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If Shen hadn't massacred the panda village, Po still would have been his nemesis as predicted
In that case Po would have grown up locally, trained by his (apparently) warrior father. Who would have become the Dragon Warrior to defeat Tai Lung isn't known. It might have still managed to be Po, perhaps sent by his father to Oogway to receive more advanced training than he could provide.
  • But then if Po grew up with a trimmed physique like the Five instead of his hefty fat, he wouldn't have been able to defeat Tai Lung, who mastered Oogway and Shifu's pressure-point strikes.
    • Not necessarily, Word of God says that Po in the original film was of a healthy weight for his species. Therefore, it doesn't overstretch the imagination that Oogway would have realized the same thing and tailored his training and diet to reflect that.
    • And there's also the possibility that Po's training with Shifu and Oogway would have involved him being taught the paralysis technique and learning how to counter it in some way without the use of his fat.
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    • If Po had been brought to the monastery at a young age and become Dragon Warrior as a predictable outcome of his training, rather than getting singled out as a surprise recruit in a manner that got everything so stirred up, that messenger might never have been sent to the prison and Tai Lung wouldn't have gotten loose in the first place.

Shen has magic involving red light

It explains why the sky turns blood red when he enters his palace, and why his canon fire as well as regular torch fire used by his wolves are blood red in colour as well.

That panda village at the end?
It's Panda Heaven. Notice how the camera crosses very thick fog and briefly fades to white before we get to it; presumably it went up into the clouds while the fog was still thick, showing us the ghosts of all the pandas that were killed during Shen's invasion (including Po's biological father) and making them look like they were alive all along. In other words, it could be Dreamworks pulling a
Gainax at the viewers and screwing with their heads.
  • But in the end, Po's father realised his son was alive. He wouldn't think his son was dead the whole time when he's not in Panda heaven with him.
    • Maybe he thought Po was reincarnated, or far away from Panda Heaven, which is likely a frickin huge place.
  • The pandas in the fields look like they're working pretty hard. Wouldn't a Heaven for creatures that are anything like Po be one where food just appears in front of you whenever you want some, rather than having to grow crops?
  • Pretty much Jossed now, since the third movie will involve Po's biological father finding him and taking Po to the new town.

After the events of the movie, someone else will invent the cannon anyway, and this time, the Dragon Warrior won't be successful in stopping him.
Assuming this world is an ancient period of time parallel to our own, the cannon will just be invented anyway, since we obviously had cannons in our own world that were eventually replaced with guns. Po was able to stop Shen this time, but maybe one of his descendents, or another different villain, will take up Shen's project again. Of course, in our present time, kung fu is not widely used except for entertainment or personal purposes, so regardless if the next Dragon Warrior is successful, kung fu will live on in some form.
  • Cannons, even awesomely advanced ones built through Shen's genius, aren't really a gamebreaker in the world where kung fu gives you megapowers. Shen managed to use them successully through surprise (plus the most convenient opponent possible), mindscrewing his opponent into failing to react and because the nine masters have severely underestimated his ruthlessness. Still, it didn't take long to discover the way of neutralizing them through kung fu. Less advanced solution of "not standing and allowing them to shoot you" also worked. As long as no one develops anti-personnel cannon ammunition like grapeshot or canister, things will be fine.
  • It's probable as the conflict was more that Shen wanted to destroy kung fu and conquer as opposed to working side by side.

Ox and Croc will become Shifu's apprentices. They, Po, and The Furious Five will become The Epic Eight.
Why? Rule of Cool, of course. A rule of which Po is one of the most fervent adherents ever seen. You see a glimpse of it when they all (and Shifu) attack together and Po is overcome by the awesomeness of it.
  • But somebody has to be in charge of ruling/protecting Gongmen City, right? With the Peacock family and Master Rhino out of the picture, Ox and Croc are next in line to take charge. They could probably still help out Po and the Five once in a while, but they wouldn't be moving into the Jade Palace any time soon.

Shifu will die in the next film
If Po's father plays a big role in Kung Fu Panda 3 giving Po 3 father figures might make things a little crowded and repetitive. If someone's going to get nudged out, Shifu seems like the most obvious candidate. Dark as Kung fu Panda 2 was, I can't see them killing off Mr Ping as he's probably Po's strongest emotional tie, and after knowing him for 2 films and seeing how he's a lot more goofy and funny than Shifu killing him might be too dark for the film. Shifu on the other hand might be easier to handle. While he's certainly not unlikeable, he's been appropriately solemn and had enough darker moments that would make his death easier to handle.

