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Po, the Dragon Warrior and the same fanboy as ever.

  • The whole Logo Joke at the beginning where Po once again struggles to climb stairs to make it to the DreamWorks moon.
  • Oogway is trying to meditate in the Spirit Realm, only for one of the petals from his own peach tree to land on his nose, causing him to interrupt his "Inner peace" mantra with "Itchy nose." After blowing it away, it comes back and plasters right over his nostril, making him sneeze. And then he is interrupted by Kai's return. Aside from his only response being "Now what?", when Kai announces he's back to continue the battle they never finished, Oogway rejoins, "Took you long enough." It's the mocking cackling afterward that really sells it.
    • It also mirrors the meditation scene from the first movie where Shifu tries to find inner peace, only to get disturbed by his messenger, one of the funnier moments with Shifu at the beginning.
  • When Shifu announces that Po will assume the teaching position, Po questions why Tigress isn't chosen for it, since she's always telling him what to do. Tigress tells Po to be quiet, which he cites as proof.
    • Po's Big "WHAT?!" upon learning that Shifu is making him the teacher is so loud it literally blows Shifu back.
    • During Po's disastrous attempt at training them, Tigress at one point gets an arrow to her butt and lets out a "Mew!" Another trait she shares with Tai Lung? note 
    • When asked if they learnt anything, Tigress answers that he (Po) can't teach and then...
    Crane: And Tigress is flammable, turns out.
    • Also serves as a nice continuity gag back to the first film. You're honestly tempted to say "Congratulations, Five, there is now a level zero."
  • Po and his biological father's reunion. Obliviousness runs in the genes, much?
    • And then there's the in-universe audience's reaction. The villagers look back and forth as Po, who lost his parents long ago, and this new panda, who lost his son long ago, confront each other, clearly waiting for one or both to have that realization. Then the two pandas just turn away and go about their business, provoking a crowd-wide Face Palm.
    • When Po hears Li call him "Lotus", he quickly breaks their hug and apologizes for the mistake as Li must be confusing him with another panda. Li then explains it was his birth name.
  • Mr. Ping's annoyed expression at Po and Li bumping their bellies against one another.
  • Mr. Ping managing to photobomb Po and Li's portrait together, despite the fact that it was hand drawn.
  • Po meeting Kai:
    Kai: You must be the Dragon Warrior.
    Po: And you must be Kai! Beast of Vengeance, Maker of Widows!
    Kai: (stunned face) YES! Finally! Thank you! Almost makes me want to spare your life!
    Po: Oh, you wanna spare me? How 'bout you spare me the chit-chat? Alright, let's do this.
    Kai: I'm going to take your chi, then the chi of every panda in the -
    Po: Ugh, chit-chat!
    Kai: In the -
    Po: Chitty chitty chat chat.
    Kai: In -
    Po: Chat chat chat.
    Kai: In the -
    Po: Chit-chat!
    • The look of utter amazement on Kai's face when Po recognizes him.
    • At one point during this, Kai reaches up and casually scratches his chin with one of his blades. It's so unexpected that it becomes hilarious.
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    • Kai's first action when they meet is to use to his eyes to 'scan' Po for his chi. Po catches on to this and awkwardly covers himself.
    • Just the fact that Po never listens to the attempted badass boasts of his enemies. Tai Lung tries to insult him, but he just answers back. Shen tried to greet the revenge-seeking panda, but Po's just like "Yo!" and now Kai tries to dramatically reveal his plan which Po has no interest in.
  • When Po and Li Shan make it to the bottom of the mountain where the panda village lies, and they use a lift to make it up there.
    Li Shan: We're pandas! We don't do stairs!
    Po: I've waited all my life to hear those words.
    • Even funnier as Mr. Ping initially thinks the big wall of stone will finally make Po go back. Finding himself on a lift makes him curse in the most hilarious grumpy manner.
    Mr. Ping: Rats!
