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How many bean buns did he eat?

  • Right at the beginning, you have two kids playing with action figures of Po and Tigress right outside the Jade Palace's training hall. The two kids then hear noises inside and assume that the "Dragon Warrior" must be training inside. The noise is actually Po stuffing his face (as stated from the image on the top) with as many bean buns as possible while everyone else cheers.
  • Master Shifu telling Po how he found inner peace through "pain and suffering".
    Shifu: Po, the day you were chosen as Dragon Warrior was the worst day of my life.
    Cue Po's completely unamused "God, not this again" face in contrast to Shifu's completely serious Thousand-Yard Stare.
    Shifu: By far. Nothing else came close. It was the worst, most painful, mind-destroying, horrible moment-
    Po: Okay.
    Shifu -I have ever experienced. *Hugs himself and shudders*
  • Mr. Ping mentioned that when Po was little, he ate his imported bamboo furniture. It's shown in greater detail in the credits.
    • Not to mention "I took you inside, fed you, gave you a bath, and fed you again...and again, and tried to put some pants on you. And then I made a decision that would change my life forever. To make my soup without radishes, and to raise you as my own son. Xiao Po, my little panda."
    • Po having so many questions about his past—like why was he in crate? Who gave him away? Why didn't he like wearing pants?
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    • The painting of Ping giving baby Po a piggyback ride. It goes about as well as you'd expect. The credits elaborate on this, showing it was apparently a race of sorts. Mr. Ping won.
  • This small line from Po just before kicking wolf ass.
    Po: My fist hungers for justice! (stomach rumbles)...That was my… fist.
  • The blind musician who calmly plays amidst all the chaos in the first fight scene, and only reacts to a sour note on the instrument Po grabbed at random to block a sword.
  • Po's Bear Hug to Tigress after the climax, mimicking her earlier Cooldown Hug for him, accentuated by the Five's absolutely astounded expressions both times (particularly Crane's). The clincher is that during the second time, Ox and Croc are just as stunned. If you keep watching, even after she instinctively dodges the Five pouncing on Po and up to the point that Shifu starts congratulating him, she still has that paralyzed, stunned look.
  • When Po pulls a Big Damn Heroes moment to rescue the Five before the climax, he challenges Shen from the top of a rooftop to the waterway below. But given the height and the distance, nobody can understand what Po's saying.
    Po: (challenges are heard in mumbles at the bottom)
    Shen: WHAT?!
    • Followed by Po's... er... unsuccessful attempt at Weaponized Headgear. It's so bad that he covered his face in embarrassment.
      *his straw hat floats downwards, then hits a rooftop and bounces into the water*
  • When Po first meets the Soothsayer, and Shen's subsequent reaction:
    Po: Look, I don't know who you are, but please stand aside, sir.
    Viper: That's a lady.
    Po: Oh!... Sorry! The beard threw me, it's kind of misleading. False advertising...
    Shen: Enough of this nonsense!
  • When Po and Tigress have the heart-to-heart/training session on the boat.
    Po: I just found out that my dad isn't really my dad.
    Tigress: ...your dad?
    Po: (nods)
    Tigress: The goose.
    Po: (nods again)
    Tigress: (no change of tone or expression whatsoever) ...That must have been quite a shock.
  • Lord Shen is practicing the speech he'll give to a defeated Po. Then a huge shadow appears on the staircase, accompanied by growls and panting. Shen nervously reaches for one of his knives turns out to be one of his gorilla Mooks carrying Po, exhausted from the dozens of stairs leading up to Shen's throne room.
    Shen: Greetings, Panda, we meet at—
    Po: (interrupting, barely glancing at him) Hey, how ya doin'?
    Shen: (incredibly confused look) H-hey...
  • Po and the Furious Five attempt "Stealth Mode". Unfortunately, stealth isn't Po's strong point. So he hijacks a parade dragon costume. Hilarity Ensues. Sincerity Mode.
    • They bump into a wolf shaking down a vendor.
    • Then the poor kid sees the dragon grab a sheep lady to ask it a question and proceeds to freak right out.
    • The Toilet Humor gets kind of ridiculous, really. At one point, they take out mooks by beating up ones in front of them and throwing them out of the back of the dragon costume - which looks very much like they're nailing mooks by pooping at them at high velocity.
    • When Po and the Five then proceed to beat up Shen's wolf minions (long story short) Pac-Man style! Heck, the entire chase through Gongmen can count as this, like the rickshaw chase between Po and the Wolf Boss.
    • Before that entire sequence, a wolf catches Po, who's surrounded by frilly ornaments. Po then pretends to be a female panda who's attracted to the wolf (complete with giggling) in order to get close enough to the wolf to knock him out. And it works.
