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Trivia / Kung Fu Panda 3

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  • Acting for Two: Jackie Chan voices Monkey in the English dub and Po's father, Li Shan, in the Chinese dub. He had previously voiced Monkey in the Chinese dub of the two previous films as well, but is replaced by Jay Chou for this film. Special mention needs to go to the fact that Jackie Chan couldn't simply record the two languages in the same studio, no, he had to travel all the way between the US and China to do so.
  • Actor Allusion: You might say Mei Mei knows how to lose a panda in 10 days.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: A minor example with Lei Lei who is voiced by a boy.
  • Deleted Scene:
    • A fully animated scene has Po introducing Li Shan to the Five while they're training, with Po eventually joining in. Clips from said scene can still be seen in some of the trailers.
    • Another finished scene has Mr. Ping visiting Po's room at the Jade Palace and the two talking about Li Shan.
  • Dueling Movies: With two other animated features: Norm of the North (which also has a bear as the lead who is trying to preserve their homeland; this movie ironically features another The Legend of Korra alumnus, Korra's voice actress Janet Varney, in a cameo), and Zootopia (which also has J. K. Simmons in it and features anthropomorphic animals, the third movie in the Disney Animated Canon after Robin Hood and Chicken Little to use them). Norm of the North immediately sunk into the depths of Snark Bait sea when it temporarily earned a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes and was subsequently crushed at the box office. Needless to say, Disney have obviously fared much better than Lionsgate did, as Zootopia received highly positive reviews and beat Kung Fu Panda 3 at the box office. Although, this doesn't stop the two films from having mostly Friendly Fandoms.
  • End of an Era: KFP 3 is the final DreamWorks Animation SKG film completed and released while the K, Jeffrey Katzenberg, was operating DWA (making it the second Grand Finale film for one of his jobs after The Lion King at Disney 22 years prior). At the end of April, Katzenberg agreed to sell the studio to Comcast/Universal, which required him to cash out his involvement with DWA besides a job at DreamWorks New Media (which he would step away from entirely to form a new company); this is after events between KFP 2 and KFP 3 caused serious financial issues and began to destroy the relationship between Katzenberg and DWA's other shareholders.
  • Missing Trailer Scene: There are... quite a few scenes in the various trailers that aren't in the movie. These include:
    • Po and the Five passing a teacup to each other while dodging various obstacles in the training hall (see Deleted Scene above).
    • Po interrupting Shifu while the latter is meditating.
    • Po showing the village pandas how to throw a punch, resulting in the pandas accidentally punching each other when they try to mimick him.
    • Another shot that kept being repeated in trailers, but never appeared in the film was of Po posing on a cliff in the spirit realm with Oogway's staff and a Badass Cape while facing Kai.
    • Yet another brief clip from trailers had Po seeing fireworks while travelling to the panda village.
  • The Other Darrin: Po's father was voiced by Fred Tatasciore in Kung Fu Panda 2 in a small cameo. Bryan Cranston replaces him for this movie.
  • Real-Life Relative:
    • One of Jack Black's sons voices a bunny early on while Angelina Jolie's children lend their voices to some of the younger pandas.
    • Big Fun and Lei Lei are voiced by father and son Wayne Knight and Liam Knight.
  • Schedule Slip: Invoked. The movie was intended to be released in December 2015, but moved into 2016 to get it way away from The Force Awakens (probably a wise decision given its reception and box office rampage; it was still playing in theaters by the time KFP3 joined it there but no longer posed a threat to the movie), then moved up from spring and away from a few Marvel films and Zootopia to land it in January 2016. In the US and China anyway. It proved to be a smart move on DWA's part given Zootopia is going on its own box office blitz after KFP3 no longer posed a threat to IT.
  • Throw It In!: Jack Black apparently ad-libbed the "Chitty-chitty-chat-chat" lines.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Kai was originally going to be voiced by Mads Mikkelsen, but he was replaced with J. K. Simmons when the character went through a rewrite.
    • Similarly, Mei Mei was for a long while meant to be voiced by Rebel Wilson, but she had to bow out when the production schedule got extended. Mei Mei's role went to Kate Hudson instead. The change happened so late that you can still see Rebel Wilson being credited in some of the trailers.
    • Mei Mei was originally meant to be in an Arranged Marriage with Po from a young age, and had gone a little crazy from waiting for him, but this idea was eventually scrapped.
    • Li Shan, Po's father, was originally pitched as having a stern personality, but the creators feared this would make him unlikable and made him more relaxed and fun-loving instead.
    • The art book shows concept art of some heavy Ship Tease where Tigress would get hit by a poisonous arrow and Po would carry her all the way to the panda village to nurse her back to health. Interestingly, this is the same plot describing Oogway and Kai's backstory.
    • Instead of Po and the Five being introduced by going to Mr. Ping's for breakfast, Po would have arrived ahead asking Mr. Ping to do his laundry, then removing his pants just as the Five arrived, much to Po's embarrassment.
    • Kai was also originally part of Tai Lung's gang and was designed as a "Four-Armed Yak Demon God on Fire" as seen here. But he was later redesigned to have two arms and became the Big Bad of this movie.