  • The face Po makes upon seeing Mei Mei for the first time.
    • Mei Mei using her ribbons to manoeuvre Po into doing gestures such as giving her flowers and kissing her hand. Po remains freaked out throughout it all. Then she asks Po to do the dance and he fails so amazingly that she has to fix him multiple times.
  • "Enemies of justice, prepare for WHAAAAA- are you kidding me???" (stops diving in mid-air, bounces off the roof, and falls out of sight)
    • And then the entire fight just stops.
    • Then this dialogue.
    Po: What's the deal with the green guys?
    Tigress: [punches a jombie and pulls her paw back, wincing] Some kind of jade zombies.
    Po: Jade zombies?
    Po and Monkey: Jombies! Jinx!
    • Po is also too busy fanboying over all of the different Jombies to fight, even when Master Porcupine is choking him. Even funnier when he gets a nearby civilian to draw a sketch of him with Master Porcupine, who kicks him in the face to get loose. Po is upset that he "blinked", because the artist caught the sketch right as he got kicked, so his face is being punched inward by Porcupine's foot.
  • "Even Master Chicken's going in there! And he's a chicken!"
  • The Running Gag of Kai trying to dramatically announce himself to the world, only to discover that the world has no idea who he is. When Po finally recognizes him, he's so elated that he almost considers sparing him.
    • Becomes funnier when you remember that even Shifu, who studied under Oogway directly, had no idea who he was. Then factor in that Po, who also had no idea who Kai was at first, is shown over the course of the last two films to have a practically encyclopedic knowledge of Kung Fu masters good and evil, to say nothing of paraphernalia, stretching back into previous Dynasties of China!
    • And he when he does recognize him, Po already knows his nicknames, which implies that they were either written down in the scroll by Master Oogway, which is hilarious enough, or that Po just guessed what someone like Kai would be called. He does have a knack for these things.
  • Kai's special brand of humor deserves its own section:
    • "After five hundred years in the Spirit Realm, you pick up a thing or two." Cue Kai showing off his jade amulets.
    • After transferring himself between worlds, Kai corrals a couple of little, innocent bystanders to confirm that he's back in the world of the living:
    Kai, menacingly but politely: If I stepped on you, would you die?
    (Goose pops out a dozen eggs in her fright)
    Rabbit, rigid with terror: Y-yes.
    Kai, paying them no further attention: The mortal realm!
    • Shortly thereafter, his attempts to get the farmers to recognize him by listing off all of his old nicknames.
    • Demonstrating his power to Crane in the most smug way possible by literally flicking him away. Then doing it again when Crane chucks a barrel at his head and he just gives him an amused smirk.
    • Calling Master Oogway's giant statue "tacky".
    • When Shifu begs Oogway to forgive him for letting the Jade Palace be destroyed, Kai stops to ask his amulet of Oogway if it forgives him.
    • Entering the panda village with some impressive acrobatics and an Evil Laugh, clearly reveling in the moment. Po even praises him on the dramatic entrance. Even better is that this is immediately followed by the aforementioned 'chit-chat' scene.
    • His over-the-top reactions as the pandas start pummeling the jombies, including clutching his throat when they shoot a firecracker into Jombie Bear's mouth, and freaking out when he sees Big Fun about to hug him.
    • And best of all, pulling an "Oh, Crap!" Fakeout when Po attempts the Wuxi Finger Hold on him, for no other reason than to screw with him.
    • Even his theme. There's just something amusing about an Imagine Dragons song playing whenever he's on screen.
  • Po returns from the Spirit Realm and Shifu inquires where he got the staff from. Then he asks Po if he just mastered chi. Shifu’s tone and expression to both answers makes it pretty clear he’s 110% percent done with Po’s and Oogway’s antics.
    • Just him asking about the staff is already funny enough. He comes up, ready to congratulate the dragon warrior and mention how impressed and proud he is, only to get so distracted by it that he ends up annoyed.