  • Mantis' Badass Boast after snuffing out the fuse to Shen's cannon: "Fear the bug!"
  • The blink-and-you'll-miss-it "I got my eye on you" gesture Po delivers to Shen right before his final blow at the end.
  • Po (in Slow Motion): "I love you guys!"
  • Mantis claiming that his dad had his head bitten off by his mom—then later saying that he'd wanted to have the same fate.
    • Which is a great example of Getting Crap Past the Radar. Since female mantises bite the head off their mates when they have sex, Mantis is sad he's going to die a virgin.
      • In a deleted scene, Mantis would have met a female mantis at a bar in Gongmen City, but he'd be freaked out and run away knowing what this would mean for him.
  • Right after the Moment of Awesome where Po catches and hurls a cannonball, he realizes that his paw is on fire and tries to put it out—he succeeds by stuffing it in his mouth. Even though he was surrounded by water.
  • In one scene, Po asks his adoptive father where he came from, and....
  • "You're not getting me out of this cell!" (Beat) "..."
  • Shifu, near the end.
    Shifu: At last, you have achieved inner peace...and at such a young age.
  • "Inner peace." (raindrop) "Pea..." (raindrop) "Inner peace." (raindrop) "AAARRRRRARGRRAUGRRHHHHH!!" (more raindrops, beat) "RRRRRARGRRAUGRRHHHHH!!" (Po starts beating his head on the mast) "Inner peace! Inner peace! Innerpeaceinnerpeaceinnerpeaceinnerpeaceinnerpeacerrarrugrarrhghh!"
    • SPLASH!
    • (Annoyed look)
    • (Raindrop)
  • "Why... (bonk) are there... (bonk) so...(bonk)...many...(bonk)...signs?"
    • Most of the fight with the Wolf Boss is this and Moment of Awesome.
      Wolf Boss: Is that all you got? 'Cause it feels like I'm fighting a big, old, fluffy cloud!
      Po: Well, this cloud is about to bring the thunder!
      • The moment when they are flung into the air, they both hug each other for safety.
    • The rabbit kids Wolf Boss throws at Po during the chase get one. They're riding an out of control rickshaw with a clumsy Kung Fu master and flying through the air, several hundred feet above the streets of the city, and having the time of their lives doing so.
  • The bean bun scene at the start of the movie. The record is 40!
  • Soothsayer takes a bite out of Lord Shen's robes. When he tells her not to do that, she waits for a while before doing it again.
    • Her "fortune-telling" in that scene.
      Soothsayer: If you continue on your current path, you will find the bottom of the stairs. I see....I see... (plucks one of Shen's feathers) Pain.
      Shen: Ow!
      Soothsayer: And anger. (takes a bite of Shen's robe)
      Shen: How dare you! That is the finest silk in the province!
      Soothsayer: Followed by denial.
      Shen: This isn't fortune-telling! You're just saying what's happening right -
      Soothsayer: Now?
    • Then after Shen orders the Wolf Boss to find Po and bring him to him
    Shen: So, one panda lives. But that does not make you right.
    Soothsayer: (smugly) You're right. Being right makes me right.
    Shen: Then I will kill him...and make you wrong! (the Soothsayer munches on his robe again) WILL YOU STOP THAT?!
  • Shen and the Wolf Boss' little scene about "The Year of the Peacock".
    Shen: The Year of the Peacock begins now!
    Wolf Boss: Right now? But it's the middle of the year, so you'd only get, like, half a year. (Shen glares at him and points a knife at his throat) And this is, the Year, of course, of the Peacock. Happy New Year, sir. (whimpers)
    Shen: Get the wolves ready. We are loading the ships now... NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW!
  • The lead-up to the fight at the musician's village.
    Po: Tell those musicians to start playing some action music, cuz it is on!
    Tigress: And no snack stops this time.
    Po: Pfft, snack stops, haha. (beat) Wait, you're serious?
  • Wolf Boss's preoccupation with Po's fuzzy and plushy build is just hilarious.
    Wolf Boss: It fought like a demon! Big and furry, soft and squishy, kinda plush and cuddly.
  • Monkey saying he'll warn the group of any approaching threats with a "Caw-CAW, Caw-KEE!" like Crane's. Crane momentarily gets a bit huffy ("Excuse me, when have I ever made that noise?"), but the payoff comes when Monkey is too distracted and lets the enemy get too close.
    Po: (frustrated) Monkey!
    Monkey: (Weakly) Eh-heh... caw-caw?
    • Immediately followed by this:
      Po: You! You're mine!
