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Awesome Music / Kung Fu Panda 2

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  • Many are expanded or shrunk versions of pieces from the first OS. Though changes sometimes made them even better. "Ancient China / Story Of Shen", "Inner Peace", "My Fists Hunger For Justice", "Save Kung Fu" (epic-er version of the already epic music "Sacred Pool Of Tears"), among many others, come to mind.
  • "Po Finds The Truth"! Everything in that track from 1:00 on is absolutely chilling!
    • The powerful overture starting at 3:55 as Po realizes that Fate balanced the scales after his loss with a life filled with new fathers, friends and soaring achievements he never dreamed he would gain.
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    • The part that played during a certain tearjerking moment: Po's mother hiding baby Po in a radish crate and then drawing away the wolves and Shen.
  • If you prefer more action-y music, "Zen Ball Master" and "More Cannons!" are for you. "Zen Ball Master" is especially chilling. Just try not to get all hyped up and emotional upon reaching the part playing when Po starts deflecting cannonballs.
  • Also there are the climactic parts of "Fireworks Factory", particularly the build-up from 4:44 to 5:25, 5:32 to 5:42, and 5:49 to 6:09, as well as the last 13 seconds (when Po gets shot by the cannon and Shifu feels it). The tension and distress conveyed are incredibly on-the-edge-of-your-seat.
  • Of a completely different kind, but still awesome, here's "Gongmen Jail" or "Funky Kung Fu Panda"!
  • Also in the "funky" category is "Dumpling Warrior Remix", which plays over the end credits.
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  • The official "Musicians village" soundtrack didn't include the epic drum beats playing when Po and The Five fight the wolves at the beginning of the film, until someone uploaded the unreleased track that does here. It makes you want to get up and do kung fu alongside them all.


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