Mantis: It would have been a lot more fun if we could have stayed longer, instead of getting kicked out.
    Tigress: He came at me with a weapon, I was only defending myself.
    Crane: It's called a towel.
    • Shifu and Po kept saying an apple for thirty seconds.
    • This exchange
    Po: Master Shifu! I'm having that dream where everyone fights me while I'm naked!
    Shifu: Po, you're wearing pants...
    Po: Should I take these off then or...*starts to take his pants off*
    Shifu: NO!
  • Po's incompetency when he and Shifu were trapped in stockades in 'Bad Po'. To elaborate, not only was the key in easy reaching distance but his stockade wasn't even locked.
  • The entirety of "My Favorite Yao", from Po calling Shifu on his messing up, to Shifu having to do things Po's way, to all of Yao's Sensory Overload experiences. The absolute crowning moments, though, would have to be Po catching Shifu playing with his action figures of himself and Yao and Shifu's fan dance, complete with coquettish flirting.
    • Earlier in the episode, upon seeing Shifu's excitement over Yao getting closer:
    Po: Master Shifu? You okay up there? You seem a little... Giddy.
    • And the very enthusiastic applause from a lone thug at the end of Shifu's fan dance...
    • Especially the "Po List". First thing you do is freak out, the second is to eat a snack, the third is to pretend that nothing happened, and the fourth is to play the blame game.
  • This exchange:
    (Tigress stops eating)
  • In "Hall of Lame", Po knocks over the Urn of Whispering Warriors, letting out all the spirits again and comments, "Can't we find a higher shelf for that thing?"
  • The entirety of the "silent kung fu fight" in "Kung Fu Daycare".
    • Po criticizes Tigress for acting distant to Zan, noting that kids need hugs and affection. When Tigress questions why, Po says it's because without such affection, kids would grow up cold and unfeeling...and then remembers who he's talking to.
    Po: {nervous} You didn't get a lot of hugs as a kid, did you?
    Tigress: {with complete conviction} Hugs are for the weak. I nestled in the warm embrace of my kung fu training.
  • The series running gag of Tigress being mistaken for a man.
    • "The Princess and the Po"
    Mei Li: I never have any friends. Not real friends like you have. Like the cricket and that mean man with the stripes.
    • "Big Bro Po" has this:
    Tigress: Hey there, you. Um...settling in ok?
    Bian Zao: Yes sir!
    • "Father Crime"
    Croc Bandit: We caught that tiger dude.
    Tigress: Tiger lady!
    • "Kung Fu Day Care," during a kidnapping Tigress is trying to stop.
    Lidong: You take the kid! I'll take care of him!
    • And in Mama Told Me Not To Kung Fu, Crane's mom did it too.
    Yan Fan (Crane's mother): Oh, everybody is just as you describe them. Except, I thought you said the tiger was a girl .
    • "Po Picks a Pocket"
    Bunny Orphan: Don't you trust us, sir?
    • "A Stitch In Time"
    Fenghuang: Who's defeating and mocking who now, Panda? I have taken from you everyone you've loved: Shifu, Monkey, Crane, Mantis, Viper, that guy with the stripes .
    • At least Fung got it right, in "Chain Reaction".
    Fung: Hey, pretty lady.
    Po: {annoyed} I'm a boy.
    Tigress: He meant me.
  • "In With The Old". Temutai and Po trying on different helmets trying to determine which one is the Helm of Invincibility.
    • Temutai finds one that makes him dance around in a mincing fashion. When he takes it off...
    Temutai (Warrior king of the Qidan!): That wasn't me.
    • The mere fact that they have all these helmets which do such things as electrocuting or knocking out the wearer or forcing them to do silly dances, not to mention why anyone would ever create the Your Own Worst Enemy Helmet at all.
  • In "The Po Who Cried Ghost" Po complains about visiting a graveyard because he's afraid zombies will eat his brain.
    Po: If ghosts attack I'll need my brain.
