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"I am Po... and I'm gonna need a hat."

  • Po's first fight, alongside the Furious Five, against the wolves attacking the musicians. This moment proves that the fan-boy panda is just as awesome and just as skilled as he was when he fought Tai Lung.
    • Notably, Po and Tigress having developed Battle Couple moves, and the blind rabbit playing music to accompany the fighting.
    • Speaking of the blind rabbit, the sequence where Po is forced to protect it by balancing it on his foot while fighting is incredibly impressive.
    • Just how good Po and the Furious Five are at fighting as a team in general. They all read each other's moves perfectly and know exactly where they need to be. This can also be seen again in their harbour fight towards the ending.
    • Towards the end of the fight, a pig falls down the gorge, prompting Po to simply leap off the cliff to catch the pig without a second thought as he knows the others will follow and form a line to catch them mid-air.
  • The journey to Gongmen City, a montage backed by an incredible music score. Ends with the Furious Five and Po cresting a hill in a slow-motion Power Walk as the sun sets.
  • Po, after attaining inner-peace, CATCHES Shen's cannonballs and throws them back, each time with more skill and precision, eventually starting to hit and sink Shen's warships. With the last ball he catches, Po, spinning, rises into the air and forms a yin-yang symbol before launching the ball as a fricking Kamehame Hadoken. As a result, the last cannonball flies directly at Shen's own ship, destroying it along with the remainder of the Big Bad's fleet. Epic. WIN.
    • Especially love the "Next One Coming Right At You" sign he gives to Shen before he does it.
    • Skadoosh!
    • Simply put, if there was any remaining doubt in China about Po being the true Dragon Warrior, there surely can be none after that!
    • Even Shifu, who theoretically ought to be able to do the same thing — since it was based on inner peace, which he had already mastered — is flabbergasted at what Po does. Due, in part, to how quickly Po was able to master the art.
  • His little trick with Mantis and the action figure deserves mention too. If you go through the scene frame-by-frame you can actually see that the "Mantis" in the cage is fake, but at this point everybody is looking at Po gushing over the special cuffs. Might count as a case of Obfuscating Stupidity.
  • Any time Shen actually fights. One can't help but be impressed just by how graceful yet deadly he is as a fighter.
    • You'd think his giant peacock tailfeathers would be a big hinderance in the highly agility-based Kung Fu, but no, it's highly convenient for Shen—he's got a combination of knife blades, Combat Hand Fan, and hang glider for hindquarters!
      • Elaborating on the Combat Hand Fan part, he uses his tail in a manner similar to a War Fan. While traditionally Japanese, these are used in Chinese martial arts, and called tiě shàn.
      • In addition to the other methods he puts the tail to use, his most impressive is simply using it to blind his opponents. Think about it: you think you've got the advantage because you're behind him. But then he spreads that tail, and now you can't clearly see him... but he knows where YOU are.
      • On top of that, the markings on his tail drive Po into a Heroic BSoD before he finally comes to terms with his past.
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    • Just to paint a clear picture. Shen, whose main fighting style is "Fire at anything in front of us", manages to go Toe-To-Toe with the Dragon Warrior. Hell, Po looks worried at a few moments. Had he not accidentally cut the bonds holding his cannon up, Shen just might have had the upper hand.
      • Of course, his introductory scene had him defeating Ox and Croc before being fought to a standstill by Rhino, so he was definitely a force to be reckoned with. However, his utilization of weaponized gunpowder was simply good business.
    • And, hey, even the whole "Fire at anything in front of us" thing has its charm.
    • Shen harshly averted any preconceptions about him. His initial introduction made him out to be the standard arrogant Big Bad, who would be mostly talk and little action. Instead, Shen turned out to be the exact opposite — he killed off insubordinate mooks without hesitation; in close combat, he used every advantage and disadvantage in his favour, and he managed to avert No Plans, No Prototype, No Backup when it came to his super-weapon. The final battle even implied that Po was having trouble turning Shen's own flaws against him, and the warlord ended up being killed by his own rage.
      • All told, there is a moment of awesomeness of the filmmakers: they managed to make a peacock feel genuinely threatening as a villain!
    • A meta example: according to Word of God, Shen was so complicated to animate (likely due to his tail feathers) that animating him was the equivalent of animating six different characters in one! Now that's dedication to a character!
    • Speaking about the final confrontation, Po finally turns the so-far unstoppable weapon Shen used to dispose of his enemies against him. Shen's reaction to see the cannonball flying at him? He's defiant. And then he's shown as the only one surviving the blast, and not only that, but he's immediately ready to fight and, as noted above, almost defeat the Dragon Warrior. That's how a peacock becomes a fearsome villain.
  • Po's Rousing Speech to Ox and Croc in the jail actually manages to be this rather than Narm, thanks to the fact Po doesn't fall into his usual Metaphorgotten speech—and it's quite clear he believes in what he's saying and is determined to overcome their cowardice.
  • Po's fight later with the Wolf Boss is both awesome and funny at the same time. Some highlights:
    • When Wolf Boss tosses six rabbits at Po, his priority is to protect the kids, and safely dispatches them to Crane when Po's rickshaw crashes.