      Wolf Boss: I'll tell you what's gonna be yours: my fist in your plush, cuddly, super-soft face! (Monkey and Crane drop in and take down the other two wolves) Uh oh. (runs away)
  • The funny exchange between Po and Shen when they first meet. (DVD Commentary states that this scene is the only scene that was done with two people in the recording room. Jack Black and Gary Oldman ladies and gents!)
    Shen: The only reason you are still alive is that I find your stupidity ... mildly amusing.
    Po: Well, thank you, but I find your evilness extremely annoying!
    Shen: Who do you think you are, panda?
    Po: Who do you think I am, peacock? (Both start laughing, taking turns) Why are we laughing?
  • "TIGRESS! MONKEY! VIPER! MANTIS! BUNNY!" Double Take by all involved.
  • Po surrendering to the wolf army, while playing his little sleight of hand to get Mantis out of sight.
    Po: Don't forget the little guy!
    Mantis: DID YOU JUST CALL ME--! (cuts off as he's swapped with his action figure)
  • Mantis again, when Shen reveals he has backup cannons. His response makes it sound like he's happy Shen has more.
    Mantis: [upbeat] Oh no, he's got way more.
  • When the Tower was collapsing, Crane injured his wing so he had to stay on ground. The funny part was during the whole escape, Monkey felt it necessary to keep Crane's hat with him the entire time. It's the little things you know.
  • Po's crazy dream about his parents abandoning him in favor of a radish. Who then proceeds to beat the crap out of Po.
  • After Shen thinks Po has fallen to his doom:
    Po:: Looking for me? (Shen turns, but doesn't see anything. A WTF look appears on his face and then after a few seconds of anti-climax, Po finally appears.) Um...I said that too soon, didn't I?
  • Right after Tigress tells Po that he's staying behind because she can't watch her friend be killed:
    Crane: Hey, uh, maybe you can't watch me be killed?
    Tigress: Stop being a wimp.
    Monkey: Annnnd she's back.
  • When the Soothsayer saved Po and has him resting his injuries, Po wakes up and tries to escape quietly. When she notices something, Po dramatically goes back to sleep, cut to her being right next to his face and makes him jump, only to hurt himself.
    • When the Soothsayer jesters for Po to drink some medicine, Po refuses, until she uses acupuncture to paralyze his face and mouth wide open and basically forces it down his throat.
  • Shen having a Villainous Breakdown. Then we have this:
    Shen: How did you do it?
    Shen: Not that. How did you find peace? I took away your parents, everything! I scarred you for life!
    Po: See, that's the thing Shen, scars heal.
    Shen: No they don't! Wounds heal!
    Po: Oh yeah, what do scars do? They fade, I guess?
    Shen: I don't care what scars do.
  • This exchange:
    Boss Wolf: Spread out! Search everywhere!
    Wolf: What about over there?
    Boss Wolf: Is there a part of everywhere?
    Wolf: Uh...I guess...
  • Po's father making the monumental decision longer using radishes.
  • Croc gets thrown out of his cell during the struggle with Po. On seeing Tigress death-glaring at him, he nervously knocks on the door to be let back in.
    • Also the moment where Po, Ox and Croc struggle with Ox exclaiming that they will stay in their cell...Cue the camera zooming back to show that Po is inside their cell and Ox and Croc are outside next to Tigress.
    • And then Ox and Croc go to find a new cell to be locked up in, with Croc declaring he's getting the top bunk.
  • Po frees the Furious Five from imprisonment during the climax.
    Tigress: Impressive, Dragon Warrior. What's the plan?
    Po: Step one: free the Five!
    Viper: What's step two?
    Po: Honestly, I didn't think I'd make it this far.
  • At one point, Shen orders Boss Wolf to light the cannon, only for Mantis to zip over and snuff it out. Several times. Shen's "Huh?" face is hilarious as he gets impatient and yells: "Well?! Light that... THING!" It sounds like Gary Oldman genuinely wanted to swear and had a Last-Second Word Swap.
  • A hilarious moment when the Five storm Shen's fireworks factory intending to blow it skyhigh, unaware that Po has snuck in there in an attempt to confront Shen:
    [The Furious Five have smashed into the fireworks factory with a cartload of explosives minutes from blowing]
    Monkey: Here's your New Year's gift!
    Mantis: Hope you like it, 'cause you can't return it! [The Five move to make their escape, when they hear a shout from Po]
    Tigress: Po? What's he doing here?! [The Five then remember the explosives they just set]
    Monkey: Return it! Return it! [Cue the Five desperately trying to put the explosive out while fending off Shen's wolves]
  • Tigress gets tired of being jabbed by a spear and kicks it out of Wolf Boss' grip while she still has her paws cuffed. The Oh, Crap! look on Wolf Boss' face really sells it.

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