    Shifu:.....No, too easy.
  • In "Kung Shoes", the old merchant lady when she shows up at end to reclaim the shoes:
    Merchant: Causing trouble again? I can't take you anywhere...
    • When Po cuts up the shoes only for the pieces to turn into more shoes...
    Po: Oh, heck no!
  • Po's dance after receiving his reward for bounty hunting.
  • When Po is worried about what will happen when he shows his father his crudely-made wooden spoon, he has three Imagine Spots; in the first his father cries, then in the second he tells him that he's no son of his, and in the third he inexplicably breathes fire in his face.
  • At the start of "Monkey in the Middle" Mr. Ping and several villagers arrive at the Jade palace. Mr. Ping states their purpose in his usual tone.
    Mr. Ping: Po, is Shifu at home? The angry mob and I must speak to him at once.
  • In "Terror Cotta", the Running Gag of the Shared Family Quirks which Feng and Bing have. Also, his poor gang's attempts to learn something productive and legal from Po.
    • They even called Po a penguin!
  • "Tigress Tale" features her attempts to train early, without Po's interference. She ends up stepping on a shryuiken he left behind.
    • When Po attempts to disturb Mugan's retainer (in the same way one would a British Royal Guard), the normally stoic Tigress has an amusing Oh, Crap! expression.
  • When Po discovers Shifu has not only come to the Festival of Figurines when he declared it a childish, frivolous pastime that no self-respecting kung fu fighter (especially the Dragon Warrior) would go to, he's there using his Master Yao action figure to fight with the other Otaku. And then he tries to get out of it by claiming, just as Po had, that he was just "someone dressed like" Shifu.
    • Also Ping selling his son's underwear among the Dragon Warrior memorabilia.
    • The Five, particularly Tigress, catching Po playing with his action figures.
    • Shifu and Po constantly writhing around while trying to rescue Mantis, thanks to Taotie's mechanical action figures attacking them.
  • Shifu acting like a hyperactive kid in "Shifu's Back" thanks to Po giving him too much relaxant tea after throwing out Shifu's back.
    • Plus, this scene:
    Po: (Ashamed) This is all my fault.
    (Shifu pats his arm reassuringly with a small smile...then he glares at him.)
    Shifu: Yes it is.
    • "I have air in my body! Whee!"
    • "I'm making eggs! Egg egg egg egg!"
    • "I love kumquats! And they love me!"
    • "I have fingers!"
  • Shifu driving the noodlemobile down the stairs of the Jade Palace
    Shifu: I'm a good driver.
    Fridge Brilliance or Shout-Out I'm not sure which, but I'm choosing to believe its a reference to Shifu's original VA's role in Rain Man.
  • Shifu acting and talking like Po in Five Is Enough. You may want to cover your eyes for some of it.
    "Uh, guys? We need to be supportive of Shifu's... apparent midlife crisis."
  • Po's reaction to Gahri's homemade noodles.
  • "Mind Over Matters", When Po accidentally reveals that Mantis wonders why Viper never wears clothes, Viper asks where's his clothes. Mantis points out it was just an observation and he uses Tigress as an example by pointing out how she dresses like a guy. Both ladies were not amused.
  • 'Kung Fu Fight Club' has Shifu enthusiastically joining in the 'free fight' at the end. Po knocks Shifu down, only to be thrown over and hit in the face in response. Also, Po only recognises it's Shifu when his master removes his very obvious 'disguise' of a hat and glasses.
  • In "Huge" we have Gah-ri's talk about if Fung had a positive self image.
  • Peng's way of convincing General Tsin that he's crazy in "Qlin". By repeatedly saying so.
  • In 'Spirit Orbs Of Master Ding', Po and Tigress fight numerous times. After she mostly fails to beat him, Tigress gets angry and calls him out to battle of concentration, which Po would fail. It comes to play later on, when ghost of psychic kung fu master posses Po and fights Tigress. He brags about he how controls Po's body and mind before trying to concentrate and failing miserably.