Another issue is the Ship tease between Po and Tigress. If it goes anywhere Shifu could be a problem, since he's Tigress's adopted father. It may raise squicky overtones if Shifu's around, serving as a father figure to Po as well. Finally, you can only outrun the dreaded Mentor Occupational Hazard for so long. Given how Po's Hero's journey has progressed, Shifu's death looks more and more likely. If Kung Fu Panda 3's tone is as proportionally darker as Kung Fu Panda 2's was to the first film, they might as well call it, Kung Fu Panda 3: Shifu's Doomed.

  • Also, this is the Wuxia genre. The Chosen One's master being killed at some point seems downright inevitable.
  • This plot move is unlikely until later films. To have Shifu die would most likely lead to Tigress being raised to Head Nun of the Jade Palace. Not only is Tigress very young for this role, this would also disrupt the strongly suggested Shipping character arc with Po who is even more inexperienced to deal with this kind of development. In short, this is a story development that will likely being used for the end of the 6 film arc, if at all.
    • Actually, they might use it for the fourth film, given that Four Is Death, and all. Then, the remaining two films will be a duology, with Po trying to figure out how to grieve his respected mentor and trying to fight the biggest battle of his life at the same time.
  • It is possible Shifu could die, however, I doubt they'd do it for shipping reasons. We already see the romance between Po and Tigress developing, on top of that, Shifu isn't really a father figure to Po, really just a mentor.

Monkey will actually do something in the sequel
Nah, that's just crazy talk.
  • The man's VA is Jackie Chan. Dude's not known for just sitting around and doing nothing.

While not something that's been outright stated by the canon (as of yet), it's somewhat implied by Shen's All There in the Manual backstory. The fandom really seems to be rolling with it, since it would continue in KFP villain tradition.

Lord Shen destroyed multiple villages of black and white animals after his banishment, more than just Pandas.
Though it may be a stretch considering the timeline (this would make Shen impressively older than he looks), one of these villages was home to Snow Leopards - Tai Lung's family. Therefore, Tai Lung was orphaned and sent to Shifu, setting off yet another significant chain of events in Po's life. Nice job breaking it, Villain!
  • Tai Lung was in prison for twenty years by the time of the first KFP movie, and Shen had been exiled for 30 by the time of the second movie. Tai Lung was presumably a young adult, if not outright a full adult, when he went on his rampage, so let's assume he was at least twenty. He was orphaned at least thirty years or so before Shen was stopped by his parents, and I'm not seeing them letting him go on a thirty-year spree of destruction like that. Plus, unlike Po, we've seen other leopards and snow leopards in various other supplimentary materials (the Secrets of the Masters/Furious Five videos, the character of Peng in Legends of Awesomeness, and others), which does not imply the sort of ethnic cleansing that the pandas suffered through. And finally, if Tai Lung was in prison for so long, and was such a public figure, why did Shen not take notice of the location of a fairly prominent, extremely competent, and very violent black-and-white Kung Fu warrior, and then slit his throat while he was in Chor-Ghom? TL;DR while it does make sense that he wouldn't single out the pandas, the evidence from Tai Lung's existence, the timeline, and supplimental materials do not support this conclusion.
  • Snow leopards are black, gray and white, not black and white. If anyone else might've been lost a parent by Shen besides Po, it's Crane: he was raised by his mother alone, and she was obsessively overprotective of her child, much like a widowed refugee from genocide would be.

Po's father is going to be the next film villain.
Calling it now...
  • Considering Dreamworks Animation's recent tendency to go all Darker and Edgier, I could kind of see them doing this. Since we know nothing of the father, he could be like anything. Not only that, so far each villain of the films have had their own "color scheme" that would be especially prevelant during an intense scene. (Tai Lung had blue, Shen had red) It's possible green could be the next color, and guess whose father was seen wearing green?
    • Why is it that I can see this happening? Because the next source of drama would be between Po's father figures that's why. Love it when I anwser my own questions.
    • Possibly Jossed. Green is the color of wisdom in the KFP universe and what he wore looks like Grand Master robes.
      • It's also the color of envy. If the villains of the KFP movies are all dark reflections/opposites of Po (Tai Lung as the "dragon warrior", Shen as the "warrior of black and white") it stands to reason that Po's father could easily fit the bill as a panda martial artist, especially with the ongoing themes of filial piety. What's Po going to do when he has Shifu as his kung fu teacher and Mr. Ping as his father, and then meets his actual biological father (and presumably his entire lost culture) who did nothing wrong in losing him and is also a martial artist?
    • It could turn out to be a case of Light Is Not Good, especailly if the series continues to get darker.
    • Also, wisdom =/= goodness. Maybe this means Po's father has to be an Anti-Villain, but he'd still be an antagonist.
    • Also, the guy did witness the massacre of many of his friends and thought that he had lost his wife and infant son as well. It's not hard to believe that he might have seriously lost it over the years.
  • It's possible that what Shen did to his family and village has turned into a Well-Intentioned Extremist. Maybe he'll try to seize power, so that he can make sure things like the massacre in his village will never happen again, but gaining power and trying to control everything will eventually turn him into a villain.
  • Jossed, he's perfectly well meaning.
Tai Lung will return in at least one of the sequels.
Please? Ian Mc Shane is just so awesome...

