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Awesome Music / Kung Fu Panda 3

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  • Not surprisingly, "The Dragon Warrior" is the best track of them all. The gorgeous composition truly encompasses the scene where Po channels a dragon spirit to take Kai down.
    Po: Am I the son of a panda? The son of a goose? A student? A teacher? Turns out... I'm all of them. I am... the Dragon Warrior.
  • "Jaded" is another great score with its menacing build up, playing when Kai steals the chi of Mantis and Crane, and later when Po is training the pandas.
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  • "Oogway's Legacy", which plays during the end credits, is probably the most emotional and beautiful version of his theme to date.
  • "The Legend of Kai". The first half of this track (to about 1:56) is some of the most beautiful and heart-breaking music in the score, seeing as it builds up from Kai's friendship with Oogway into his inevitable betrayal, the battle with Oogway, and the latter's sorrow at having to seal him away. The blending of the main KFP theme, Oogway's, Kai's, and "Kung Fu Fighting" is simply overwhelming. Parts of it are reminiscent of Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  • "Po Belongs". Dark, brooding, exciting, and epic.
  • "Passing the Torch". The number of musical Call Backs and Shout Outs to the previous movies is awesome.
  • "Father And Son". Another end credits number. Probably one of the more overtly Chinese-influenced tunes (which is saying something). The middle section is breathtaking, but then it is based on part of "The Dragon Warrior".
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  • "Kung Fu Fighting (Celebration Time)". The part where the KFP main theme overlaps with the vocalizations (1:11 to 1:54) is especially incredible, since it is also the part where all the Five, Shifu, Ping and Li, and the pandas call upon their chi.
  • "The Arrival of Kai", and Kai's Leitmotif in general, is an extremely simple yet catchy tune that can be both loud and boisterous, or dark and sinister, much like Kai himself.
  • "Portait of Mom" is used in the most dramatic scene in the movie, when Po asked Li about his mother.
  • Kai's Leitmotif is actually a portion of the song "I'm So Sorry" by Imagine Dragons. The song itself sounds like someone's about to get absolutely destroyed — and someone married Kai and the song together in a fan video.
  • "The Spirit Realm" is another gorgeous piece, particularly the part playing when Tigress, Po's fathers and the pandas gathers and learns how to use chi in order to save Po, starting at 1:55.
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  • "Kai vs Oogway", which plays in the beginning, is an absolutely epic blend of both the spirit realm's and Kai's theme song.

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