    • From the same episode, when artifact of great power gets lost, Shifu automatically scolds Po. Unusually, it was Tigress this time.
    • And when during the three-way Battle in the Center of the Mind for Po's body, Tigress ends up in control...
    Tigress (as Po): Ew. Ew! This is weird!
  • Po guarding Mei Ling in "Crazy Little Ling Called Love", and taking it very very seriously. He brings a tea tray with a knife on it, slams the tray down, stabs the knife into the table. The knife falls over. He stabs it back in again. Pours some tea, which overflows. The knife falls over.
  • In "Shifu's Ex", Mei Ling switched bodies with Shifu. It's humorous seeing Shifu (his body anyway) act all feminine.
    Shifu: (calls Zeng over)
    Zeng: Yes, Mistress Mei Ling?... Uh, Master Shifu ordered me not to speak with you.
    Shifu: Then let me talk to one of the Five or even...Po
    Zeng: I can't, Shifu just sent them off on a mission. Something about the Imperial Jewels.
    Zeng: Um... I'll just keep sweeping.
    Shifu: (in an uneasy tone) Zeng, don't go... I'm so lonely, please keep me company.
    Zeng: (drops the broom he's holding) You want me to keep you company?
    Shifu: Yes, uh, tell me all about Zeng. Where do you see yourself in five years?
    Shifu: Ungrateful, how dare!-I mean, tell me more, uh, (awkardly) handsome?
    Zeng: He's always on my back, "Zeng, sweep the stairs! Zeng, draw my bath! Zeng, find my buttons! No, the other buttons!" But one day, I'm going to look Shifu right in the eye and I'm gonna say to him!-
    Shifu (with his ears twitching and clearly irritated): (reaches between the bars and pinches Zeng's neck, paralyzing him, then grabs Zeng's keys) Men are so gullible.
    • Also, Monkey's comment to Shifu when everyone realizes the truth.
    Monkey It's a good look for you.
    Shifu looks unamused
  • In Jailhouse Panda, Tigress's idea of stealth is walking up to the two guards.
    Rhino Guard: Halt! What are you doing?!
    Tigress: I'm...sneaking up on you?
    (the two guards look at each other in confusion)
    Tigress: Can we just fight?
  • "Mama Told Me Not To Kung Fu" reveals Crane has lied about his kung-fu occupation so not to worry his mother, Yan Fan, claiming in letters that he owns an inn and Shifu is his employee. When his mother actually visits, he and Po desperately try to get everyone to keep up the charade. Shifu spends most of his time serving Yan Fan giving a hilariously livid Death Glare.
  • Almost all of "Fluttering Finger Mindslip":
    • The montage of Po abusing the move on the Furious Five whenever he screws around, with Noodle Incidents aplenty.
    • Taotie exploits the Furious Five's Easy Amnesia and tells them they are his students. He gives them all ridiculous monikers; Viper is "A Noodle", Monkey is "A Doodee", Mantis is "Lil' Britches", Tigress is "Whiskers Kitty Poo" and Crane is "El Storko". Shifu even thinks "El Storko" is Actually Pretty Funny.
    • He then claims through an Imagine Spot that they serve his enemies, the evil "Shifu's-an-idiot" and "Po-chews-with-his-mouth-open". The story loses train of thought several times, with Taotie closing it with there being "a giant cake with eyes or whatever".
    Mantis: *beat* I think I remember that cake!
  • "Invitation Only" has Po try to demonstrate an improv "skit", which converts into an Overly Long Gag with no one wanting to participate. Turns into a Brick Joke later on when, in a desperate attempt to entertain at the party, Shifu and the Furious Five resort to replicating the skit.
    • In a scene that should be considered heartwarming, the host of the banquet is revealed to have bad manners just like Po and invites him to stay after he defeats Temutai. Everyone attending the banquet ends up looking for a place to barf after watching Po and the host noisily and sloppily eating.

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