Lord Shen found peace in his death.
After his defeat, we see his ship explode into fireworks. It formed a shape of a peacock resembling the villain. It then shifts to the Soothsayer with a smile, affirming this idea.

The next movie will deal with Po having to choose between his adopted family and his Panda family
This movie likes to throw Po for a loop, emotionally. He's just found inner peace, he's secure of his place in the Furious Five, his issues with his stepdad are gone, he's made peace with the murder of his family....and then the next thing, his biological father comes out of nowhere and wants him to come home. And maybe, for whatever reason, Po's father doesn't want anything to do with Shifu or the Furious Five. Maybe he asked Shifu or Oogway for help when Lord Shen was leading an army of wolves into his town, but either help didn't arrive on time, or Oogway knew that the destruction of the village would bring the destined Dragon Warrior into the Valley and chose not to help (which would be Machiavellian as FUCK, and screw with Po's head as well as Shifu's, who might still have some issues of his own with Oogway). In either case, Po will end up facing a choice: between his old life and the life he could live with his 'real' family.

Also there's going to be a female panda in the mix to make things complicated. It's not a proper trilogy if there isn't romance. Besides, the "simple village girl/kung fu hero" wuxia trope is one that hasn't been explored yet in the movies.

  • Well, there is already Ship Tease with Tigress, so it is more likely to go to a Love Triangle direction.
    • Except po's arc in the second movie is how Mr. Ping IS his real family.

Tigress' Background will feature heavily in Kung Fu Panda 3
Some of the in jokes in Kung Fu Panda was that Po could not possibly be Ping's son, leading to Kung Fu Panda 2 which explains Po's background. Interestingly enough, at several points in Kung Fu Panda 2, Tigress begins to tell her own story only to be interrupted and also shows a much softer side. Ie the proclamation that the hardcore "do understand." If the dark trend of the movies continue, more than likely there will be a focus on Tigress in the next film and a possible betrayal.
  • The TV series Legends of Awesomeness seems to imply that her parents left her at the Bao Gu Orphanage...

There will be a scene at some point where Po dresses up as an elderly grandmother/be confused for one when someone calls out "Po! Po!".
Since 'po po' is the Chinese word for grandmother, it'd be a Bilingual Bonus Visual Pun.

Sinlong will be the villain of the 3rd movie
And he'll use magic attacks against the heroes.
  • Not entirely implausible, given the series' habit of bringing back cut characters from previous films (like the Wu Sisters, and Shen for that matter). Also, there is confirmed to be a supernatural threat in the film, making a demonic dragon a good candidate.

Po's father (the Goose) is actually badass
Its hard to spot, but even as a baby Po seems to be about as heavy as his father. That the guy even TRIED to give Po goose back rides, speaks volumes. Doesn't seem like the type to give up once mind is made up so one day, perhaps at Kung Fu Panda 3, we'll see him lift up his so Po, a full grown Panda and twirl him happily like a child.

The movie symoblizes the Europeans starting to use gunpowder for weapons
The beginning of the movie talks about the Peacocks using fireworks making people happy, but Shen began using fireworks(gunpowder) as a weapon. The other peacocks represent ancient China, while Shen represents the early-modern Europeans.
  • Shen's white plumage supports this WMG.
    • Could someone flesh this out why white/albino plumage would support this?
      • The "White Plumage" thing would apparently represent "White" people or Europeans. However, this holds no weight when Chinese symbolism places white as the color of death, which is far more fitting for someone who created a weapon designed to conquer, destroy, and "kill" kung fu. Yes, white people made gunpowder weapons as well, but thus far in the series, all the heroes, villians, and references have originated in China. Not in any other place in the world (aside from a few animals.)
  • The Chinese had their own canons. Hell, they even had their own landmines in the BC era. No need to bring unnecessary national identities into this. Its just an age old tale told for thousands of years. Ending of an old age of warfare due to new technology.
    • I seem to recall the Chinese were the ones to invent gunpowder to begin with, in the 9th century AD/CE.