  • When looking for information on Kai, Shifu opens a container and takes out a scroll, and when he unrolls it... sees it blank.
    Shifu: What!? It's blank?! Are you kidding me? Not again!
    • ...Only to realize that he just needed to unroll it a little more for the actual information.
    • Another moment immediate crops when he starts reading it to the Five and Po and mentions Oogway having a brother, which shocks everyone. Then Shifu apologizes when he realizes that it actually says brother-IN-ARMS, as opposed to a biological one.
      Mantis: Maybe you should just unroll it all at once?
  • After sending Po off to train in chi, we get two great moments in a row.
    • First, Viper asks Shifu if he really thinks Po can master chi in time. Shifu responds, "It doesn't matter what I think, it matters what the universe thinks." A Beat, then Mantis adds, "I take it that's a no?" making Shifu scowl in annoyance.
    • Then Crane asks what they'll do next, and Shifu sends him to follow the jade zombies to Kai. Crane asks if this is because he's the one who spoke up and Shifu says no, it's because he can fly. Mantis then starts ribbing Crane about opening his big mouth, and Shifu adds Mantis is going with him. When Mantis then asks if that's because he spoke up, Shifu says yes.
      • Watch closely and you can see Monkey covering his mouth to keep from laughing at Mantis.
  • The scene in the Spirit Realm at the end is funny just because of how well Oogway and Po play off each other; clearly they're both Cloud Cuckoolanders in their own way, as well as fans of kung fu. The best bit though has to be the fakeout when it looks like he's going to disappear in peach petals again, with Po once again pleading "Don't go!"...only for the petals to part to reveal he's still there, on the tree branch: "I'm not going anywhere, I live here!" There's also him telling Po after giving him his staff, "Just take it. I have a bigger one." and his response to the notion of going back to the mortal world: "Who knows? I've never tried."
  • Jombie Shifu comes after Po during the final battle, but his Jombie self can't run around and jump like the others, so he's just rapidly skittering after Po.
  • When Po gets cornered, Shifu attempts to attack him.... only to run face-first into Mr Ping's frying pan. Li Shan appears with Ping, and they both initiate "Double Dad Defense."
    • To specify: Li has recreated Rhino's armour with cooking utensils and bound Ping on his stomach like a baby. What at first seems to be a incredibly badass moment for the dads turns instantly hilarious the moment you see their dress-up.
  • Poor Master Chicken gets no respect. While all the other jombies are having dramatic fight scenes, Po just runs past and punts him into the air. Twice.
  • This exchange after Po and Li discover that Mr. Ping followed them to the village:
    Li: I guess it'd be cruel to make you fly all the way back.
    Po: You can fly?!
    Mr. Ping: I'm a bird, Po.
    • And it becomes a Brick Joke when Ping sees Po training in hammock launching and marvels that he can fly.
  • Throughout the otherwise Awesome training sequence, Tigress alternates between struggling to get Lei Lei to quit bugging her, and looking completely baffled at Po's training techniques. At the end when Po declares them ready, she simply lets out a Flat "What".
  • At the end, Mantis' reaction at Lei Lei grabbing and playing with him.
    Lei Lei: Greeny baby!
    Mantis: Not a baby! Antenna of fear!
    • Then at the final scene, Lei Lei is still playing with Mantis like a toy while Mantis is begging "Monkey, help me!"
  • Po figures he's going to use the Wuxi Finger Hold on himself while holding onto Kai. How does he create an opening to jump him? By simply point and shout "What's that?!" to make Kai look somewhere else.
    • The fact that it actually works on not just Kai, but everyone in shot. Even Tigress.
  • While Shifu is telling Po about chi, Po ends up interrupting him just as Shifu was lampshading Po's habit of interrupting.
