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"You dare challenge Megamind?!"
"The thing about bad guys? They always lose!"

  • His first escape from prison: He makes a tricycle and a death ray out of license plates and his binkie.
  • His second escape from prison that we get to see: He gets Minion to send a special watch into prison. He knows that the warden will take the watch for himself. The watch is an image inducer, and it makes the warden look like Megamind. The guards drag him back to Megamind's cell, and Megamind takes the watch, locks them up, and dances out of prison disguised as the warden.
  • Megamind's Death Ray. That was one hell of a kaboom.
  • After he defeats Metro Man, he takes over city hall. He just walks up to it and takes it. It is surrounded by armed police officers, barricades, and helicopters. They all but put up a big neon sign saying Megamind will most definitely kill us, but we'll do our duty staunchly. He just walks up to them and orders the officers to drop their guns. And they do!
    Megamind: DROP 'EM!!!
  • "You, there! Yeah, you! Bring out... The Black Mamba!"
    • The scene combines Let's Get Dangerous! with Awesome Music to show just how fully Megamind accepts that being on the good side is overrated and embraces his dark side again.
  • Megamind starts the final confrontation with a laser light show shining over the entire city, coordinating his drones to form a giant ominous cloud to project a giant version of his head while “Welcome to the Jungle” plays loud enough to be heard from the outskirts of said city, and steps in Chewing the Scenery. He sure knows how to make an entrance!
    Titan: This town isn't big enough for two supervillains!
    Megamind: Oh, you're a villain, alright. Just not a ''super'' one!
    Titan: Yeah? What's the difference?
    Megamind: PRESENTATION!
    • Let’s face it, Titan/Tighten is scary. The very fact that he is an idiot makes him even scarier than a smart evil superman. When Megamind first challenges him, he taunts Titan and goads him into a fight. Which Megamind then proceeds to hand a Curb-Stomp Battle, apparently only losing because he wanted to. And when he realizes Titan has no sense of justice, he makes his escape and he makes it fast. But that's not all. In full knowledge of how incredibly dangerous Titan was, he accepts his challenge again, culminating in the above grand entrance. Then, Megamind (well, Minion pretending to be Megamind) rescues Roxanne on what is possibly the coolest rocket bike ever. Then Megamind pretends to be Metro Man to scare him off. Of course, Titan comes back with a vengeance, not having fallen for the disguise of Metro Man as Megamind slipped up by pronouncing Metro City as 'Metrocity', and this is when Megamind really shines; without planning anything ahead, he stays one step ahead of Titan all the way, taunting him into throwing him behind his invisible car, then diving into it, then when he rips the door off its handle, Megamind keeps ahold of the door, laughs sheepishly, locks the door and hides behind it. Then, when he's falling from the sky he comes up with a last-minute plan to save the day! This is what it means when a supervillain has super intelligence!
    • Special mention to the fact that, until he turns his back it looks like Megamind is effortlessly dodging all of Titan's attacks. He even carries out a conversation with Roxanne while the incredibly dangerous monster tries to destroy him!
    • Titan has the power, but Metro Man and Megamind have been fighting their whole lives. And his experience shows. Especially during his first fight with Titan, where he backhands him, takes him out with a "Hey, You!" Haymaker, ("You fell for the oldest evil trick in the book!") and then proceeds to duel him with street lights. Pretty much the only reason Titan beat him that time was because Megamind wanted to lose.
    • The moment when Titan actually has Megamind IN HIS HANDS, Megamind takes a calculated risk, AND TAUNTS HIM! Not knowing whether Titan will crush him like a grape or fry his head with his heat vision, he decides to take the chance that he'll just punch him into a stone wall, landing him right where he needs to be, and HE TAUNTS Titan!
  • "Ollo." *KCHACK*
  • Megamind is falling to his death several hundred feet above the city.
    Megamind: "So... this is how it ends... normally, I'd chalk this up as my last glorious failure..." *Notices large fountain underneath him, gets an idea* "But not TODAY! What could I say? Old habits die hard!" *shoots self with the Dehydrator Ray*.
  • After Megamind strips Titan of his powers:
    Megamind: "The thing about bad guys... They always LOSE!!!!"
  • Roxanne gets a few as well, most notably:
    • Remaining unfazed enough to lampshade Megamind's deathtraps as he activated them.
    • Being the only person willing to rebel against Megamind's rule.
    • Standing up to Titan when both the superpowered characters had refused to do so.
      Roxanne: I was going to try reasoning with you. You and I, we've worked together for a long time. I know you!
    • Charging Titan with a street sign while he's cornered Megamind.
  • Megamind always seems able to come up with the perfect comeback to anything Titan throws at him:
    • Later:
      Titan: You're so pathetic! No matter what side you're on, you're always the loser.
      Megamind: There's a benefit to losing. You get to learn from your mistakes.
    • Not always though:
      Megamind: Oh, now that's the spirit! Parry! Thrust! Parry again! Now it's time for some witty back-and-forth banter! You go first!
      Titan: (repeatedly bashing Megamind's machine with a streetlight) AAAAGGGGHHHHH!!!
      Megamind: Okay, look, I'm not really sure where to go with that!
      • The first snappy comeback deserves special mention. Megamind deliberately taunts Titan into throwing him in order to get closer to his car.
  • On the day that Megamind scheduled to be his confrontation with Titan, Titan never shows up. He then breaks into Hal's apartment, demanding an answer. Hal shows Megamind all the stuff he stole with his new powers, which causes Megamind to berate him for screwing up the hero-villain dynamic. Hal complains that now that Roxanne, his co-worker that he had a crush on, dumped him to go out with "some intellectual dweeb", there's no point in heroics. He also says that he doesn't care what "Space Dad" says about how he should live his life. Megamind then shows Hal that, through the use of his disguise watch, he is both Space Dad and the "intellectual dweeb" dating Roxanne.note  Ouch!
    • Special mention to Megamind taking Hal's "intellectual dweeb" insult in stride; he's the real nerd there and proud of it.
  • Metro Man's super speed scene. It's made perfectly clear that every confrontation he ever had with Megamind was just acting, and if he took those things seriously Megamind could be behind bars within a literal second.
    Once your death ray hit, I'd never felt so alive.
    • The fact it was foreshadowed all the way at the beginning: watch the scene where the projections of Megamind and Metro Man are being shown to the crowd at the museum opening. For a single second Metro Man seems to become 'faded' in his projection and appears behind Megamind in his.
  • Titan may be an evil jerk, but he does get a few good moments.
    • Titan wanting to kill Megamind instead of taking him to jail. Especially with his pupils glowing bright red. If you feel Megamind has gotten away with a lot, then it's a pretty good karmic moment for him.
      Megamind: Well done! I thought that battle went really, really well! I mean, I have a few notes...
      Titan: Notes?
      Megamind: But they can wait. You can take me to jail now.
      Titan: Oh, no, no, no, no. I was thinking more like the morgue. YOU'RE DEAD!
      Megamind: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! This isn't how you play the game!
      Titan: Game over.
    • When the mayor and others cheer on their new hero, Titan disabuses them of the notion that he's a hero with a pretty epic line.
      Titan: Oh, I wouldn't say "freed". More like... "under new management".
    • Just when Megamind thinks he tricked Titan into flying away by disguising himself at Metro Man, Titan notices a certain slip of the tongue.
      Titan: Pretty sneaky, sis! But there's only one person I know who calls this town 'Metrocity'.
      Megamind: Oops.
      Titan: You!