The warrior of black and white was not Po, but Shen himself.
Shen's primary colors are also black and white. Note that the cannons and the gunpowder are black. There is a brief, stylized shot showing Shen with half his face black paralleling the ying-yang symbol, and it is the smoke figure of Shen that transforms into the yin-yang symbol when the Soothsayer tries to predict his fate. And in the final confrontation, some of Shen's white feathers are covered in black soot. Over the course of the movie, including the backstory, Shen loses his parents, his right to the throne of Gongmen city (and eventually destroys even its symbol, the throne itself, upon returning), his old home, his surrogate mother, and his oldest and only remaining friend, all through his own actions. Even the destruction of his remaining forces in the finale comes from deflected cannon shots he ordered to fire. Finally, in the last battle against Po, he directly contributed to the wreck of his cannon falling on him by accidentally cutting the ropes during the fight. Indeed, it can be argued that Shen defeated and destroyed himself quite thoroughly, and maybe he even realizes the irony, when he calmly allows the cannon to crush him.]]

The next movie will feature the Evil Counterpart to the Furious Five.
With the following: A Python => Viper, An Orangutan => Monkey, a Spider => Mantis, an Eagle => Crane and Tai Lung (Stronger than before) => Tiger.
Po will have to make use of the Sword of Heroes in Kung Fu Panda 3
Because that thing needs to make a reappearance. While we're at it, throw in the Invisible Trident of Destiny!
Po's biological father will show up in Kung Fu Panda 3, but Po will reject him
Mr. Panda will show up, overjoyed, pumped up and ready to pick up from where he left off... and Po is awkwardly freaked out by this complete stranger who just showed up on his doorstep, who calls him by the wrong name ("It's the name your mother and I gave you!") and doesn't seem to realize that Po is a nearly thirty-year-old man who only has a few vague memories of him at best.

Po's discomfort will gradually grow as Mr. Panda keeps using words like "real father" and "true home". This will ratchet up until Mr. Panda and Mr. Ping come into conflict (voices are raised, punches might be thrown), at which point Po will snap and politely but firmly tell Mr. Panda to leave his home.

  • Confirmed. Although he accepts him at first, they get conflict after.
Po has a panda fan club.
Considering Po's bioDad seems to have mystic powers of some sort that only awakened after Po found Inner Peace that lets him know his son is alive, it seems plausible that he can also sense or see other stuff about him. He could tell all the young panda the story of the Great Panda Warrior, miles away. When and if Po stumbles upon the remains of his kind, he could have a panda fan club waiting for him! It would be so awesome. As for his reaction to said fanclub...I'm 50/50 on him getting a bit too full of himself, or feeling a bit Squick'd out by female fans (I mean, he's never even seen any other pandas since he was a baby, and Interspecies Romance seems the norm for his world so... he just might not find girl pandas attractive), because both are such potential Hilarity Ensues scenarios...

The Big Bad of Kung Fu Panda 3 will be Lord Shen's daughter.
The Big Bad of Kung Fu Panda 3 will be a Self-Made Orphan and confused over the guilt he feels for doing so.
There's been an undercurrent of tragedy and family issues with Kung Fu Panda's big bads. It's probably too dark for a children's movie, but the next one might have a self-centered villain who outright murdered his own parents for some selfish reason. The tragedy could be that he feels horribly guilty about it and has caused much suffering on his journey to find out why he feels so disgusted with himself.
The Big Bad of Kung Fu Panda 3 will be a dragon.
The official press release states that Po will face a "supernatural threat" this time around, and Guillermo del Toro has stated that the primary antagonist will be "the most formidable villain yet." What better fit for those two descriptors than a dragon, especially since Po is, himself, the Dragon Warrior? There's a lot of poetic symbolism to be pulled from such a conflict, and even more awesome to be had. Heck, Mads Mikkelsen has even been announced as a cast member, and his gravelly baritone would be a perfect fit for a dragon.
  • Maybe not an actual dragon but fitting nonetheless as the first film's villain, Tai Lung, can be seen as a representation of the white tiger of the west, while Lord Shen can be seen as representative of the vermillion bird of the south while neither are truly the matching species. Additionally, each enemy seems to count one of the furious five as well so far. And for the record, Po being the dragon warrior can be seen as the Yellow Dragon at the Center.
  • Jossed He's a horned animal.
At some point Mr. Ping will weaponise his noodles.
We saw in the first movie noodles can be used in combat, when Po uses some to snatch the Dragon Scroll, so I predict that at some point Mr. Ping will be drawn into combat and, being one with the noodles, will use them to kick ass. Then he will charge the villain the price of the noodles.

Viper is also crushing on Po.
She was always the kindest one to him at the beginning, and his personal charm and ridiculously nice personality may have been enough to evoke something deeper in her as well. The third movie would bring this up as a minor subplot under the whole Po/Tigress thing, giving Viper too some much-needed character development.
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