    Shifu: Mastering chi requires mastery of self. Oogway sat alone in a cave for thirty years asking one question. “Who am I?” “Who am I?” I’m lucky if I get five minutes before you interrupt… (Cue Po interrupting)
  • The elderly panda calls Po handsome "just like his father". Cue Mr. Ping thanking her.
  • After Shifu has demonstrated chi to Po:
    Po: So you're saying if I teach, I'll be able to do cool stuff like that?
    Shifu: No, I'm saying if you teach, I'll be able to do cool stuff like that.
    • At the end, he is proven to be correct, but the realization that it took Po about a week in a village doing nothing instead of many years in a cave meditating still irks him.
  • "Almost there, Shifu. Just a little more confusing and you'll be the next Oogway!"
    • Becomes even more funny, since we see at the end that not only Po is Oogway's successor, but also that he and the turtle are lot more like each other than Shifu is with his master.
  • Po tells Mr. Ping he's going to fight "that monster".
    Mr. Ping: Po, he may be a monster, but he's still your father.
    Po: Not him! Kai!
  • Shortly before the final battle Lei Lei has dragged Tigress off yet again. When Kai makes his entrance, the two are seen participating in a little girl tea party, with Tigress wearing pink flowers around her neck and wrists.
  • Po playing with his action figures in a tiny tub full of soapy bath water. Then sprinkling Sichuan Peppercorns into the water by accident.
    • The fact that he made an action figure of Tai Lung so he could make him run away crying at Po's awesomeness also counts too.
  • When Po is trying to persuade Li that he can't teach and cites being unable to teach kung fu properly as an example, Tigress is nodding behind him with a look that suggests that she can confirm his claim all too well.
    Po: I couldn't even teach Tigress kung fu! And she already knows kung fu!
  • The Running Gag of Li awkwardly comforting Po while Po throws up from dizziness.
    Li: Easy, son, easy-
    Po: (vomiting) I'm...fine...
    • In the Latin American dub, Li instead tells Po to 'let it all out'.
  • When Po and Li are caught by Shifu and the Five, playing with artifacts, Po immediately stops. But Li doesn't know Shifu and the Five are there, and keeps butting Po. Po's expressions in this scene are hilarious.
  • During the battle with the Jombies, Po has the terrified portrait artist rapidly sketch him as he battles Master Porcupine. He's trying to get an ink drawing of himself with his arm around the late, great Master Porcupine: what he gets is an ink drawing of himself being kicked in the face by the late, great Master Porcupine.
    Po: Aww, I blinked!
  • The entire sequence of Po and the Five fighting the late masters in the Valley of Peace. Everyone tries their best to win except for Po and his excessive fanboy behaviour. Other than the above mentioned drawing moment, he also at one point crashes into his own room and shows Master Porcupine the action figure he owns of him as a distraction.
    Po: I'm being choked by Master Porcupine! This is so cool! Oh! Oh! Look! (shows action figure while being strangled) It's you!
    Shifu: Po! Focus!
  • When everyone is transferring their chi to Po, Tigress and Li say what Po taught them to be. Grandma Panda has this to say:
    Li: A father.
    Tigress: A friend.
    Grandma: A lethal fighting machine.
    Lei Lei: Stripey baby!
  • The panda training montage has quite a few gems:
    • Mei Mei dancing with nunchucks.
    • Tigress' bewildered look throughout the entire thing. To her, it's all Noodle Implements.
    • Po holding up a plank for Grandma Panda to break. She instead kicks him in the nuts, then toddles away again as he collapses in agony.
  • During the ending, the panda with bad teeth gets accidentally hit in the mouth and has his teeth fixed. Mei Mei then immediately starts flirting with him.
  • After he learns Shifu and the Five (sans Tigress) have been turned into jombies, Po exclaims, "Oh no, it's true, you guys have all been turned green! Except for you, Mantis. You were already green." Followed by Mantis twitching his antennae in annoyance. Not only is this a Call-Back to the first movie when Mantis reacted the same way to Po saying all of the Five were bigger than their action figures except him, but at the end of the movie when everyone is freed from Kai's control, Mantis also exclaims, "Oh no, I'm still green! ...Wait, I was already green."