    • Po's Insult Backfire Pre-Asskicking One-Liner when Wolf Boss says he fights like a fluffy cloud: "Well this cloud is about to bring on the thunder!" before he makes Wolf Boss hit a series of signs. Wolf Boss then returns the favor, laughing the whole time.
    • Wolf Boss realized that his handful of wolves wouldn't defeat the Five and Po in a straight fight. So he uses a rickshaw driver to pretend he was running away and using various citizens as hostages, only to lure the sextet to the palace, where his army was waiting to ambush them. Talk about Smarter Than You Look!
  • Tigress gets a couple. The first is when Po launches a punch at her in the boat, and she blocks it. The result is a thundering noise echoing across the water, and Po clutching his hand in pain. Later, Po tries to punch her again, this time in her shoulder in a friendly way. She shows no indication that she even noticed, and Po withdraws his hand in pain again.
    • Then when she confronts Po in the dungeons. It is a Curb-Stomp Battle. Why? She cared about him, and he wasn't really fighting her seriously - how could he? She was the one he looked up to the most, save perhaps Shifu.
    • Shen fired his cannon at Thundering Rhino, the Kung-fu master who presumably had 'the perfect defense' and left nothing but a dented sledgehammer and a smoldering crater. The next time he fired at Po, he used an even bigger cannon, and even though Po protected himself with a wok, his multiple layers of fat which protected him from special attacks in the first movie, and he landed in a cushioning body of water, he still needed some acupuncture and a day's rest before he could go back and fight Shen. But when he fired his mega-cannon at Po the next time, Tigress took the shot for herself. Without even going into a Kung-fu protective stance. And it only winded her for a while. THAT IS AWESOME.
    • And who can forget the scene in Lord Shen's tower where she dodges many flaming arrows and then catches one an inch from her face? Not to mention the fact that she didn't seem all that concerned about it.
  • Po's biological father fighting against the wolves massacring his village, as well as Po's biological mother sacrificing her life to save her baby. The last one also counts as a serious Tear Jerker.
  • Shifu's entrance into the semi-final fight against the wolves - namely, half a dozen or more wolves being thrown like ragdolls by an itsy-bitsy red panda.
    • To say nothing of his casual balance-on-his-stick pose afterward.
    • The fact that Shifu's first instinct after sensing that Po might be in danger is to cross half the country to kick some serious ass is awesome in its own right. Ditto since he also apparently convinced Croc and Ox to fight, which Po and the Five couldn't do at all.
    • A more subdued one, his demonstration of inner peace in his first scene. There's a serenity and mastery in his motions that is just pleasing to watch.
  • How does Viper attempt a swordfight without arms? Just entangle the arms of a wolf bandit and use those!
    Po: "Viper! Puppet of Death!"
  • Master Thundering Rhino deserves mention for holding off Shen's attack for as long as he could. Bear in mind Shen is nimble and agile, whereas Thundering Rhino was bulkier in appearance. In any other movie, Shen would have the advantage, but the way in which the larger opponent gracefully made use of his hammer and horn to hold off the attack until he was close enough to deliver the finishing stroke shows who had the advantage in physical combat. They're just no match for the cannon. The most awesome moment? Later on, we see his hammer, standing upright where the fight had occurred: There's a massive dent where he struck the cannonball. While he may have lacked the power to deflect it, he did hit it with that hammer.
  • Wolf Boss standing up to Lord Shen and refusing to fire on his own men. He's promptly killed.
  • Oddly enough, Kung Fu Panda 2 coincidentally came out at the same time as Rango, and both dealt with a hero undergoing an identity crisis. And both culminate in a self-realization that leads to taking a level in badass...
    Soothsayer: So... who are you, panda?
    Po: I am Po. And I'm gonna need a hat.
    • The delivery of those last lines is absolutely killer, and the look on Po's face...if you had any doubts left that this panda could be badass, awesome, and a phenomenal warrior who could bring a world of hurt, they would be utterly dashed by this moment. Even the switch back to comedy when Po first appears on the rooftop in Gongmen doesn't completely undermine this, since immediately after Po becomes more badass than ever—as testified to numerous times above. The first time this troper saw the movie in theaters, this moment actually prompted applause from the audience.
  • The Soothsayer fearlessly trolling Shen when he orders her to read his future again, including indulging in her animal nature. Also a Funny Moment.
  • Po and the Five are trapped in a crumbling tower with dozens of Shen's cannons firing nonstop at them. Their plan of escape? RUN UP THE SIDE OF THE FALLING TOWER AND JUMP OFF FROM THE TOP! Awesome.
  • Po's father, who seems to be an ordinary radish farmer, managing to beat back an attack by the wolves and surviving the massacre of his community.
    • Look closely; one of the wolves he hits carries a hammer and loses its left eye. Po's father is the reason Wolf Boss only has one eye.
  • The flashback montage of the previous movie and Po's childhood is perfectly timed, edited and set to fittingly awesome music.
  • That Foe-Tossing Charge at the climax. One of the best displays of teamwork and fighting skills ever shown on film.


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