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Nightmare Fuel / Kung Fu Panda 2

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Peacocks can't be scary, you say? Let this guy convince you otherwise.

  • The flashback to Po's past in 2-D animation makes the wolves and Shen look like real monsters.
    • Pretty much the only time when the iconic scream of the Indian Peafowl became genuinely terrifying — when he uses it to set the pogrom on the panda village in motion.
    • Then when Shen sees baby Po, he points at him and orders his wolves to "get them all!" Shows that he won't hesitate to kill a baby panda!
    • It really, really doesn't help when you start to notice that Shen's tactics, sigil and especially his color scheme are similar to the ones used by a particularly terrifying regime in one of the bloodiest periods of all of Chinese history...
      • It gets even worse when considering that the aforementioned regime used a violent policy to deal with rural areas in enemy hands, which often played out just like Shen's attack on the panda village.
  • The opening narration where Shen is absolutely ecstatic about killing all the pandas is pretty creepy. The reaction of his parents when Shen bursts into the room with a look of sheer joy and excitement on his face is likely the same as the audience.
  • Shen himself is an incredibly frightening and intimidating foe. Let that sink in for a second: DreamWorks found a way to make a peacock, one of the goofiest and gaudiest-looking of all animalsnote , into an even more frightening and intimidating villain than Tai Lung, a snow leopard. And he knows martial arts.
    "The only reason you are still alive is that I find your stupidity...mildly amusing..."
    • "Do you want to see? It's a gift! I mean it's your parting gift... in that it will "part" you. Part of you here, part of you there, part of you waaaay over there... staining the wall!"
    • The way Shen delivers this sentence in particular (where page image is from) is just dripping with evil glee. Gary Oldman deserves an award:
      Shen: Oh, you want to know so badly? You think knowing will heal you? Huh? Fill some...crater in your soul? Well, here's your answer: your parents didn't love you! me heal you! [jumps on cannon and blasts Po away]
    • Keep in mind, when saying that last line, he was also saying it to himself because he believes his parents didn't love him.
    • The fact that all it takes for Shen to turn on his own men is the word "no" is upsetting, to say the least. He doesn't even hesitate, just stares at Boss Wolf in indignation for half a second before immediately killing him (onscreen!) It brings to mind how the sole reason he spared Soothsayer was because she was his caretaker when he was a kid. This scene proves he would literally kill anyone else in a heartbeat, foe or ally, if he thought it would benefit him. Let that sink in for a moment.
      • I SAID '''FIRE''' AT THEM!! FIRE!!!!
      • That the Wolf Boss' death is so fleetingly handled makes it more unsettling. He was implied to be close friends with Shen in their early years. Here, without a second thought, Shen disdainfully flicks a knife through him and instantly bolts past his body and continues his onslaught unfettered, with no return focus to his corpse or even passing mention of the character in the film again.
  • Tigress' glowing eyes during the boat scene is pretty creepy in itself. Note that this is a trait she shares with Tai Lung.
    • There's also Tigress when talking about leaving Po in the dungeon for his own safety when going after Shen. When he starts refusing to do so, she shoots him one hell of a glare.
  • The fact that they don't glaze over "death". Many times in the movie, the characters say "die", "kill", "dead" which is unusual in children's films. The Boss Wolf is also killed on screen with an audible stabbing sound.
    • The fact that a children's movie started with a depiction of what's essentially genocide, even worse for viewers who know of what Shen represents.
  • That horrific death glare Shen gives to Po after he falls onto a conveyor belt at his factory. He even tilts his head.


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