  • When Jombie Crane is crushed by the mid air Panda squash, even Kai couldn't believe what was happening, even a bit amused by it.
  • When Shifu is reading the scroll about Oogway and Kai's past, it transgresses into being told by Oogway's voice. When it's revealed that Kai carried Oogway to a village of pandas, Po excitedly comments on this, with Oogway Breaking the Fourth Wall to answer him (or a case of The Tape Knew You Would Say That.)
    Po: Pandas?!
    Oogway: (jolly) Yes, pandas!
  • When Tigress reports that Kai attacked the valley and that everything's gone, Mr. Ping has this to worry about.
    Mr. Ping: How's my restaurant?! (the pandas stare at him) We'll talk later.
  • When Po and the gang pin the Jombies to the ground, the Jombies' eyes glow revealing Kai. As Kai speaks, the Jombies' mouths move in sync.
    Kai: I see you! Your chi will soon be mine!
    Po: Is he talking to me?
    Tigress: Which one? They're all talking.
    Po: Whoa, you're right. That's so scary. We should try that too. Maybe it'd be scary back at them.
    Mantis: Okay, but we gotta plan what we're gonna say first. Otherwise, it won't be scary. It'll just be stupid.
    Kai: It's not them talking, you idiots! It's me talking through them. Kai!
    All: Who?
    Kai: (annoyed) Alright, okay. Enough! (waves his hands and the Jombies disappear in waves of green smoke.)
  • Crane and Mantis talking during their travel.
    Crane: Wings of surveillance!
    Mantis: Why do you do that?
    Crane: Do what?
    Mantis: Just 'cause you say "wings of" before something, it doesn't mean that you're doing a special move. It's like me saying "antenna of power!" or "thorax of... making sandwiches!"
    Crane: Wings of disagreement.
    • Later, when Crane is caught by Kai:
      Crane: [flying away] Wings of— [is caught] —regret!
  • When Po finally meets Oogway again, Oogway casually mentions that Po's Heroic Sacrifice doesn't have to be permanent. And Oogway takes one final opportunity to dumbfound his students:
    Po: I can go back!?
    Oogway: (casually) Who knows? I've never tried.
  • Shifu's Dramatic Exit. For clarification, Shifu basically just points and says, "What's that?" And then when Po turns to look, Shifu just rapidly trots out and shuts the door behind him.
  • During the journey to the panda village, Po and Li are slogging through heavy snow. Cue Mr. Ping walking past them on top of the snow...and turning back to blow a raspberry at Li.
  • Just before the Final Battle, all of Panda Village (including both of Po's fathers) and Tigress transfer their chi to Po. There is a dramatic scene where he gets a Golden Super Mode that comes with not only new clothes but also an Animal Battle Aura in the form of a golden dragon. The very first thing he does is get ecstatic over his new battle aura. Making all of the funnier is his Animal Battle Aura imitating his excited movements.


  • This commercial, particularly the part with Po getting a piggyback ride from Tigress.
    Po: (to the camera) Hello ladies. Look at your panda, now look at me. I'm on a tiger. (Tigress throws him off and starts chasing him).
    Hello, ladies. Look at your panda, now back to me, now back at your panda, now back to me. Sadly, he isn’t me, but if he stopped eating fake American Chinese food and went to Mr. Ping’s Noodle Shop, he could eat like he’s me. Look down, back up. Where are you? You’re on a junk with the Panda your Panda could eat like. What’s in your hand? Back at me. I have it. It’s an oyster with two tickets to that Kung Fu Tournament you love. Look again. The tickets are now jade gems. Anything is possible when your Panda eats at Mr. Ping’s Noodle Shop. I’m on a Tiger.

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